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  1. Thank you Rebecca, This is good to hear & once again I am glad DE has listened to the players but I do continue to think that the Mod Drop Booster shouldn't exist at this point in the game. In regards to those who have shared their concern about the booster for other reasons outside of the synergy nerf, will DE be addressing the low drop %'s from rare/uncommon single unit enemies in the future? We can trust that balancing around the booster won't happen but as long as only one enemy holds a mod with a .02% drop rate & the booster exists that perception will remain. At least IMO. See Mutagen Sample/Kuva + Resource/Drop Chance boosters with players thoughts around those as an example.
  2. If the same can be done for the Forma Act as well, that will be awesome. In the future, a kills with polarized weapon would be much better imo.
  3. Thank you for the date clarification
  4. From my experience the Fractures shouldn't be shortened by the players actions (a gear item etc.), It just should be shortened from 4 Mobile Defense missions to 2. I love that you're planning to add a variety of enemies into the reoccurring event but if nothing changes outside of "sitting around a campfire" for way to long, my initial criticism of it being a boring tedious slog will remain. Warframe Abilities also need to be consistent with the rest of the game where enemy attacks can't penetrate them. Limbo, Frost & Gara are just a few that I have had experience with where their abilities mean nothing and the Canister gets destroyed. There are many issues with this event and having the player use an item to speed it up (imo) isn't the correct approach. Also please remove RNG to the audio lines, You have a great line from Eudico that informs players on what they have to do yet it's in a roll w/ 3 other lines that have less and unhelpful information (I understand world building) but it doesn't help when you have no guide in game (AN ISSUE WARFRAME HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE IF NO CLEAR IN-GAME DIRECTION IS GIVEN).
  5. What is the rate in which this event will appear? every Two weeks like the Ghouls & Baro? If so, than locking Hildryn behind the event stays inline w/ frames like Inaros. If it's every 6 Months like Plague star, well you have a serious issue on your hands.
  6. The progress totally wasn't boosted by DE, not at all.
  7. Will Cetus & The Plains of Eidolon continue to receive economy changes outside of Cetus Wisp cost reductions? Is there any more information about the Flying Eidolon that was revealed more than a Year ago. While I appreciate DE focusing on Landscapes & soon to be released Railjack, are there any more plans to create & release more tilesets (outside of the Gas City Remaster)? To me tilesets are what makes this game and they provide a unique feeling where each mission is different due to the randomization of the tiles. Will enemy navigation & solo survival spawns/life support be looked at, so players aren't forced to stay in one tile for the duration of a solo mission?
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