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  1. Let me introduce you to this little symbol, not that it matters because who cares about raging underdeveloped ep33n?... Not me and my closed beta icon!!! that's who not.
  2. I assume you're talking to me... Who's "changing save data"? It's not like your account would no longer exist on the stable version of tha game... And in all functionality the PTS is what we are playing right now... I'm not suggesting making a new "more-beta" game to play, I'm suggesting that the version we play right now on PC becomes the PTS, and that there is a version of the game which is the same patch as the consoles which has cross-play.
  3. Okay fair enough, I watched the clip, at 1:12:10 of the 131 Stream, they are indeed looking into cross-save/progression over all platforms. It's not impossible to do cross-play frankly I think it would be easier and also bring the communities together, it just requires some alteration to the current system, for example having a 'stable' PC version and a 'public test server' version of the game, the stable version being in line with the consoles, and the PTS version being essentially what we are playing now, ppl just copy forward their stable version into the PTS when a mainline patch comes out if they want to participate and progression is kept as the PTS version of the game eventually becomes the stable version over subsequent hotfixes.
  4. Unless you can find the clip, I'm positive that it's cross-play they are talking about doing, what other games do is irrelevant because DE are already in contract with Sony/MS and would need to 'renegotiate" or do whatever to alter the terms to allow something they have previously not been allowed to do.
  5. There are 2 concepts to be considered here, ppl get them mixed up. Cross-save: 1 account, play it on PC or Xbox or PS4 or Switch, change any time you like or migrate your account between them. Cross-play: you are locked to your platform of choice, but you can play with other ppl of a different platform, i.e. PC players trading/playing with Xbox users. Cross-save (which it seems you want), will never happen due to contractual obligations with MS/Sony, as PC has no such "contracts" there was a period of going from PC to a console, but never console to PC, essentially the consoles do not want to lose players/accounts to PC so they only allow one way migrations in the contracts. Cross-play might happen, and is what DE has talked about, but it requires some logistical hurdles because PC is always a patch or more ahead and is the testing grounds for more stable console patches. Also the tennogen aspect is another problem. There are a few ways I could see cross-play happening, but yeah, not any time soon.
  6. Thing is it's unlikely that they "spent" that amount of money, more likely they were selling Rivens/Primes/Mods, and there is only so much stuff to buy in the in-game market so you kinda build up a surplus if you're big into farming sellable items. The $4K is really the pooled accumulation of other players spending 10-500 plat each, it's not like the guy that bought the Primed Chamber could have converted that plat into cash.
  7. ... do you think I put that link in my post because I like the blue text?
  8. I don't think anyone has an issue with the loss of plat, seems that it's the lost "prestige" of owning a rare mod that is the issue here.. Which really is a bit sad that it matters so much...
  9. Dude... lighten up, it's a mod, they always said it would come back, it's still overpriced as hell...
  10. I don't even think it's worth Baro's asking price... I think I'd rather just sell the prime parts...
  11. Apparently someone paid 350,000 plat for Primed Chamber on January 9th, only for it to be available from Baro a month(ish) later. https://warframe.market/items/primed_chamber/statistics I hope they are going to be okay... Maybe they are already playing drums in Teen Spirit with Kurt by now... with a 75% discount on plat I calculate that to still be about $4,476AU...
  12. Am I just dumb or is there no mass scapping menu? When I get to 30/30 I get a menu to select a few things to scrap, but after that I need to manually go into each item type and select it then scrap it, 1 by 1? Is there no menu where I can just filter by Mk level and select it all to scrap?
  13. Yep... Every. Single. Time. I mean what the hell is up with trading atm? "Invitation cannot be sent, player is offline" (while messaging them) Relog Invite them to Dojo... They spawn in the Drydock as opposed to the designated trading room. Try to trade and you get multiple messages about the mod being attached to an item it's not.
  14. What is the bug? That a solid object blocks stuff?
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