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  1. I’m not sure if u sent me an invite I made a clan but I want to quit it can some one notify me about if I’m accepted
  2. IGN DECEPTIONnight MR 11 have played warframe for a while now but need a clan for a while I tryed to build my own clan but it took a lot of my own resources and time plus I was doing it as the only member so I realized the better option was to find a good active clan to play with and help
  3. IGN: deceptionnight I would like to join the Cephalon Shy clan because it seems fun to work with other players and grind out the game. I have been playing Warframe for 2 months seriously and I used to play on ps4 but I like pc much better. I hope I can join your clan :) By the way my name is Aidan I'm a video game design student in New York!!!
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