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  1. Straight to the point, Do not use Forma if your game isn't restarted when new nightwave week started. This caused me loss on one forma. Although I'm not sure if this exact reason cause it to not count (beside simulacrum bug), I think its better to relog before you forma. Speaking of, Do you think I should contact support for this?
  2. Would the GoTL armor be a relic of the past GoTL? or this new System would give people the GoTL Armor?
  3. And it procs, Look it on the Screen, 2x on the Cross Matrix Widget
  4. "Increased chance of Kavat scans yielding Genetic Codes to 25% and made drop chance/amount Boosters apply to all scans that yield Resources." This isn't true since I got a double scan with Synthesis Scanner and a Booster, so it would make it to 4 DNA Codes Still got 2 Codes, Please Fix? (Also, I did 5 Runs of ODC and Encounter 5 Kavats in total, some spawn 1, spawn 2 or spawn nothing. Could this receive an increase to kavat spawn/drop chance as well?)
  5. Hahaha, Funny, Coming From a Crybaby that insisted that Alert is dead Have you considered looking through the forums? Why people complaining for Certain Challenges? Why People don't like the need to play everyday? I'm standing on my point that Alert is better than nightwave, if Alert can be molded with nightwave, its even better, make it so every alert we do reward us with credits that can be used to buy specific stuff. Stupid challenges like nightwave is just DE trying to make people play their games as a necessity.
  6. So basically you want to punish people that can't do Nightwave (Cause the challenges can't be completed or other issues) not having Saturn Six Armor? Secondly, It was not dead, its MORE EASY to get Potatoes from Alerts than Nightwave, Nightmare mods from Alerts is also good too Also what this we come to? Battlepass for Warframe? Next time on Warframe, Battle Royale mode Yeah okay Mr. Rhino Saturn Six Edit: Face it, DE make things based on Trend too, Lunaro from Rocket League, Frame Fighter from Fighter games. So making Battle Royale mode isn't far fetch
  7. I can torn this idea to pieces but I'll just say this Alert is Straight forward without any stupid challenges and reward locked behind "Reputation" They were not garbage, infact, they were decent to begin with No one do alerts 100% of the time, should I do nightwave 100% of the time?
  8. 1. There is no 25 Thousand weapons 2. Most forma required to make weapon is 2 3. A bit costly is not a word for 2 baro weapon 4. Forma can't be traded for platinum And Let me ask, how many forma do you need for Paracesis Full potential? 5.
  9. As OP, I'm surprised this post getting that much attention, I read through Most of the comments (Seriously 16 pages is a lot to cover). I've seen both side that wants warframe quest reward to be free and some people want it to be grindy. Let me make things clear, I've done 7 hours of Farming for Paracesis and put 5 forma on it. Is it fun? No, Is it tedious to farm relics over and over and opening them up? Yes. but at least I did what some people asked me to do To all Ducat vs Plat perspective, There is always a time where people buying prime junk for plat, so Ducats does worth plat. Its something you can gain in game, but it still worth plat. Let say DE come up with a new Melee weapon that cost 100 Platinum, would people be angry? If judging from this thread, it would be split. cause people would just say "Oh I can get 100p no problem by selling Prime Junks, Prime Sets and other stuff". and some would be mad cause premium currency is tied to a weapon. Even if I have Paracesis already, I still think 1000 ducats is alot of Ducats, Enough for 2 Weapon From baro, 3 Primed/Rare Mods, and can cost 300+ Plat if selled correctly. I would reduce it to at least 500 Ducats.. And no, its not like I don't want to FARM for stuff, in fact. I farm 98% of my Primes (the other 2% being a gift for being a new player during 2015). I don't see farming ducats is fun. Farming Resources, Doing Bosses, is more fun than farming ducats. I'm one of those people that doesn't have 100+ Relics cause I play mission that doesn't reward relics more often. and I find opening relics over and over just to end up with Bronze (yes, that's why it take 7 hours) is no fun. Sorry for wall of text but TL;DR Ducats worth Plat, I've got Paracesis, Reduce Ducat Cost to 500, I don't find it fun farming ducats
  10. Spending Resources for a stupid challenges is a stupid idea I remember the same thing with Paracesis, Spending Ducats for Quest Weapon, while you get the other for free like Broken War and Skiajati not to mention its not like 500 Ducats thats equal to 1 Weapon for baro, it require 1k. The argument "I have tons of them" is always invalid when you are counting players that are progressing through the quest as his priority wont have 1k ducats for a long time TL;DR : Do not use "precious resources" on stupid stuff
  11. I do think this nightwave system is far worse than old alert system 1. you need to do absurd challenges 2. you only get standing, not the item you wanted 3. Wolf creds is only limited to 300 before prestige 4. Newbies are out of luck Atleast Old alerts have 1. Incentive to open as many planets as possible 2. Get what you want when it comes 3. No absurd challenges, just straight up a quick mission 4. There is an Alert Tracker I'm already calling the Nightwave gonna be bad for new player since week 1, now its bad for vets for Gilding 1 Stuff. #BringBackAlerts
  12. I liked the idea of Nightwave but 4 things that I don't like 1. Being a "Season" Alerts, I'd like to have as much wolf creds as I can to be honest 2. Wolf Cred tied to Ranking up, We Will have to see if the Ranking up is like 10K Standing for each level or 10k Standing for this level and 11k Standing for next level 3. Removal of Nightmare mods, Personally, I hated farming for Blaze, Nightmare alerts is where I got my Blaze, so I'd like to keep it in 4. Kavat Genetic Codes, Even if the Kavat Gene Codes is affected by booster and increased the chance of getting them, 5x Kavat Genetic codes is quite alot of codes Thats all really, But I really don't like the Removal Of Nightmare Mods. Some mods have very low drop chance and the table is convoluted of what can be dropped. So having a guaranteed drop is really really helpful
  13. Bump, is this the one where the plague star cave is? like this one? Having trouble with this, 2 Found in cave the third is nowhere to be found
  14. I would like to tell what I've seen from this thread I see 2 sides. 1 Say that the story weapon shouldn't cost much, We literally get umbra for cheaper cost and instant (And we have beaten the war within and other quest) another say that 1000 ducats is not much, Which I still disagree, its definately alot, since you can buy 2-3 Primed Mods or 2 Baro Weapon, So its definately not cheap. But is it hard to farm? No, Maybe I'm just lazy to farm it, Maybe you guys right about it So in the end, can we just conclude that we half the Ducats required for this weapon? We get broken war for free, we get skiajati and umbra for cheap cost. and 500 ducats is the same price of baro weapons Also, regarding Currency and Resource definition, I still firmly believe that Ducat is a currency. Edit, What the person above me saying is right too, the idea that ducats is become a general resource for weapon.
  15. I have all sacrificial mods and umbral mods maxed without doing them, Whats your point. I just hate ducat farming
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