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  1. Maybe this was washed away in the plethora of bugs, but - and this is a repost from earlier - it seems you guys also broke some energy emissions on his 4th. The "tentacles" from Ravenous no longer take from Nidus' energy color, appearing a star-white. -edit- While I'm here, I also want to acknowledge something. Saint of Altra's patch notes noted that Djinn and his attatchments recieved PBR (along with all the other Sentinels and attachments), but I do not see a difference in most of them. Take a look at Dethcube or Shade and you can immediately see the difference compared to Wyrm or Djinn in the amount of texture difference. This isn't the first case; a while back, it was mentioned in patch notes that "All Shock-Camo skins have PBR now", but this is not true, there a few that don't have this; Dera, Lanka / Snipetron, Cestra / Dual Cestra, and to add, the Shock-Camo skin for the Lecta is seriously messed up. I think what's happening here is that there's a disconnect in acknowledgement or these were all suppose to get PBR, but someone forgot to hook it up.
  2. Hello! I'm very curious what the forums thinks about expanding the Infested faction (even with the recent attention, it doesn't feel enough!). I've not really any ideas, just that I'd appreciate to see this faction get more love and lore other than "It was a weapon." With the recent Nightwave; this was a lot of attention and it's a very good direction, but one thing that has arose from this has me a little concerned. I think this issue plagues any long-running game that receives constant updates; newer assets don't match pre-existing asset art-styles; the new Thrasher unit has an amazing amount of detail, more than I was expecting, and it's made me left with wanting more. My personal pipe dream is that one day, DE revamps all existing Infested units in terms of art to be on par with the new Leaping Thrasher, but I doubt this would ever occur for many reasons; main reason being, DE doesn't make money from doing it - wasting time, if you will - which is vital for games like Warframe (same reason why I think Warframe reworks take such a long time and have low precedence, unless they're getting a skin or Prime... something that'd incite those to spend money). I'd love to see an Infested Archwing / Archgun, especially with the upcoming Empyrean Update slotted for this Fall, if I recall.
  3. I absolutely love that Nidus' 1st ability was given animation but it seems you guys also broke some energy emissions on his 4th. The "tentacles" that spawn from Ravenous no longer take from Nidus' energy color. I appreciate the work y'all do and much love! 🙂
  4. Hotfix 25.0.3 broke Wisp's default helmet's cloth physics! Wisp Noble during sprint: Another angle of above image (feat. roomba): Wisp Agile standing still (helmet cloth floats above her rear as if there's something stopping it): Titania Noble idle (...yeah): Good luck on fixes and I hope this gets seen.
  5. This tweak broke Wisp's cloth more than fixing it. (more specifically, her default helmet) Wisp Noble animations, standing still: Wisp Agile animations, standing still (her default helmet floats above her rear for no reason): Wisp Noble animations during sprint: Titania Noble Idle w/ Default Wisp Helmet: I appreciate the update and I hope you guys catch this!
  6. RIP Fulmin lol Thank you guys for being so quick on the fixes!
  7. There is a secret tile unlocked via the door puzzles on Jupiter that spawns infinite dudes (who then drop only rare mods).
  8. While this new information does bring me down a little (having The War Within flashbacks), I send you all my energy and hope to see the update out this week!
  9. Are we going to see older cosmetics / Warframes receive PBR? We have some old armor like Harkonar that has yet to see this treatment. Will we also possibly ever see custom placements for syandanas like what melee holstering got? Some syandanas on Warframes are always placed just slightly in the wrong spot for that perfect fashion frame.
  10. This in particular is the most egregious. This also applies to Mesa's Peacemaker; yes, weapon switching was given Client authority but you did not include Mesa's 4th (or possibly any exalted but I have not tested this, Mesa's works in a unique way from the rest so I can imagine her being a standalone issue).
  11. I appreciate the hotfix, but please fix this: This has been a standing issue since Nightwave was added.
  12. Hope you guys enjoy your deserved holiday break. See you May 3rd!
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