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  1. A lot of it seems to come down to dying without being able to either do much about it, or dying because you were hit out of nowhere. That, and the way fortuna's setup kind of makes squishy frames irrelevant.
  2. Yeah, but they also have various high damage/AOE ranged units as well.
  3. ReshyShira

    Shattering Impact on Profit-Taker

    Really bugs me that there's mods who have a specific use that they're really good at, but with both Shattering Impact and Shield Disruption, DE has decided that these otherwise highly specialized mods need to be made into useless mods it just strikes me as being incredibly lazy.
  4. Because Chroma's one is basically an exalted weapon you cannot mod? Honestly, nobody uses or likes the pelt mechanic, and it just kind of dampens his dragon-like feel when he's just like "lol, I'm just a dude wearing a pelt".
  5. Infested at least require getting close to you.
  6. Most of the enemies on fortuna are pretty ridiculous. The enemies have insane amounts of health, most of the enemies use area of effect attacks or homing attacks, usually with knockdowns paired with high damage. It's incredibly difficult to see where you're being attacked from, because the projectiles blend into the terrain, and there's so many particle effects it can easily tank your frame rates. The nullifier drone is really unfun to fight and still fails to link the enemies being shielded to it's model so you cannot tell where the shields are coming from. The Raknoids are incredibly durable and drop nothing of any worth. Kyta specifically is so absurdly tanky, is immune to warframe powers, and drops literally nothing of value that you might as well ignore it's existence because it's simply unfun to fight. I get that DE wanted to make Fortuna harder and more challenging, but they've gone to the opposite extreme, where enemies are unfun to fight, rather than unsatisfying to fight. The homing attacks are just one minuscule aspect of it.
  7. ReshyShira

    Nidus Myxini Helmet (FEEDBACK)

    It's still a bit too large I think, but the worst part is that it's far too bright and the colors are in the wrong places.
  8. ReshyShira

    Orb Fighs, Amazingly Worse than Eidolons

    It's basically the Eidolon fights, but with Vomvalyst that stagger or knock you down when they hit you.
  9. ReshyShira

    Dissolving relics into void traces

    I'd much rather Void Survival or something giving void traces like Kuva Survival.
  10. ReshyShira

    Archguns are Underpowered and Bugged

    This is probably because DE did the insane thing and only buffed archwing weapons in the gravmag. Rather than tweaking the actual stats, opening them up for bugs like this.
  11. ReshyShira

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    Okay, but then why are weapons that are powerful semi-auto weapons given a high fire rate, low damage, attack scheme? That doesn't make sense, but these weapons are fairly common.
  12. ReshyShira

    Catchmoon weird behavior

    Catchmoon has several hit-box discrepencies that have yet to be resolved it seems.
  13. That's a pretty terrible way to do things, like how nullifiers are a bad game mechanic, and then they went added them to enemies on terra randomly at high alerts.
  14. Wow what, the Velocitus got nerfed on the ground? Why? How can you even make an informed decision on what to add a grav mag to when the stats are completely different on the ground?
  15. I mean in Archwing they're built to have a self-replenishing ammo pool, why does this not work on the ground? Getting ammo is probably dullest part of using weapons,a nd can flat out make some of the unviable due to them having a poor ammo economy. Not to mention with Archweapons being weaker than the standard weapons, it seems like there's some misplaced priorities about making the weapons feel heavy and powerful, without actually being heavy and powerful.