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  1. Caliboom

    Should Uncommon Forma Blueprints from Relic rewards be built Forma?

    I think DE should just reduce forma building time to 1 hour so we can build formas more quickly. Would be nice.
  2. If you want to be in a good team, then don't go to pubs, just go to recruit chat and hope to find a good team there, it's not that hard. With how slow leveling is, ESO is just the best place for leveling stuff, any other way just takes too long and is too boring. Seriously, just deal with it, if you're going to a public match, you shouldn't expect to have a perfect team nuking the entire map instantly.
  3. Caliboom

    Harmony ribbon looks horrible

    It looks decent, but it would be nice to be able to color it, since it clashes with my warframe's colors.
  4. Caliboom

    Revenant's 4 energy cost was increased.

    Funny thing is, Mesa's 4 is a much better version of Revenant's 4, with more range, auto-aim, and much more damage.
  5. Danse Macabre energy cost increased from 12.5 to 20 energy per second. Just...why? What's the point? It was fine the way it was, most of the community agreed that it was fine. Why did you listen to that one content creator who complained about it instead of actually listening to the community? I knew this would end up happening.
  6. Caliboom

    Ember = trash?????????

    She's fine right now, she doesn't need a buff.
  7. There's one guy who is a content creator complaining about his fourth ability being OP on twitter. I hope DE isn't dumb enough to listen to him instead of listening to the community, his 4 is in a good state and doesn't need changes, his other abilities need to be buffed though. Rebecca answered to his tweet, that's why I'm worried, I don't want DE to listen to one content creator that doesn't understand about Revenant while ignoring the community completely even though most people think his fourth ability is fine.
  8. I forgot to mention something, you guys say his 4 is OP even though Mesa's Peacemaker does a much better job, has bigger range, and does much more damage, to the point of even melting Juggernauts.
  9. He's completely fine, his 4 is decent, and his other abilities need a buff. His first ability should be AoE and control more enemies, maybe 15, his 2 should last longer maybe, and his 3 should have a bigger range and drain more health and shields.
  10. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    They shouldn't promise it will be on "Friday" and hype players when it actually won't.
  11. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    It's definitely going to be next week.. I can't really trust DE anymore with shipping updates at the right time.
  12. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    I mentioned this multiple times, there's no point in delaying the update because of small bugs, it's better to release earlier so the worse bugs can be found more easily.
  13. Definitely delayed to next week. At least give us a date or something..
  14. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    Don't expect the update to be today or tomorrow. It'll definitely end up being next week.
  15. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    "potentially slated for this week" "hoping to release" Yep, it's definitely delayed. I don't really trust threads like this anymore, most of the time updates end up getting delayed.