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  1. Now i did some research. I can apply some screenshots if needed. I did 5 runs to Kappa today. 1st. 16 minutes, 909 kills, 0 cores. 2nd 16 minutes 952 kills, 2 common 2 uncommon. 3rd 15 minutes, 842 kills, 5 common 1 uncommon. 4th 11 minutes 697 kills, 2 common. 5th 13 minutes 727 kills, 1 common. ------------------------------------------------ total: 61 minutes, 4127 kills, 10 common, 3 uncommon. Sidenote: in order to level U10 mod you need to deliver 8184 energy. In rares it's ... 132 i believe R5 cores. In order to level R10 mod you need 12276 energy, which means you need 198 R5
  2. has been reported, sonar at least, by me. i wouldn't sell Shee if i were you, but last time she was broken, it took 4 months for DE fix her. now with all this circus with UI and kubrows, i believe fix for her is not around the corner or soon. She is decent CCs dispenser and x11 damage on a weak spot. Don't sell her.
  3. you can't 'esc', 'exit' button is also not working. if you didn't picked the faction you wish to support.
  4. you are waiting fot the next major update in slight hope that it's not gonna be rushed or it will not have strange design choices or additions. as it now i am waiting for another kubrow to hatch, it will take about 80 hours. so i am not playing WF as it now. Recently made DkS2 run with new dlc, no death during the run, got this fancy ring, but i have no use for it. As it now i am at home, not on missions or anything, office work and stuff. gym is my first choice thought, what to do if games are boring. but you can try to level these kubrows mods, U10 and R10 - i see no reason t
  5. Eclipse by design is very well made power. in my opinion this is how cloaks of Loki and Ash should work really. however in current state of game mechanics, this power is wortless. as for the rest of her powers, well Hand is useless, Mirrors would do better to disappear upon taking damage. like each mirror have let say 50% of player's health, to allow Mirage to actually tank a little bit. Prism even with Natural talent is rather slow, nice show though. overall Mirage is a medicore frame. welcome to 98%.
  6. Now i just made several MD runs, as solo player mostly, my kills per minute ratio is 80. So in 60 minutes i kill 4800 mobs. in 60 minutes i do 5 runs. during each run i kill 800-900 mobs, depending on the timer. Now after murdering 4800 marines, i only managed to get 5 common fusion cores... and this is not rng. not at this kill ratio. Speaking about new player experience, DE dearest, it's hard to play WF if you can't level your mods. And you just throw a lot of R10 and U10 kubrow mods into the game. Well to hell with kubrows, what about leveling Serration or Redirection? Blind Rage a
  7. according to kickbout DE have full time testers. but... yeah.
  8. well it is long, if you consider power leveling. back to U12 i could level a player to mr 14 in less than 200 hours. my clan mate made it to mr 11 in 110 hours, but i was carrying him through entire game. however it hardly matters, in my experience Mr16 player, can be just as useless as mr0. Mastery Rank have no value, it doesn't mean that this particular player actually know how to play or he have top level gear, or to be more or less rude - mastery rank does not determine the presence of the brain or common sense. As it now MR is just amount of trades you can make per day and how ma
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