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  1. You really don't understand how much power creep has been affecting this game. Most of those weapons, despite their drawbacks, aren't any better than your standard weapons.
  2. The Fundamental flaws with self-damage weapons are: The weapons with self-damage are no better than the weapons without self-damage; so it's all risk, no reward. Damage mods are multiplicative increases, whereas health is an additive increase; so the self-damage will always considerably outstrip your health totals. There's little way to tell just exactly how large an explosion is when seeing it explode, so you cannot pace yourself with anything else other than trial and error; exception being the Lenz. Allies can get in the way of self-damage projectiles, causing you to damage or kill yourself through no fault of your own simply because your teammate is inconsiderate or clumsy. Now, what does cautious shot do, precisely to fix these issues? Well, in practice it fixes none of these fundamental flaws, it just reduces the downside of self-damage slightly. It doesn't make the weapons more viable at all, in fact it actively reduces it by eating up a slot that could be devoted to more damage (in a game that's strictly about damage and nothing else) and then penalizes your damage on top. It doesn't reduce incidents of self-damage by letting you see the radius on the weapon, or preventing it from striking friendly targets and blowing back on you. The worst part of it is that for most warframes, the mod still doesn't even serve it's intended purpose as even 1% of a hundred thousand damage is still 1000, which is more than most light warframes can handle.
  3. How about instead we make it so that self-damage from explosives and radiation isn't affected by mods or buffs. Warframes are only able to soak a few thousand damage at best, but have weapons that need to be able to kill enemies with millions of hit points. This means that any time a warframe's weapon is turned against themselves they instantly kill themselves. Radiation, explosives, doesn't matter, the damage scales too highly from mods and buffs compared to health which has very flat diminishing returns.
  4. This is because they stupidly made self-damage scale up with mods, rather than it being it's default value. Were this not the case, self-damage weapons would be considerably more viable. Unfortunately this is a game where most frames are a glass canon firing for millions of damage while only able to soak a few thousand at best. This means any damage that the players can do to themselves are instantly lethal, Radiation, Explosives, etc. because they scale based off mods.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen someone be so disingenuous in a post before. DE introduces a mechanic that they think will do X, but instead it ends up doing Y. Rather than working within what they inadvertently established with Y, they instead try to make it closer to X, and it pisses off people in the process due to the problems already inherent in the mechanic that's still yet to be properly addressed.
  6. Even those auras have suffered from power creep, just not corrosive projection, energy siphon's usefulness has declined since Energizing Dash, Shield disruption doesn't even work on the kinds of enemies you want to strip shields off of, and the other two are purely utility with some exceptions due to enemy radar having weird influences on the enemy AI.
  7. As was mentioned during the last riven changes, there's no "end-game" for riven disposition, no riven will ever be balanced and if rivens do significantly impact popularity then that'll shift any time the riven disposition changes hit, necessitating yet more changes, causing more shifts in popularity, and rinse and repeat.
  8. But then they nerf weapons based on their feelings rather than actual measurable statistics, or entire classes of weapons (like the sniper rifles) because they're really good at one specific thing (Eidolons), or just nerf weapons with a fun gimmick to them. They're not improving any of the already bad/boring weapons, no matter if their riven dispo was set to 2.0, it won't fix weapons like the Stug. Instead of changing rivens they need to change the weapons.
  9. The problem is that rivens require too much time investment for them to be changed arbitrarily based on the feels of the developers, and they often nerf weapons that are the most fun/well designed or they hit an entire category (like all of the sniper rifles) because they're really good at one specific thing. They're also seemingly replacing actual weapon balance changes, and there's far more bad weapons than there are good ones by a wide margin.
  10. I'd agree to this, but I'd more want to see "Actually usable aura mods that aren't Corrosive Projection."
  11. Blocking really needs to not interrupt your actions.
  12. Really DE? Why would you do that. If you have to change it, just give it a maximum level of shield disruption then at I dunno, 80%? 90%? Don't make that aura completely useless, seriously.
  13. Can we please get some Tombfinger and Catchmoon fixes for their hitboxes?
  14. With the introduction of more Operator cosmetics, can we please get a way to choose sleeves individually, as well as splitting forehead from the mask slots?
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