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  1. You can also get it from Orokin sabotage missions in the void and exterminate missions on Lua and Kuva fortress. Not the best drop chances but better than no chance...
  2. I trade on warframe market and the trade chat (usually filtered to WTB what Im selling on market)....and the thing that gets me pissed is when someone messages me and says they want to buy an item at my asking price...say like 50p. They get to the dojo then "oh I only got 30p...can I have it for 30p pleazzzzzze"....I'll say no then they call me !@#$%^ names, block me and leave. I mean I'm a pretty negotiable guy and if you message me and be like "hey I'm new, I only got 30p and I really need that mod, can we negotiate?" I'll usually negotiate to some middle ground. But don't get me to invite you to my dojo and then tell me you want to offer 20p less than my asking price...
  3. Im expecting Thursday or Friday with an early morning Monday patch fixing the bugs reported over the weekend.
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