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  1. So when does the nerfs stop DE, when a weapon's rivens are unusably bad? Because it's been what, four riven cycles now with more nerfs than buffs. Nobody wants to play a game where the weapons players actually use get nothing but weaker.
  2. Really DE? Why would you do that. If you have to change it, just give it a maximum level of shield disruption then at I dunno, 80%? 90%? Don't make that aura completely useless, seriously.
  3. Can we please get some Tombfinger and Catchmoon fixes for their hitboxes?
  4. With the introduction of more Operator cosmetics, can we please get a way to choose sleeves individually, as well as splitting forehead from the mask slots?
  5. When will we get fixes for the Catchmoon and the Tombfinger having bugged hitboxes?
  6. It's a multiplier on a riven's stats. Below 1.0 it's lower than the baseline, above 1.0 means it's higher than the baseline.
  7. There's a small cave that is basically just a little nook in the rock, but it counts towards the 30. Literally that small, goes nowhere, and has no resources spawn inside, but it counts.
  8. Yes, and these poorly thought-out knee jerk balance changes are just as bad as the poorly thought-out riven disposition changes. But hey, at least it only costs 8 forma rather than 3k platinum.
  9. Correction: They should be based on the viability (or popularity) of a weapon without a riven. If a weapon becomes more popular because of a riven it shouldn't be hit by a riven nerf wave, because then it'd doing it's damn job. But I doubt DE is tracking what users use a weapon with and without a riven. Exactly, Disposition changes like these are a massive disrespect to the player's time and investment into the game. Where's my 300k Kuva refund DE?
  10. This isn't regulation, this is just devaluing existing rivens without really addressing the problem that makes them so expensive. Oh I know, but even with the Lato Vandal it's still pretty eh.
  11. Thing is... the Lato's still really only usable with a riven, and yet it's usability with a riven is what's causing the riven to get nerfed. What's the deal? Isn't that what rivens are supposed to do?
  12. If they didn't want Rivens to become a mass market hit, they owuldn't restrict their slot capacity, require heavy investment to roll their stats, or let them be tradable to other players... But they do.
  13. I'm not even sure when a riven is considered balanced and worth having a disposition above 2 pips. Is that only allowed for weapons only one out of ten thousand players actually use or what? Because I'm getting the feeling that pretty much all of the weapons nerfed so far will keep getting nerfed till they're around .5 disposition strength. Because there's no transparency as to when a riven is "balanced".
  14. A lot of the weapons need to be buffed, but instead DE just tweaks riven stats and makes everyone who invested into them feel buyer's remorse.
  15. That's just the problem: DE isn't interested in making more weapons viable with a riven, they're just interested in nerfing the rivens that people actually like.
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