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  1. Thank you so much! Sorry I didn't notice that was there. My bad.
  2. Hello my name is CJ and i have cerebral palsy. Because of this my muscles spasm, and Because of my muscle spasms, I need to separate actions between both my hands to be able to do pretty much any task. Unfortunately, repeatedly and accurately pressing ctrl + space + e + shift + x (and yes I know I can rebind these) is a little too much for my poor ol' left hand to handle, essentially rendering me unable to use any melee weapon effectively, and thus locking away roughly a third of the fun weapons for me. With the return of a dedicated melee mode (by holding switch weapon key) the left mouse button becomes unbound to any action, and if i was able to bind it to the melee button (only while in that mode) I could finally accurately use melee again as it seperates that task to differnet hands. (Movement on my left and attacking on my right) and if i need to use range i can simply tap the change weapons key to use my ranged weapons again. Thank you for reading! PS: I love you guys ❤️
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