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  1. If you change cosmetic Loadout If you change cosmetic If you change Mod: If you change Warframe: The Workaround "Returning to Arsenal, Swapping Melee Weapon, leaving arsenal & swapping back to Tatsu:
  2. From my experience the Fractures shouldn't be shortened by the players actions (a gear item etc.), It just should be shortened from 4 Mobile Defense missions to 2. I love that you're planning to add a variety of enemies into the reoccurring event but if nothing changes outside of "sitting around a campfire" for way to long, my initial criticism of it being a boring tedious slog will remain. Warframe Abilities also need to be consistent with the rest of the game where enemy attacks can't penetrate them. Limbo, Frost & Gara are just a few that I have had experience with where their abilities mean nothing and the Canister gets destroyed. There are many issues with this event and having the player use an item to speed it up (imo) isn't the correct approach. Also please remove RNG to the audio lines, You have a great line from Eudico that informs players on what they have to do yet it's in a roll w/ 3 other lines that have less and unhelpful information (I understand world building) but it doesn't help when you have no guide in game (AN ISSUE WARFRAME HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE IF NO CLEAR IN-GAME DIRECTION IS GIVEN).
  3. From Console Patch notes: An important write up was made in the Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 thread regarding Arcanes. The change that was reverted in that update will not be going live with this update (as it was the reason for many issues with Arcanes + Abilities on PC), however, it is important for us to point your attention to our intentions moving forward with Arcane balancing, as all Platforms will be affected eventually. We will let you know and it will be the result of a lot of consideration. Design changes like this need to be more tempered and considered.  TL;DR - We found the issue that caused the initial problem, and it is being reverted so that Arcanes will indeed work with Exalted weapons - including Mesa's Peacemakers. However that does not mean that down the road, there will be another look at balance but for now, the change is getting removed with the intent of reviewing Arcanes down the road and trying to decide on uniformity. It's all in the spirit of evolving development. Thank you all for your patience, and feedback. Long Version: "Arcane Change/Fix: As often happens with Mainline - unexpected bugs popup. In the case of last week's 24.4.0 Mainline Update, we quickly received reports that Arcane Velocity was not working on Mesa's Regulators. Considering Mesa's popularity, it's no coincidence that this was noticed right away. We want to go into detail about what happened between Thursday and now, what's being fixed, and what next steps are: From Thursday to today: 1) Between Thursday and now - we've had issues internally on intention, which are typically the hardest to communicate when we're also trying to diagnose a bug. As of now, players know we may intend to keep Arcane Velocity from working while Mesa is in Peacemaker 2) Between Thursday and now, many other prior-functioning Arcane + Abilities broke as well, leading to further confusion on intention. What's being fixed: Today we found the bug that caused this issue - a single fix intended to let Dispatch Overdrive work on Garuda's Talons indirectly broke many Arcane + Warfame Ability functionalities. 1) We have Restored Arcanes not triggering from Exalted weapons across the board by reverting the change made in Update 24.4.0: Dispatch Overdrive now applies to Garuda’s Talons when equipped. Next steps: While players have restored functionality now (i.e Mesa + Arcane Velocity), it won't be a true solution if you don't know the dev teams intention. We unintentionally broke some arcane interactions and let it ride when we shouldn't have. We're fixing that today! We do think there are some balance issues remaining but it is not our intention to use side-effects to solve. Balance is a conversation that we constantly have, and we see you having as well. For some people the answer is don't nerf things, buff everything else. This is the path of least resistance for us, as most of the player base is happy when we buff, and angry when we nerf. However this has a few side effects that impact the game as a whole. First, with more damage, the time to kill on enemies is lowered and the value of Crowd Control declines even more (Vauban?!). Higher max damage also means that players with the latest bells and whistles can easily kill bosses in an instant, and overcome any challenge with ease. The more your play, the easier the game gets! So far we have been kicking the can down the road, accepting power creep and its consequences on the game - and often this game is a 'kill all the things' based game. We've mostly done nerfs on things that could be automated, required no player interaction or removed options from the game by making all other choices bad. We will continue to wrestle with this, but the most important part is when and if we decide major balance changes are needed, we will let you know and it will be the result of a lot of consideration. Design changes like this need to be more tempered and considered. Thanks for hanging in there through all this confusion. Six years in and we are still learning how to do this."
  4. What is the rate in which this event will appear? every Two weeks like the Ghouls & Baro? If so, than locking Hildryn behind the event stays inline w/ frames like Inaros. If it's every 6 Months like Plague star, well you have a serious issue on your hands.
  5. The progress totally wasn't boosted by DE, not at all.
  6. Will Cetus & The Plains of Eidolon continue to receive economy changes outside of Cetus Wisp cost reductions? Is there any more information about the Flying Eidolon that was revealed more than a Year ago. While I appreciate DE focusing on Landscapes & soon to be released Railjack, are there any more plans to create & release more tilesets (outside of the Gas City Remaster)? To me tilesets are what makes this game and they provide a unique feeling where each mission is different due to the randomization of the tiles. Will enemy navigation & solo survival spawns/life support be looked at, so players aren't forced to stay in one tile for the duration of a solo mission?
  7. Thanks for the stream & Elite Alert showcase. for those that didn't watch the from the start, there were four possible drops and you could only get one. 2 Skins 2 Mods.
  8. Man, Please do an entire rework on Vauban not just medium changes to the already set abilities (aka hydroid). There are so many good examples players have dropped, Turret / Construction is but one of them!
  9. The Prime Vault doesn't follow that mentality. Mag Prime Vault came with Targis Prime... Frost Prime Vault came with Misa Prime... There's more...
  10. What? If you're trying to say "why would Edo Prime return with Nyx or Rhino", then to that I say why would Targis return with Mag Prime or why would the Misa Prime Syandana return with Frost Prime?
  11. no edo prime really? get some bloody variety in there edit: Stop trying to say "why would Edo Prime return with Nyx or Rhino". The Prime Vault barely features any cosmetic that was released alongside the Initial warframe. Targis returned with Mag Prime, The Misa Prime Syandana returned with Frost Prime etc..
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