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  1. How about you just reduce the stupid crafting costs for Railjack parts?
  2. Merry Tennobaum! The only thing I want are repair drones, please.
  3. Also, thanks DE for giving people a reason to not run Lich nodes with people. Gee, it's like they forgot this is a co-op game.
  4. Why doesn't DE listen to the community anymore..
  5. So, can you add kuva drops to Thralls like everyone wanted? It gave people a reason to grind.
  6. Literally no one wanted Kuva to be removed from Thrall drops.
  7. Can we please just have kuva drops back, they gave us a reason to kill the thralls, they made the grind more enjoyable because you actually got rewarded for it.
  8. Thanks DE for removing the only reason for people to kill Thralls.
  9. Can we have some news on the update? Would be better than, you know, staying silent.
  10. Can we please see the stats of the weapons? So we can adapt to the future changes.
  11. Wow, delayed for the hundredth time, how surprising.
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