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  1. That's only an issue if your pilot refuses to help line up a shot. Even if running solo you can shoot out the crewship's thrusters to set up a rear hit.
  2. I think instead of guaranteeing a one-shot, the cannon should receive x1, x2, and x4 multipliers based on hitting the front, sides and rear respectively for more immersive combat.
  3. Fire Suppression, despite the name, also covers electrical damage. I think it can be useful, but all types of damage are easy to repair and you'll want to save your avionics capacity for passive bonuses or battle avionics.
  4. Notes and opinions: (1) Each remote repair costs double the amount of Revolite than using the Omni. I'm headlining this because nothing in the game tells me about the increased costs, and after such heavy investment it should be an all around upgrade over using the Omni. (2) Only a single remote repair can be conducted at a time and other damage cannot be queued up for repair. I think DE should reconsider this into a system that lets the players queue repair jobs if we can remotely repair only one thing at a time. (3) It is possible to repair from outside the ship using Tactical 5 and switching the camera to someone inside. I like the synergy with the Tactical tree and would like to see more creative synergies with other Intrinsics. (4) I can remote repair even when occupying the pilot, gunner or artillery seat. I like this feature a lot. I'm able to maintain damage output without worrying about getting in and out of my seat to perform repairs. (5) On other player's ships, frequent bugs prevent remote repair jobs from finishing. In 7 out of 11 public games I eventually had to use the Omni tool to perform repairs. This bug renders remote repairing unreliable and useless. (6) In 11 public games so far, remote repair jobs causes a bug that breaks my ability to teleport around the ship per Tactical 3. The unstuck command and reviving do not fix this bug. Same as #5. (7) Electrical, fire, and minor breach damage takes five seconds to complete, while major breach damage takes ten seconds. I'm overall okay with this, but it still bothers me that I cannot queue up repairs on other damage. (8) This ability spawns Itzal 4 drones on the damage site to show that repairs are in progress. I'm okay with this as well, but would rather see something that makes the remote repair site a lot more obvious to the players. Demonstration video: https://streamable.com/xs79y
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