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  1. I'm MR31 and I love the braton. It's not about stats for me, it's about the feel of the weapon and how satisfying it is to use. There's just something truly satisfying about brat brat-ing heads all over the shop ya know?
  2. Xoris makes it pretty easy. You only need the first tier of completion and throwing the xoris and blowing it up makes quick work of the enemies. You can also use the xoris to extend the timer by freeing the captives or whatever, making it even easier. It's all the xoris, it makes it possible to get the 25+ kills with any frame
  3. I want an official crumbguzzler weapon now. Something that sucks in enemies to power up it's explosive shot.
  4. I'd honestly be content even if forma could be used on a single loadout slot (by choice, default being across all loadouts) instead of going across all of them to avoid needing an entirely new warframe/weapon for different builds.
  5. I try not to do more than a few runs at a time with at least a few hours in between, and I don't do it every day. Not getting a whole lot of forma but I buy most of mine, I just like to get extra to justify using on non primes that will be wasted once the prime comes out. It's probably a good thing plague star isn't the most fun mission to repeat because then people would have less motivation to buy forma. At least with how tedious repeating it is, a lot of people still wont bother farming out as much forma as possible and would likely ending up buying some.
  6. I think the 'nerf' is from using galvanized mods because his ability uses a weapons base damage.
  7. Depends how fluently I can play it on mobile. And if ai get a phone that can run it.
  8. The only way I know of would be to check account management as it displays the email used there. The problem is you need the email to log in as far a I know. Though, if you're able to open the warframe website through steam it might work. Maybe click buy platinum in the market and it will take you to the website in steam overlay and log in automatically without the email, once logged in go to account management and scroll down
  9. I would love this. I need an entirely new copy of a warframe for some builds because it ruins the other builds polarities. Can also be hard to play around with different rivens when changing between rivens of different polarities. A multi polarity forma would be amazing, even if just the one per warframe/weapon.
  10. Functionality then aesthetic. Some frames cover the same niche but I'll choose the more aesthetically pleasing out of them.
  11. I'd count it as an exploit. A very handy one, as the distance for the drone can be very long and tedious without it, but an exploit nonetheless. It would be nice if the distance of the drone stage was roughly the same each time, it could even remove the apparent necessity to use this exploit. I don't like using exploits, and this isn't something I would actively try to do, but I have followed the directions when told to do it in squads and it does help prevent feeling burnt out playing the same mode over and over. Escorting a drone is just a generally tedious mission across all games(maybe a couple exceptions but can't really think of any), I do like people being able to use loki/nova to speed up the drone stage and feel that isn't an exploit, but the distance for the drone can be really unforgiving. I'm not a fan of escort missions usually though so it would be on the bottom of my list of enjoyed mission types along with defection. I'd prefer the drone to move faster (between warframe running speed and bullet jumping momentum) and require several hacks along the way. Though I haven't thought that idea out much.
  12. I haven't used blast and paid attention to it in a long while so not sure about the changes. But, if I can't knock enemies into the skybox with my sonicor I have little to no interest in blast and I'm assuming thats not possible anymore if knockback isn't even a part of blast.
  13. You have to forma tenet weapons 5 times, leveling it to its max available rank each time. 30 being your first 'max rank' pushes the max level to 32 with a single forma. 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38 are the 'max ranks' that you can use forma and increase the max rank to 40 on the fifth forma.
  14. It should show the element and % before buying it. I haven't checked sine the update but before the update you could see the element and %.
  15. I bought that pack after making War. Still haven't replaced broken war and boy did I regret building war. A discount would have made it a far easier purchase for me. There's also a couple deluxe bundles I bought the skin forgetting about the bundle and didn't realise until too late. I'd love some kind of discount system, but I'd understand if they didn't do it. I've only seen one game I can think of that did this (For Honor) and it motivated me to spend more money knowing I wasn't losing value from my purchase by earning things in game.
  16. Does changing the contrast help them in any way? I've known people with similar issues in other games who could make the game more visible for them by adjusting contrast. It made the game look kinda bad (for me with pretty good vision) but it was the only way they could play (I think they put the contrast up really high and put up the brightness, as well as changing their monitor settings as well as in game). Fiddling with the contrast/brightness or the colourblind options may be the only option for now, at least until/if DE recognise this as an issue and try to make specific settings for it. I'm all for more accessibility for people with disabilities, I have some difficulty here and there with particular things that I wont get into here, but I can sympathise with your friend and other people struggling to play games due to their health. But, I feel there needs to be a consideration of balance for the non disabled, as sometimes assistance for the disabled can result in unfair advantages for those without the disability. If there are no balance problems from highlighting enemies I'm all for this or something similar being added. (in a pvp game I would find it far easier to kill a highlighted player and would see it as an unfair advantage, this being a mostly pve game would be a bit different, but would more depend on the developers intention with the games design and whether they're trying to make it hard to see enemies for particular reasons, like if an enemy has camo to blend in intentionally)
  17. That would be amazing. I'd love to be able to use the water to try and get further, as long as failing is still a possibility, but would probably need the lower the reset position for water so it doesn't reset you so easily. Would be pretty fun skipping myself along the water.
  18. The main reason most people use smeeta can be simplified in one word: Loot. Smeeta has some useful abilities on top of the stacking double resources buff. But, none of them are the reason I (or most of the people I have seen give reasoning) choose smeeta. It's all the loot. Though if there was a dedicated loot companion which gave extra loot consistently without relying on charm randomly picking it i would probably choose one or the other depending on the mission type rather than explicitly smeeta. Though, once my dojos decorating is mostly complete I'll likely retire smeeta in most circumstances because the consistency of other companions outweighs the RNG for charm in my opinion. Smeeta should be a jack of all trades at the cost of it being random, but for that to work well we should probbaly have a companion dedicated to each characteristic of smeetas charm. But, in saying that, double resources that can stack is too good for a lot of people to pass up. So I'm not sure it can be fixed without nerfing smeeta. And in regards to your suggestions: I personally don't think this would solve the companion diversity problem, but I do think suggestions 1 and 2 are great QOL additions for companions. (Didn't even realise smeeta had a bleedout timer because its a mod i add to companions by default usually)
  19. Those are events though, I'm expecting the new war to make big changes/additions to Warframe as a whole. Perhaps even sentient specific areas of the start chart, or more invasive sentients across all mission types not just the two(?) tilesets you can get them on. When I say more prevalent i don't just mean in bigger numbers, but more relevant to the core gameplay too. Though this is just my assumption. I do feel we need some strong sentient enemies, but we'd probably need some fodder as well if DE are going the way I'm expecting.
  20. You expressed my thoughts better than I did. I was thinking the same thing about it being a stepping stone towards bigger changes.
  21. I'd assume if sentients are being nerfed they're going to be much more prevalent ingame after the new war.
  22. And if we didn't have these paid purchases we'd ALL lose because there would be no Warframe without the money to fund it.
  23. The time gates is what gives incentive to buy stuff. And if people don't buy stuff DE can't provide warframe to us for free. The solution is already here: spend platinum if you don't want to wait in a free game. As an added benefit of Warframes free to play model you can earn items to sell to players and spend platinum essentially for free (at the cost of someone else).
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