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  1. Hello DE, there appears to be a bug with the Grineer Fans that makes them unselectable once they have been moved while remaining unconstructed; making them both impossible to remove without deleting the room or donating to their construction.
  2. I totally agree, I don't think this mobile game design really works in warframe's favor. For long-duration projects like Forma this isn't so much an issue, because you are likely checking when you login anyway to see if it's done and start another. However, when it comes to very short duration items it really ought to be something you can queue up multiples. Considering that you cannot even buy the larger health restores for platinum, there's literally no reason to have this time gating method except to irritate the players to no real end.
  3. Were Corrosive Projection not mandatory for high-end content, and Rejuvenation not providing a pittance of recovery (Seriously, it takes almost two minutes to recover the unmodded health of most warframes), I'd just say use that. But as if, you have to either use an arcane (which are hard to get), use consumables (which take a good amount of time to provide their healing, but still over a short enough period to not matter; also a not-insignificant amount of resurces), medic towers (which take too long to cool down), Vazurin (which if you're a squishy frame you're probably needing zenurik for energy), or an aura slot that's woefully out of date. I would say that warframes in general need better health recovery options, as most of the old options are exceedingly power-creeped at this point. As a player with basically more resources than I know what to do with, and an arcane grace I can strap to a warframe. These aren't big issues. However, I admittedly don't use squishy warframes because they feel bad to play. They take more damage than other frames, so you need to heal more often, and they have less health to heal (making some options far less potent), and you generally die more often. Honestly I just think this is a symptom of the game's approach to content being all about DPS and tanking, and nothing else. More and more content ignores CC, and squishy frames can't easily recover their pitiful health pools as easy as the tankier frames, whom also have considerably more health.
  4. The advantage of Corrosive Projection is that you can predictably strip a set amount armor. See the advantage in armor stripping isn't in stripping it all, but stripping as close to 1 as possible without it being 0. This is because armor conveys a second set of weaknesses and resistances, which can stack on top of the base health type's. This is why radiation is so strong against the eidolons, as their armor is weak versus radiation, and their health is weak versus radiation. If you strip it all, then they're only half as vulnerable to radiation. The easiest and most logical fix for armor is.... make it a static number that doesn't scale with level. There, done. The other things you mention are definitely accurate observations. I remember a time when Energy Siphon worked with channeled abilities, and that's why I think it's recovery rate was so low. Though between the introduction of Focus 2.0, Channeling changes, and the general design of warframe going towards the tanky gunplay the rate you regain energy just simply isn't enough. I'm surprised you forgot about EMP Aura. I honestly think that EMP Aura and Infested Impedance should be merged together and made into a single all-faction mod that subtlety hampers the enemy's effectiveness. Honestly, in a world where corrosive projection wasn't key to killing high-level enemies, I'd say merge it with Shield Disruption and some ind of anti-infested effect into a general purpose "reduce enemy durability" aura. Honestly, I'd rather the auras be a secondary percentile boost to a weapon's overall damage, rather than being an additive benefit on top of a weapon's already enormous base damage bonus. Adding an extra 50% on a weapon already sporting a +165% isn't that large of an improvement. Besides for that, they definitely ought to be merged with the scavenger mods since the two basically do the same job of supporting a particular type of equipment and having to choose between the two just means that ammo-starved weapons suffer. Honestly, with the content involving steadily larger and more wide-open areas, they need to double the radar ranges. I'd also, for the sake of improving their usefulness, make them give you wall-hacks on affected containers or enemies similar to what you get when you have the Synthesis Scanner out. That way you have a tactical advantage against enemies by being able to see what they're doing and where precisely they are.
  5. Well, if it was 3/sec per use, and 15 hp/sec per use, a whole team running rejuvenation is healing 60hp sec, and a full team of energy siphon is 12 energy/sec. That'd give some reason to run something other than Zenurik/Vazaurin.
  6. Hello DE, I wanted to report that the new Gas City tile set doesn't properly respect the Infiltrator mod when in prowl.
  7. Same issue, room's been colored before but I can't make any new changes.
  8. Honestly, the issue is that corrosive projection just gives you considerably more benefit than any other mods. Rejuvenation is power creeped to hell, as are most other mods.
  9. Right now warframe lacks a solid gameplay loop. Just adding more loot won't really fix that. Changing the tilesets, enemy AI, and missions around to make them more interesting very well could.
