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  1. The point of a Nemesis, is for them to be after you, making them deletable not only makes the mechanic trivial, it makes acquiring the rarer items like the ephemeras as simple as deleting the ones you don't like till you have everything, which is entirely not the point of playing the game... So it's not an oversight, it's an intended mechanic that is there for the express reason to not make aspects of the game they have worked on for months or years as trivial as pulling a lever till you find what you want.
  2. Oh excellent, so I can't leave my comp on for the 3-4AM drop anymore. Great update to the system... no, no, it's my fault for being born on the opposite side of the planet to 99.9% of studios.
  3. Tencent don't care about any issues WB might have... And WB don't want to be locked out of the china market. So WB will do nothing.
  4. What they should do is allow you to choose a common item reward like Kuva or Nitain etc. as a default purchase if you still have NW credits remaining when the NW ends. As in if you have any credits left, it just auto spends remaining credits on your desired item on the end of NW.
  5. Prime look is irrelevant to me, Batgirl Prime for life.
  6. I did, sure the Mandachord could get some changes, but otherwise you're talking playstyle... You don't NEED to spam crouch... And having to do it like, once every 50s is far from spam, you're suggesting change because of the way you choose to play her...
  7. What would she need reworked? She's pretty powerful, all her powers are pretty good and they all synergise quite well... The only thing I would have liked is a Prime Mandachord, with double the segments for your tunes. Dude... You're the one making the suggestion and claim... You're the one who needs to make the points... Saying: "I have issues with X, go and find them" is ridiculous.
  8. This should answer your question: Original thread of this was posted January 27, 2018, the bug remains in game to this day, I've made 3 threads on this issue. So ultimately, no it is unlikely Operators Clan Sigil ever be fixed.
  9. Just make a support ticket: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Use "Arsenal & Inventory", Category: "MIssing equipment or Inventory" and explain the situation, what you're missing and the general date it disappeared, that's about as much as you can do, you might get it back if you do it ASAP. Maybe mention that you or your friend may have accidentally dissolved it, but you're not sure.
  10. O.O Ummm if you still can't find it, might want to hit support for that...
  11. If you remember what weapon it was for you can see it on that weapons upgrade (loadout) page, else use your mod console in your liset and just select the Riven Filter:
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