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  1. I despise the melee update entirely, the new ground slams are fine but everything else is an objective downgrade from the quickmelee system.
  2. Remove the new nullifiers ffs, we've been over this for years. Nullies need a drone to pop and should not be rechargable whether popped by sponging or by killing the drone. And they shouldn't be able to keep the bubble while teleport/charge jumping through you.
  3. Not a fan of the archwing changes at all. Removing rotation (pitch/yaw?) specifically. Was the only good thing about archwing since the perfect original movement was messed of with the "6 degrees of freedom" update that wasn't true 6 degrees and was so bad it got reverted but for some reason the horrid inertia stayed. Original movement with the rotation would be perfect.
  4. NO! Please NO! All Dex Pixia builds require Shred, Primed Shred, or a Riven. This will be a massive nerf.
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