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  1. Yep... Every. Single. Time. I mean what the hell is up with trading atm? "Invitation cannot be sent, player is offline" (while messaging them) Relog Invite them to Dojo... They spawn in the Drydock as opposed to the designated trading room. Try to trade and you get multiple messages about the mod being attached to an item it's not.
  2. What is the bug? That a solid object blocks stuff?
  3. I got it for free... Therefore it's not false advertising. Chill your hyperbole.
  4. I noticed that Lock and Load was not refilling my holstered ammo on my Exergis, I figured it was a change as it has only one round and takes the full 5 seconds to reload. But I just tested it on my Boar Prime with 20 Magazine and my holstered shotgun is not receiving the ammo as the mod says it should be. This seems to have become a bug within the last week as it was working previously.
  5. Because there needs to be at least a little consistent reality, a ship needs a dry dock for repairs etc, dojos are the obvious place for this anda re clan built, but each tenno has their own RJ, so they need to be crafting it themselves else new players/ppl to the clan only need to enter the clan to get a RJ. They need to contribute something, this is a game to play, not have it all given to you on a platter.
  6. Has the Dry Dock, but is missing the Crimson Branch?? Okay, still needs lots of work.
  7. I'm getting quoted a lot in this thread... 4th from the left? That would be the The Jovian Concord lotus icon.
  8. Added v26.00.0 The Old Blood. Updated v27.00.0 Empyrean.
  9. I have been making Desktop Icons for WF for a while, normally when they alter the Lotus Icon for a patch I make a new icon from whatever images I can get or sometimes just rebuild them from scratch to make it visually similar to the official one. I host the actual Icons on DeviantArt in my Gallery Figured I would just make a thread for anyone who wants to use them, else they are kind of just hidden away on my DA account. I'll keep making them and update this thread as new patches happen and they change the Lotus symbol. Click the individual icon image below to be taken to the DA page of the icon in question where you can DL () the .ico file for Windows 7-10 under the image. Or DL all icons as a .rar archive from the image at the bottom showing them all as an amalgam.
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