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  1. The new one kind of makes me think of the Loki Knave helmet.
  2. Just a shame the power effects can't be modified to like, shoot an infested mass at an enemy to take control, and thrash around with infested tentacles for his danse macabre.
  3. Aint that the truth. Revenant is my main. I love him, and enjoy playing him, weirdness and all.
  4. Oooh how about Inaros? He doesnt have many (or any?) Tennogen skins.
  5. Do hydroid! Or revenant! Definitely revenant! Or if you wanted to really challenge yourself, Vauban. Maybe do an infested/corpus mashup skin. But seriously, do Revenant and Hydroid.
  6. Infested Hydroid would be awesome. It is a pity you cant use the Hydroid Prime body, but he already lends himself well to an infested style, what with all the tentacles and turning into slime. Revenant could be interesting, but his wispy fire might be a challenge. Maybe frost? Make his legs/feet look like giant boney stumps or something.
  7. What you are saying is that while working on infested ash, you became infested? Talk about putting yourself into the work!
  8. Ohhh that will be cool. I never could quite get into playing him, but I might give it a shot. Synapse is really fun with head shots...
  9. You know, I was just thinking, infested Hydroid could be pretty awesome, since his powers actually lend themselves thematically to it pretty well, and his model is full of gross bulbous shapes and dangly skin flaps. You know, after you finish Ash.
  10. Thats a good one too. Also, something I have been wanting for a long while, but doubt I am going to get, but realized you might be the one to make happen: infested sniper (pistol). I don't know if tennogen can be for ranged weapons, but since you do melee weapons... I always wanted an infested sniper, where the 'scope' is like an elongated eye socket/eye ball, that somehow connects to the frame's head when they zoom in. At this rate though, I think I'd rather get an infested sniper pistol skin (I love the Arca Sisco), and I feel like that would fit well with infested ash's ambushy nature.
  11. Maybe call it the Nepidae/Nepinae skin, with the Ranatra Claw katana. Nepidae are basically water scorpions, with scythe arms and a spikey tail type thing. Ranatra is a genus in the Nepidae family, which are sometimes called needle bugs. Mostly paraphrasing from wikipedia, but my wife thinks they sound cool, and fits the aesthetic of both ash and this infested ash. Maybe call it Nepinatra?
  12. That all looks absolutely amazing. This is what I was hoping for with infested Ash. As for names, maybe do some research on Praying Mantises? The katana kind of reminds me of the raptorial claw/arm praying mantises have, and mantises are also ambush predators. Maybe Mantash Skin or something? I dunno.
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