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  1. For the extra void traces.... if you didn't gather... more Rad runs = more gold drops.
  2. Pffffffffffffffffffffftttt Mate, it's not just about essence, I buy them every month because I farm Prime parts, they are super good and worth it. It's your choice to only focus on a low drop rate item.
  3. A big portion of this games success is stuff to spend your plat on, like 'crap' for your orbiter, there is a direct correlation between additions and player base per day, what we call 'content drought' is something that comes up quite a lot, they have to make bug fixes while also making new additions, sometimes that is something like articulars, but it's all done at the same time and there are different devs that work on different things. If WF went through a few months just fixing stuff with no real content, the game would dive bomb off the top 10 steam charts. I like to think I'm reason for articulars existing, 3-4 months before they were added I questioned [DE]Steve on one of his random twitch streams if it was possible to to make noggles that copied the frames cosmetics you have in your loadout, because that was a wish I had for the game that I figured would never happen, a universal noggle that where you could 'burn' in your loadout and add it to your ship, he read out my question and pondered on it, saying it might be possible... Then somehow a few months something stunningly similar was added, but better IMHO.
  4. Ehhhhh..... Naaaaaa.... IMHO modular weapons are the real power creep in this game.
  5. Loki, max Invis, BS OP Zaw, will take you 5 minutes. Just watch out for the invis timer is all you need to do.
  6. I've never seen a WF profile that I remember, but normally if you scan for a game in the LGS it will discover a profile for you. I typically bind all my 'extra' buttons to KB keys using the 'Keystorke' command then make the same keybinds in-game using stuff like the arrow keys or number pad like so: Arrow Up / DPI+ / Ability 1 Arrow Down / DPI- / Ability 2 Arrow Left / DPI+ / Ability 3 Arrow Right / DPI+ / Ability 4 It's good as then I can have my number keys free for the gear wheel.
  7. Is this going to be a quarterly cry?
  8. ... what? I can't remember the last time I saw either of those 2 in game...
  9. What the... It's October 1st already? I must have missed the Atlas Prime patch, because I can't seem to get a good look at him and his stats... I must have an update error...
  10. The OP is talking about something much more substantial, I have a friend who has given out a few 1000 plat to ppl just for helping to smash out the planet map... He's never been flagged and I would not suspect him to be. RMT transactions would be in the 10s of thousands of plat at the least.
  11. For Reference: Ivara Prime down is an assumed date & order based on initial frame release & 3 month release period (+/- 1 week). Frame Prime Date Sex Days Between Primes Excalibur Prime 18 December 2012 M Frost Prime 3 May 2013 M 136 Mag Prime 13 September 2013 F 133 Ember Prime 20 November 2013 F 68 Rhino Prime 5 March 2014 M 105 Loki Prime 11 June 2014 M 98 Nyx Prime 24 September 2014 F 105 Nova Prime 17 December 2014 F 84 Volt Prime 25 March 2015 M 98 Ash Prime 7 July 2015 M 104 Trinity Prime 6 October 2015 F 91 Saryn Prime 16 February 2016 F 133 Vauban Prime 17 May 2016 M 91 Nekros Prime 23 August 2016 M 98 Valkyr Prime 22 November 2016 F 91 Banshee Prime 28 February 2017 F 98 Oberon Prime 30 May 2017 M 91 Hydroid Prime 29 August 2017 M 91 Mirage Prime 12 December 2017 F 105 Zephyr Prime 20 March 2018 F 98 Limbo Prime 19 June 2018 M 91 Chroma Prime 25 September 2018 M 98 Mesa Prime 18 December 2018 F 84 Equinox Prime 2 April 2019 F 105 Wukong Prime 6 July 2019 M 95 Atlas Prime 1 October 2019 M 87 Ivara Prime ~1 January 2020 F 92 Titania Prime ~1 April 2020 F 91 Nezha Prime ~1 July 2020 M 91 Inaros Prime ~1 October 2020 M 92 Octavia Prime ~1 January 2021 F 92 Gara Prime ~1 April 2021 F 90 Nidus Prime ~1 July 2021 M 91 Harrow Prime ~1 October 2021 M 92 Khora Prime ~1 January 2022 F 92 Garuda Prime ~1 April 2022 F 90 Revenant Prime ~1 July 2022 M 91 Baruuk Prime ~1 October 2022 M 92 Hildryn Prime ~1 January 2023 F 92 Wisp Prime ~1 April 2023 F 90 Gauss Prime ~1 July 2023 M 91 Codename: Grendel ~1 October 2023 M 92 Codename: ? ~1 January 2024 92
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