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  1. -.- I understand why they are split into the 2 existing filters in the trading UI and the difference between weapon parts and the WF BPs... My question was: No offence but an explanation on the parts and how they are filtered to get the 2 screens in the trade chat is a waste of characters, as my question pertains to why a filter is missing on the trade UI which exists in the equipment UI, NOT why they are filtered the way they are.
  2. Frankly they need a few options, the hold to channel one as you noted, plus they need a tick box in settings for a toggle... Even better would be a drop list for the 3 play styles, "Hold to...", "Toggle" and "switch off on weapon change". That would fix all issues across the board.
  3. When you're in your inventory and you're looking for a prime (non-WF) this is what you see, the "Prime Part" filter Tab: But going to trade with someone gives you these filters: Why is this major filter missing from the trade UI? I know it only saves 2 seconds, but it's more about consistency in the tabs across multiple UIs, it just makes things easier.
  4. this fix from Update 25.5.0 + has ceased working. Fixed Melee Channeling toggling off when swapping to a Primary / Secondary. Once again, switching to a primary or secondary weapon will turn off channeling.
  5. this fix from Update 25.5.0 + has ceased working. Fixed Melee Channeling toggling off when swapping to a Primary / Secondary. Once again, switching to a primary or secondary weapon will turn off channeling. 😞
  6. For Reference: (Atlas Prime down is an assumed date & order based on initial frame and most recent release + 3 month release period). Frame Prime Date Sex Days Between Primes Excalibur Prime 18 December 2012 M Frost Prime 3 May 2013 M 136 Mag Prime 13 September 2013 F 133 Ember Prime 20 November 2013 F 68 Rhino Prime 5 March 2014 M 105 Loki Prime 11 June 2014 M 98 Nyx Prime 24 September 2014 F 105 Nova Prime 17 December 2014 F 84 Volt Prime 25 March 2015 M 98 Ash Prime 7 July 2015 M 104 Trinity Prime 6 October 2015 F 91 Saryn Prime 16 February 2016 F 133 Vauban Prime 17 May 2016 M 91 Nekros Prime 23 August 2016 M 98 Valkyr Prime 22 November 2016 F 91 Banshee Prime 28 February 2017 F 98 Oberon Prime 30 May 2017 M 91 Hydroid Prime 29 August 2017 M 91 Mirage Prime 12 December 2017 F 105 Zephyr Prime 20 March 2018 F 98 Limbo Prime 19 June 2018 M 91 Chroma Prime 25 September 2018 M 98 Mesa Prime 18 December 2018 F 84 Equinox Prime 2 April 2019 F 105 Wukong Prime 6 July 2019 M 95 Atlas Prime 6 October 2019 M 92 Ivara Prime 6 January 2020 F 92 Titania Prime 6 April 2020 F 91 Nezha Prime 6 July 2020 M 91 Inaros Prime 6 October 2020 M 92 Octavia Prime 6 January 2021 F 92 Gara Prime 6 April 2021 F 90 Nidus Prime 6 July 2021 M 91 Harrow Prime 6 October 2021 M 92 Khora Prime 6 January 2022 F 92 Garuda Prime 6 April 2022 F 90 Revenant Prime 6 July 2022 M 91 Baruuk Prime 6 October 2022 M 92 Hildryn Prime 6 January 2023 F 92 Wisp Prime 6 April 2023 F 90 Codename: Gauss 6 July 2023 M 91 Codename: Grendel 6 October 2023 M 92
  7. They are not, Operator Suit and Liset Prime came with Valkyr Prime on 22 November 2016. The dates are as follows: Ash Prime 7 July 2015 Trinity Prime 6 October 2015 Saryn Prime 16 February 2016 Vauban Prime 17 May 2016 Nekros Prime 23 August 2016 Valkyr Prime 22 November 2016
  8. Mate even I can answer that one, the 3 you mention are really only relatively recently vaulted, You should be asking about Ash P. Trin P. and Vauban P. accessories before bother with Nekros and Valkyr stuff. unsure why they chose Nek over Vauban for the twitch drop, but I would assume because Vauban is the least used frame and they might want to save his twitch drop for his rework.
  9. Question! Will we ever see the Nef Anyo boss fight make it into the game? Maybe as a part of Fortuna? The concept art of him in his chair looked good, 2 years ago.
  10. "worthless"... it's like dealing with children.... And how would the logistics do with this kuva refund, should they remove kuva for a buff as well? WFs were designed to remain as they are, so when a change happens that is not part of the concept that was provided... Rivens on the other hand have always been a way of altering the usefulness of weapons given their use and general power, that was the idea and that is what you signed up for in using them, which is why you should not get anything for them being slightly altered now.... worthless... the hyperbole remains strong.
  11. False equivalency, are you going to ask for Kuva every 3 months now?
  12. No, it has been known for a while that this was the system, and even more so that this happens with every prime release now.
  13. And yet, it remains so OP it's not even funny...
  14. I have to agree with Dadam4ss... catchmoon is the one of if not the single highest damage output weapon in the game at the moment.. What are you talking about.
  15. Yeah, actually it is, it's still in the same disposition category...
  16. What is there to do? Refine builds, try something different, you have like 40 frames to screw around with, the augments nobody uses because they are seen as inferior to raw damage output, use them, most of them are actually pretty interesting, and given that your actual damage output is OP no matter what you do, you can enhance the interest and functionality of equipment, because frankly getting extra damage when you already walk through everything below level 100 is like RGB lighting for your RAM... do you need it? No you just want to show off meaningless numbers... And plat is useless as someone else said, I've had 4K for like 8 months because there is nothing to buy, I have like 27K worth of stuff to sell, but why bother when I can't eve use what I have now? Grinding for Kuva endlessly for minimal upgrades you don't need is the best way to find a boring task to burn out on, and for what? SO I can kill everything at the same speed it already dies? You need to think a little bit deeper on what there is to do and not just make pointless raw damage the only thing you focus on.
  17. Being a max rank player myself, I find that everything dies, there is no real challenge and all these "nerfs" are completely irrelevant to the fact almost everything below level 100 is cannon fodder to almost every weapon I use. If you think that riven rolling and trading is all there is at max rank frankly I think you're a bit shallow.
  18. This is the problem with being bias, all you see is 'nerfs' even though this is what the riven system was supposed to be from the start and it's dependant on usage... There is 28 Buffs vs 21 Nerfs... Yet in your inclination to always see negative things you ignore that fact to make a biased comment. Oh no, the way overpowered low level weapon without a riven, had a slight decrease in power to its riven.. talk about a first world problem, I doubt you'll even notice the difference.
  19. I have been making Desktop Icons for WF for a while, normally when they alter the Lotus Icon for a patch I make a new icon from whatever images I can get or sometimes just rebuild them from scratch to make it visually similar to the official one. I host the actual Icons on Deviant Art in my Gallery Figured I would just make a thread for anyone who wants to use them, else they are kind of just hidden away on my DA account. I'll keep making them and update this thread as new patches happen and they change the Lotus symbol. Click the individual icon image below to be taken to the DA page of the icon in question where you can DL the .ico file for Windows 7-10 from the right hand side of the page. Or DL all icons as a .rar archive from the image at the bottom showing them all as an amalgam.
  20. That is my point, it's not something to be angry about. And why? Ridiculous outrage is what will get this ridiculous topic locked.
  21. I'm going to assume OP is out of their mind having read all their posts...
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