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  1. What if there was a refinement quality above Radiant? Basically, you could make your relic above Radiant by using 200 traces, then you would only be able to crack it on Steel Path fissures, and it would have a 20% chance of giving a rare. What do you think?

  2. I don't understand, why are people against extra kuva in hard mode? Hard mode isn't supposed to be for casuals, it's supposed to be an actually hard gamemode for people who are experienced at the game, which is basically the people who invest in rivens to begin with, if you don't want to play hard mode for kuva, then don't and just stick to normal mode, it'll just take a little more time than hard mode.

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  3. What's the point of waiting more if it's gonna have bugs either way? It's better to release it earlier so the community can find the bugs and they get fixed quicker. Stop with this "it's better to release it later so it's not broken" BS, it's gonna be broken either way.

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