  10. At some point they need to just bite the bullet and go back and update old content.
  11. Honestly, to make the game more engaging they need to focus on the enemies and the tilesets some more. Right no warframe's just a corridor shooter, there's not much room for stealth unless you have invisibility since everyone gets funneled down one small tunnel to get to the objective. There's no hub-and-spoke based design, there's no alternative paths to an objective, there's no real ways an enemy can sneak up on you, etc. Enemy design seems to range from "impotent fodder" to "bullet-sponge" but really lacks any particular depth or complexity to it that makes it interesting. The environment isn't very interesting either, as neither the players not the enemies really can make use of it. Enemies will, at most, just moon jump up to where you are, or sit there grunting impotently if they can't reach you. Enemies just lemming-train into the players without any real strategy or tactics. No enemies from what I know have any sense of positioning to them, snipers-style enemies don't seem to head for good sniping locations (partially because there aren't any) and there's not a whole lot in the variety of what enemies can do to you. Most just damage you, and that's it.. really.
  12. This has been a known issue for along time but DE seems unwilling to fix old issues with the game.
  13. This isn't a fix, this is a nerf. What's the purpose of this except as a way to increase the grind in warframe?
  14. You really don't understand how much power creep has been affecting this game. Most of those weapons, despite their drawbacks, aren't any better than your standard weapons.
  15. The Fundamental flaws with self-damage weapons are: The weapons with self-damage are no better than the weapons without self-damage; so it's all risk, no reward. Damage mods are multiplicative increases, whereas health is an additive increase; so the self-damage will always considerably outstrip your health totals. There's little way to tell just exactly how large an explosion is when seeing it explode, so you cannot pace yourself with anything else other than trial and error; exception being the Lenz. Allies can get in the way of self-damage projectiles, causing you to damage or kill yourself through no fault of your own simply because your teammate is inconsiderate or clumsy. Now, what does cautious shot do, precisely to fix these issues? Well, in practice it fixes none of these fundamental flaws, it just reduces the downside of self-damage slightly. It doesn't make the weapons more viable at all, in fact it actively reduces it by eating up a slot that could be devoted to more damage (in a game that's strictly about damage and nothing else) and then penalizes your damage on top. It doesn't reduce incidents of self-damage by letting you see the radius on the weapon, or preventing it from striking friendly targets and blowing back on you. The worst part of it is that for most warframes, the mod still doesn't even serve it's intended purpose as even 1% of a hundred thousand damage is still 1000, which is more than most light warframes can handle.
  16. How about instead we make it so that self-damage from explosives and radiation isn't affected by mods or buffs. Warframes are only able to soak a few thousand damage at best, but have weapons that need to be able to kill enemies with millions of hit points. This means that any time a warframe's weapon is turned against themselves they instantly kill themselves. Radiation, explosives, doesn't matter, the damage scales too highly from mods and buffs compared to health which has very flat diminishing returns.
  17. This is because they stupidly made self-damage scale up with mods, rather than it being it's default value. Were this not the case, self-damage weapons would be considerably more viable. Unfortunately this is a game where most frames are a glass canon firing for millions of damage while only able to soak a few thousand at best. This means any damage that the players can do to themselves are instantly lethal, Radiation, Explosives, etc. because they scale based off mods.
  18. Even those auras have suffered from power creep, just not corrosive projection, energy siphon's usefulness has declined since Energizing Dash, Shield disruption doesn't even work on the kinds of enemies you want to strip shields off of, and the other two are purely utility with some exceptions due to enemy radar having weird influences on the enemy AI.
  19. I'd agree to this, but I'd more want to see "Actually usable aura mods that aren't Corrosive Projection."
  20. Really DE? Why would you do that. If you have to change it, just give it a maximum level of shield disruption then at I dunno, 80%? 90%? Don't make that aura completely useless, seriously.
  21. Can we please get some Tombfinger and Catchmoon fixes for their hitboxes?
  22. With the introduction of more Operator cosmetics, can we please get a way to choose sleeves individually, as well as splitting forehead from the mask slots?
  23. When will we get fixes for the Catchmoon and the Tombfinger having bugged hitboxes?
  24. It's a multiplier on a riven's stats. Below 1.0 it's lower than the baseline, above 1.0 means it's higher than the baseline.
  25. There's a small cave that is basically just a little nook in the rock, but it counts towards the 30. Literally that small, goes nowhere, and has no resources spawn inside, but it counts.
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