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  1. Do you hate people farming kuva that much? Do you want it to be still a pain in the arse unless I buy a resource booster? This is pretty much stupid, there's no point in getting the relay blessing if you don't want to max any weapons, are you that greedy that you're pretty much forcing people to buy boosters if they want to farm kuva at a decent rate?
  2. Did anyone make a list of the riven disposition changes on PS4 before DE reverted them?
  3. Please buff Vazarin so it heals a percentage instead of a small amount that doesn't scale.
  4. Heh, one of the nicest things someone did when I was playing was bring a Loki Prime Relic, that person ended up getting us the systems. Free 300 plat for all of us.
  5. Would be nice if someone posted a thread with the changes, yes.
  6. It's still optional, the rewards are the same that you obtain in normal missions, though in higher amounts, there are specific endo and credit farms that give more amounts either way, and you can trade for the new mods.
  7. I was thinking, since there's no point in doing Steel Path upon completion, I had some ideas for better rewards for endless missions. the rewards are the following: - Refined relics instead of normal relics - Higher amounts of endo than obtained in normal missions - Steel Path exclusive mods instead of normal mods (maybe amalgam mods?) - Steel Essence for Rotation C - 1.5x the Kuva in Kuva Survival, 2x the Kuva in Kuva Disruption - Much higher amount of credits, I'm thinking 20k credit caches instead of 1500, 50k instead of 2500. What do you think? I think it
  8. Not sure i it's just me, but for some reason, despite having a huge mag, the Phaedra reloads really slowly when on the Necramech. I noticed that when leveling, I switched to the Kuva Ayanga and it literally reloads faster.
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