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  1. I've been having issues with being able to use all the piloting functions with controller; it says to push LS to boost the ship, but then to also tap LS to make the ship make a short burst forward (or sideways, etc.). HOWEVER it does none of these things and instead turns on boost permanently until I click LS again. When is this going to be fixed? Am I putting points into piloting for nothing? I can't use half of the abilities. :(
  2. Hey guys, I know it's a dumb fix, but what I did to be able to use blink on controller was just move the left bumper descend to my right stick (not ideal, but I literally don't use them anyway). Now I can use blink with normal dodge roll ❤️
  3. Was there anything special about being able to build it like that, or did you just get lucky?
  4. Please let the dry dock be built from any level <3 I designed the dojo layout around it so that it could be on the 2nd floor with nothing beneath it. T_T
  5. If it is true that you can only build the dock on the 1st floor, then that needs to change because a lot of dojos aren't going to have access to the 1st floor anymore. Even the observatory that needs space underneath it can be on any floor.
  6. what, really? I've got a space set up for it on the 2nd floor.... that's bad news bears.
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