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  1. 21 hours ago, (NSW)Fiftycentis said:

    You can't be certain on the order, you surely Kno that the order of prime is mmff, but not strictly based on release date, we got in order prime nyx>nova>trin>saryn>valkyr>banshee, but the normal frames release order was trinity>nyx>banshee>saryn>nova>valkyr.

    Zephyr and mirage got switched too.

    Frost was the first prime, even if he wasn't even one of the vanilla version frames.

    Males usually kept the order, females didn't, so you can't be 100% sure in anyway.

    Obviously you don't get it , what you said there is what i said too , there are 2 female and 2 males , it doesn't matter if zephyr got switch with mirage or smh like that , they are 2 female frames so

  2. - Atlas | Wukong | Ivara | Titania | Nezha | Inaros | Octavia | Gara | Nidus | Harrow | Khora | Garuda | Revenant | Baruuk | Hildryn | [next female]

    How do i know that this is the correct order , well they release 2 males and then 2 females based on the launch date.

    If Excalibur Umbra Prime Will Ever Be Released Then The Order Will Be Like This : 

    - Atlas | Wukong | Ivara | Titania | Nezha | Inaros | Octavia | Gara | Nidus | Harrow | Khora | Garuda | Excalibur Umbra | Revenant | Hildryn | Next female released then | Baruuk |

    If you didn't know China Already Have Excalibur Umbra Prime, so there might be a chance on getting it [And a new ''founder'' Thing too because that's how you get it in China]

    Link To Excalibur Umbra Prime If You Don't Believe https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Excalibur/Umbra_Prime

  3. Ok so i have 300 hc with chroma and i got a little bit bored about lanka so i tought i will try something else. I choosed Prisma Grinlok just because it have really high stats, but the problem is i still need to 3 - 4 shot the eidolon. So i just want someone to help me with my build and tell me what should i get on the riven ofc


    So , i think i should get like CC/CD/MS on it but maybe i am wrong so

  4. 1 hour ago, 541K4T said:

    I have never seen any Optimal case where people are using 2xCP + 2xER. And I run 4x3/5x3 on a regular basis as Chroma, with Primed Cryo Rounds on my Rubico Prime. For OPtimal cases people use 3xCP + 1xCD + 1xER.

    Drop vitality, add Constitution / Augur Message. You don't need Vitality if playing in a premade squad. And use Toxin as element.

    Why toxin tho

  5. So i just want to know what is the maximum percentage that you can get with a riven. E.g. I have 80% damage on tigris riven that have 1 disposition. Can i have like 80% damage and 80%multi , if not, can someone give me a web where i can see the stats and all these things because wiki doesn't say something about that

  6. 50 minutes ago, (XB1)ShadowBlood89 said:

    magus vigor an husk is what i mainly use on my operator
    the 227 using virtous fury

    you can use just vigor or husk an then use magnus nourish to help keep warframes health up
    you could also go arcane guardian an grace on your chroma 

    Thank you for all of these but i need an arcane for 223

  7. 4 minutes ago, Xardis said:

    Drop cryo rounds and put hammer shot in, but thats more of my personal taste. As for riven, cc and cd obviosly, electric would also be nice. As for the builds, both look good. But you need to get good at your rotation: dropping wisps, recasting vex and shooting limbs on time.

    I played some time as chroma on eido but Im mostly Trin and Ivara on there.

    I heard that Cryo rounds is better because i am Chroma so

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