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  1. Clan name: Avengers of the Lotus Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Dragon Commander This is the welcome area of our Dojo, spawning in grants immediate access to our trading station, as well as the teleport system From the entrance hall, visitors can find the main junction of the Dojo, clearly marked to guide players towards the research, PvP, or exploration focused wings of the space: Each wing leads to its own themed area, the moody Foggy Forest giving way to the Plains of Fire where our competition-based rooms are located: Or a visit in the other direction towards our Research center, through the Storm and into the Cosmic Forest: And finally, the remaining hall leads to one of our greatest rooms, the Holo Hall! centered on the Clan Treasury which allows so many of these great decorations to happen, there are many beautiful areas to explore, discover, and hang out in, even a few that are well hidden, and a path to our ever growing family of Noggles 🙂 : And finally, a short video tour of some areas in the dojo! Thank you all for checking out our Dojo thus far, good luck to all participants! And remember Tenno, the System Lotus needs you!
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