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  1. That seems rather interesting and difficult, reminds me of raids in GW2, I like it.
  2. It's better to release the update earlier with small non-gameplay affecting bugs than delaying it more, if there's any serious bugs, the community will find them, and they'll get fixed more quickly.
  3. Perhaps 60 wolf credits instead is better...But yeah, it's just kinda annoying having to build one forma per day, if you need to forma a weapon 6 times, you need to wait 6 days to do it..
  4. Would be rather convenient if you could use wolf creds to buy forma. For example, you can buy a bundle of 3 built forma with 60 creds, would be rather convenient and much better than building a single forma per day..
  5. Well, time to play some Warframe do something there while I wait. Oh wait, there's literally nothing to do.
  6. If only DE said something, you know, like they promised, but obviously they aren't going to let the community know how the update is going, first, they delay it to this week, and then they remain silent, not saying anything about it..
  7. Nice to see that DE is being silent, like always..
  8. It's not really meant to be a replacement to the Ballista, it's meant to be a heavy unit that spawns more rarely.
  9. Tenno, the Grineer have a new unit, a sniper more powerful and dangerous than the Ballista, the Grineer Deadeye. The Grineer Deadeye is a special sniper unit, designed to take out dangerous Tenno at long distances. He is more powerful, smarter, and dangerous than normal Ballistas. - He occasionally spawns, and when he does, it's always far away from the player, and he's cloaked upon spawning, making him invisible. - When aiming at a player, a laser is aimed at him like a Ballista's laser, however, the laser takes longer to charge, the shot is much more powerful and potentially lethal at higher levels, and the Grineer Deadeye is known for never missing. To counter this, a Tenno may get behind something to block the Deadeye's view, forcing him to re-aim. - When the player gets close to him by tracking where the laser comes from, the Deadeyes uncloaks and takes out his Twin Kohmak, allowing him to also be efficient at close range when necessary. - Has his own special Sniper, the Ratukk, a Sniper that fires slowly, but is more powerful than a Vulkar, and can fire a powerful charged shot. Ratukk's stats: - 56 Impact, 270 Puncture (326 damage per shot) - Can fire a charged shot that is more powerful but consumes all of the bullets in the magazine (It must be full to do so). - Fires slowly with a fire rate of 1.0. - Has a magazine with 4 bullets in it, and takes 2.5 seconds to reload. - Has 33% Critical Chance, 2.5x Critical Damage, and 12% Status Chance. So, this is my first idea for a new enemy and weapon, tell me what you guys think! I thought the game needed a better Sniper to make it more challenging!
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