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  1. So right before my frame crashes, the visuals, seemingly randomly tear and become stretched and warped and dance around chaotically, very quickly and it turns the visuals in to an almost complete mess that is difficult to look at. This happens regularly ever since the latest hotfixes idk what to call this <- i tried to take a couple screenshots, imagine this but worse and constantly changing.
  2. DE is no stranger to working extra hours, especially for major updates, I'm surprised DE isn't used to it, after a while of saying "we're hoping to release X on day X" and them having to work much longer hours just to keep that promise they didn't need to make or even imply. Sure DE never PROMISED anything, but most of the playerbase thinks that when DE makes a goal, that it's set in stone, but tbh, DE never has to make those goals. 👀
  3. I agree the reward table is not amazing and it currently will not motivate me to do much of the startchart, like I can do almost any node I want but i for sure have not done all of the kuva fortress or AW stuff. maybe if DE gave like some cool cosmetics? like abitration only syandana, like the conclave one, but without having to do conclave ecksdee.
  4. yep yep yep that is precisely what I was thinking, if DE wants people to still play arbitrations weeks after they come out, rewards NEED to be GOOD, and the rewards can't be NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to obtain. maybe I'm using hyperbole, idk, but my points stands xddd
  5. How did DE ever make decently large updates every few months? Was the game just SO MUCH smaller and easier to work with? Is the game now so big and complex that it's just a lot harder to make content? OR is it the players that have changed? I ponder this whenever there's a new update coming.
  6. If I want to make use of the new tribune system, I have to wait until it launches before I login because I'm 1 day away from a milestone 😞 haven't logged on to WF because of this for like a week, my clan is probably missing me... soontm can not come any sooner 🤣
  7. This means I have reason to work towards gram prime, though it IS gonna take a while since I am not good at farming primes.
  8. So since the gram prime's combo wasn't "fixed" does that mean that it was intentional? Or will the combo be able to go past 2x eventually?
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