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  1. Can't wait for this thread to be locked, I can smell the sweaty neckbeards angrily typing on their RGB keyboards with their fingers full of Dorito dust from here.
  2. Caliboom

    Tennobaum 2018

    Oh man, today's Tennobaum is disappointing, I can see that, almost nobody is gifting anything, such a shame, I guess people are less generous and care less about others nowadays.
  3. Caliboom

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    And obviously, I lost my loot and standing after staying an hour in Orb Vallis. Thanks DE.
  4. Caliboom

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Honestly I want the Inaros Ramses Skin, the Nezha Empyrean Skin, some Warframe slots, and Forma. I like this game a lot, probably the best game I've ever played, and the community is great as well. I honestly have been sad lately because someone who was really, really special to me left me without reason, they don't talk to me anymore, and I don't even know the reason why.
  5. Caliboom

    Tennobaum 2018

    In which thread do you post your wishlist?
  6. I'd like to join the clan, since I had problems with my previous one and had to leave. I'm MR 19, sadly not 20, but I got almost 1000 hours in-game. I can be very talkative and I'll try to help with events as much as I can, by being friendly and contributing to the clan. I also got Discord and I'll probably voice chat a bit there when I can. The clan seems to be full of nice, friendly, and hard-working people, and that interests me. My IGN is Caliboom.
  7. Caliboom

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    The update should be released earlier so the community finds bugs more quickly.
  8. Two of Chroma's abilities are still useless, he didn't get a tweak or anything.
  9. Really, no changes to Chroma?
  10. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    They shouldn't promise it will be on "Friday" and hype players when it actually won't.
  11. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    It's definitely going to be next week.. I can't really trust DE anymore with shipping updates at the right time.
  12. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    I mentioned this multiple times, there's no point in delaying the update because of small bugs, it's better to release earlier so the worse bugs can be found more easily.
  13. Definitely delayed to next week. At least give us a date or something..
  14. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    Don't expect the update to be today or tomorrow. It'll definitely end up being next week.
  15. Caliboom

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    "potentially slated for this week" "hoping to release" Yep, it's definitely delayed. I don't really trust threads like this anymore, most of the time updates end up getting delayed.