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  1. Yep... Every. Single. Time. I mean what the hell is up with trading atm? "Invitation cannot be sent, player is offline" (while messaging them) Relog Invite them to Dojo... They spawn in the Drydock as opposed to the designated trading room. Try to trade and you get multiple messages about the mod being attached to an item it's not.
  2. I got it for free... Therefore it's not false advertising. Chill your hyperbole.
  3. I noticed that Lock and Load was not refilling my holstered ammo on my Exergis, I figured it was a change as it has only one round and takes the full 5 seconds to reload. But I just tested it on my Boar Prime with 20 Magazine and my holstered shotgun is not receiving the ammo as the mod says it should be. This seems to have become a bug within the last week as it was working previously.
  4. Because there needs to be at least a little consistent reality, a ship needs a dry dock for repairs etc, dojos are the obvious place for this anda re clan built, but each tenno has their own RJ, so they need to be crafting it themselves else new players/ppl to the clan only need to enter the clan to get a RJ. They need to contribute something, this is a game to play, not have it all given to you on a platter.
  5. Has the Dry Dock, but is missing the Crimson Branch?? Okay, still needs lots of work.
  6. It would be cool to see other rooms, but it would mean a decent amount of time spent on the outer shell of each model as currently they do not have an outer model. It would also require a confluent completed skybox, as currently each room has its own skybox, so goodby to a lot of the cool gas cloud stuff.
  7. It's not really a fix, I mean some dojos have hours of work on the furnishing of each room, having to re-do all that is a huge part of the problem, as is the problem of anchoring rooms, meaning just to move one or two rooms you actually end up destroying a lot more.
  8. Not really an option in this case, there is a bit of a garden/obstacle course labyrinth on the floor above which is blocking the dry dock;
  9. So here we are again, another dojo room (the dry dock) that takes up multiple levels vertically. Some of us have dojos with completely furnished rooms, I purposely saved this huge space in the image below for the dry dock and yet, I can't fit it because of the room above one level up.... So what do I do, rearrange all the room with no method of doing so? Wait 2 hours for a deconstruct then 24 for each replacement while losing the hundreds of hours of furnishings doing so? Cmon DE, we need a better way to alter our Dojos when you drop a crazy huge room like this.
  10. Pfffftttt... Git gud I'll pay twice as much for a way to save me the head^%$# of trying reposition rooms in a fully build dojo...
  11. Yeah, same even my macro to type my EMail and PW in automatically is not working.
  12. I wish they were more random, like atm, it's do Adaro get Lich, farm Murmurs kill Lich, repeat... I think the method for acquiring a Lich Nemesis should be too convoluted to just farm endlessly. It's also annoying that you basically kill the Lich, but NOPE, reverse card, you're dead... They don't hunt you, you hunt them, manipulate it for maximum efficiency. The fight are pretty meh as well, Oh I've been grabbed mid combo, guess I'l go make a coffee which the animation plays out, and If I'm not in Inaros I also get face punted for a around 1000hp damage after too...
  13. So report it???? I record macro-spam players and normally get a response like: I mean that is all you can do and assume they will look into it. IF you don't bother to do it, then don;t bother posting about it here waiting for DE to magically know about the issue. Edit: If you've reported it then good, just keep doing it.
  14. shamanism... Phaedra damage... You comparisons are ridiculous, I said it before and it's more blatant here. I don't even know what point you're trying to make with your videos... That you can play Titania in the most min-max way possible to produce it's most redundant form? Again, all you're doing is fishing for reasons you don't like it, finding an aspect in another frame to compare with then saying because X-frame can do something better it's not worth it. This is the most shallow way to make builds, and if this is how you make your WFs I'm not surprised you can't find any reasons to use it. Well here is a tip: stop playing Titania. Go play your shamanism-Phaedra-zephyr-Wukong-gauss chimera that does not exist. RW does not need "progression and meaning in the game" it's not a quest, it's a single ability, this is ridiculous. I don't even use her with bosses, and an eidolon hunt is a not a litmus test how good a frame is, let alone a single ability. You might find it useless but I play my Titania with RW on 100% of the time, I typically get more kills that other players and take less damage, you can try to make all the nuance points you like, all the devoid comparisons to specific strengths of other frames you like and set up specific simulacrum tests, they don't reflect usefulness in dealing with variability of actual in-game situations.
  15. Point is it's not "just fun" as I said, if you build it right it's OP, it's an opinion that it's boring to you. More like her 1 and 3 are useless, RW and Tribute are awesome together, like I've been saying you don't know how to use her, and it's showing. Observe my Quotes: It seems you are either ignoring my comments, unable to read, or you're interrupting them in some way you've made up in your head... I've only said RW is not boring, my entire argument from the start is that it's OP, because you said it was weak, but for some unfathomable reason you have come to the conclusion that my entire point is that "it's fun"... Which actually speaks to your problem her, you find it boring but you lack any real reason it should be changed because what one person finds boring is irrelevant. As per my past comment, you find RW boring, and therefore you are making every argument you can to say that it's weak or does not fit her kit because "it's boring" is not an argument to change it, and now you're making up arguments and attributing them to me to make a point against them, which is a deceptive method and just points to the fact you don't really have any good reason to alter RW. The fact I constantly have the highest damage and lowest damage taken is enough evidence to show it's a good ability, add to that it's unique, entertaining and fits the fairy theme. All these factors make is a cool ability that remains very powerful, irrelevant of if you personally find it boring. P.S. "blocking gear" can be an opportunity if you consider building outside the normal boring crap that most of the 'grind to grind' players use.
  16. I don't think you actually know what point you're trying to make, you're jumping from power to mechanic to comparison to essentially aesthetic 'need'... I don't think you know what you don't like RW, only that you don't like it. It's there because she's a fairy and it's the easiest way to introduce a 'small mode', as it already exists via the archwing system, and I think it's perfectly fine for her and fits the frame well, it's about the only power that does, it's literally her drawcard gimmick, frankly she's boring without it and it's the only reason I bother playing her.
  17. This is so redundant, "I can do the same on X frame" means exactly nothing, Saryn and Equinox can nuke entire mobs, So what if you can do the same thing with different frames. This is not a "one frame can do X better than another frame" issue, it's if RW is "weak" or not, the ability to make you near invulnerable, do good damage and be super fast is OP as hell. You say it's weak, but if I can out damage everyone else in a mission while taking the least amount of damage, then you are simply wrong.
  18. Sorry but you must have no idea how to use this ability, or you need a better load out or something Razorwing is stupidly OP, I do most of the damage and take almost no damage in every single mission, you can stay in it indefinitely and move around at hyperspeed wrecking everything.
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