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  1. Because he's a solo frame that doesn't contribute anything to his teammates whatsoever, and, despite that, Chroma got nerfed for that reason even though he can support with his 2.
  2. Don't forget Oberon, he can heal himself and others, is kinda tanky, and can also strip armor.
  3. What if there was a refinement quality above Radiant? Basically, you could make your relic above Radiant by using 200 traces, then you would only be able to crack it on Steel Path fissures, and it would have a 20% chance of giving a rare. What do you think?
  4. I don't understand, why are people against extra kuva in hard mode? Hard mode isn't supposed to be for casuals, it's supposed to be an actually hard gamemode for people who are experienced at the game, which is basically the people who invest in rivens to begin with, if you don't want to play hard mode for kuva, then don't and just stick to normal mode, it'll just take a little more time than hard mode.
  5. I'm gonna repeat myself, players with more posts on the forums should have been prioritized, because they are more likely to give more feedback. Most of the people in the test cluster thread have less than 10 posts or even no posts at all, it's unfair for those who actually participate in the forums.
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  7. People wanted the damage to be buffed, not it's fire rate. I understand that it's a shotgun, but buffing it's range is not going to make a different, I would prefer if it's crappy damage was buffed instead.
  8. Why doesn't DE make it so capturing a Teralyst is enough to complete the Nightwave challenge? Why do I have to kill/capture the Hydrolyst, it's stupid.
  9. It's gonna always have bugs no matter how much you wait. Stop whiteknighting for DE.
  10. Primary Catchmoon performs terribly against level 80 Bombards, it needs a buff.
  11. It does badly against level 90 enemies..
  12. Don't know if it's just me, but for some reason it performs badly against level 100+ Grineer, even at close range. It needs a buff of some kind.
  13. Thanks for the update! It seems amazing!
  14. A MR24 with only 20 hours? Just, wow.
  15. Bramma was overpowered, there was a reason why almost everyone used it.
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