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  1. First of all, Let me start by saying that Harrow is not the most one that needs a rework/tweak, but I can say that his kit is sort of "out of touch" Let me explain, His Abilities are based on Sacrficing Himself for the benefit of Others. Now, Lets look at how he actually is 1st ability is simple enough, a good crowd control ability that open enemies to easy headshots 2nd ability is not bad either, sacrificing Shield for Buff and Heals 3rd and 4th ability is the problem here, 3rd ability channel Harrow energy to give energy to others on Harrow Kills. Now thats a huge problem cause harrow is a support warframe, not an offensive warframe with damage abilities. his augment also doesn't make sense, Makes his 3rd ability to Give 40% Damage Reduction to Him and His Allies + 0.5 Energy For his Thurible Whenever he is damaged. Which doesn't work since people would either run of your 3rd ability range, or kill the enemies. which doesn't make this augment valid 4th ability is very useful if used correctly, and has been staple of Eidolon Hunts, it give a damage immunity to you and your allies in affinity radius and give back critical chance buff based on how many damage is stored. the issue is the same with 3rd ability augment, it require team to stand around, get damaged. which doesn't work in real game So I propose these changes. 1: Make that Harrow 3rd Ability can be triggered by team kills that are in his radius. 2. Change Harrow 3rd Augment Completely, Probably give a damage buff based on how much Energy is used on the ability 3. Make Harrow 4th ability (although this might not sound right) take into consideration of self damage. Which could potentially fix Harrow 4th Ability Issue in normal runs Thats all for now, I might see if Harrow need more Changes. Please let me know what you want to change for harrow
  2. ChillyWilly

    Map Bugs

    Probably gonna get ignored by DE, but I want them to fix content rather than make new broken content like railjack, so here we go 1. This grate on Kuva Fortress can be opened for a secret room inside, but its only open-able by using AoE weapons, shooting the grate itself or certain parts of the grate, will not open it 2. There is a room on kuva fortress that have a spinning rod that shoots out lightning to few pillars on the ground, if you act quickly, once the pillars are electrified, you can interact with the console for something(?). Even with all Pillars interacted. there seemingly nothing opened or happening 3. There is 3 Locked doors on top of Agility Drift Test on Lua, Some people said it opens with a correct last tube sequence, but there is no sequence that people found or I test it with. so I think its unopenable This is what I found for now, There might be more so I might update this Thread Also. HIt and Run mod doesn't work properly. if you Mercy Kill someone and the timer is in 10 second for example, if you kill another one, it may Says you have refreshed the duration. but in reality, that 10 second still ticking down, and once that is over, the 5 second left of the new mercy kill won't have its bonus.
  3. Same happens to me, DE is on their holiday, so Support is down atm. Be Patient Tenno
  4. Went to test MR11 Test with Default Setting + Low Graphics, I can see everything just fine, it is bit bright, but other than that I can complete it with 1min 49sec remains Its the one with parkour + shooting red balls right? If that so, then I dont see a big problem with it Alas, I can give you an advice and try to go to Cephalon Simaris to "practice" the MR test before Qualify for it.
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