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  1. Give it a year or so, 15 days is far to few for something to get fixed.
  2. Walking around is not a stance... The stance is when they are idle, that is the choice you make in the selection. The walking animation is tied to the frame not the stance. This is not a bug.
  3. The ghosty whisp things on the Nekros Irkalla skin are stuck on the default blue with the new colour changes. It's also the same with the Thanatos Scyth Skin that comes in the Irkalla bundle.
  4. Just reposing an archived thread I made over a year ago... Because it's still not fixed as of v25.0.1 The Acanthus Prime armour FX when channeling shows up on the Maggor Shoulder Guards when channeling but reversed out the front.
  5. Question: Will you ever add the Nef-Anyo boss fight you said you were making like 2 years ago?
  6. ... They're costumers?? I think you mean "their customers" I mean unless they are making costumes and and don't understand that...
  7. It does seem like DE don't seem to understand the issue with the packs... Because they seem to just do the same thing over and over, I would also like to get the Kazeru Prime, but I bought Edo Prime last round... Soooooo yeah... Guess I'll just keep my money...
  8. If you have not made it past A rotation, then you don't get locked out... Sooooooo yeah.... Also, the solution, as always is join a clan, make some friends.
  9. Semlar is currently looking for feedback on his new Riven finder, if anyone wishes to provide, it's current'y still under development.
  10. I think you should just have had the bleed-out timer, and one death... means you really do need to stay somewhat close, and gives a bit of a race to save the person...
  11. I love the look of the staticor, max settings all the way #nopotato
  12. Right after we got the orbiter changes last year this was an issue for a few months, it was fixed last year, but as of v24.7.3 (I think, I only just noticed it today) it seems to have come back. Basically a bunch of movable objects in the orbiter are not being affected by shadows. Best example is the 2 following images, the "before" is how it should be, all the Anasa Ayatan Sculptures behind my Arsenal are all dark as they should be, and the Argon/Rubedo crystals on the ceiling of the left and right halls to the back of the ship are also looking as intended. The "After" is as of v24.7.3, you can see all the items mentioned stick out like a sore thumb, clearly having no shadowing effects being applied to them. Before (back before I added the Rubedo and still had neuroptic masses on the ceiling) After (v24.7.3)
  13. Cmon man, Don't post images and assume people know what the visual bug is from them alone... You need to talk about what part of, or what the visual bug is that is in the images.
  14. Both of these have been bugs for over a year...
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