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  1. Not remotely the same, one is a violation of another person, the other is using a product as it comes. If DE unintentionally puts out 4 catalyst alerts instead of one it is not the players responsibility to refrain from playing more than one, and it is not ok for DE to punish players for playing the other alerts.
  2. I was just elaborating what the other tenno failed to explain about how melee 2.9997 contains a significant movement nerf, although I miss the shift-crouch-glide the movement is not what I personally dislike about the change. I do not like auto-equip, if I want to take out my melee I will hold melee or use the swap weapon key. Quick melee was objectively better, you use melee when you want but when you are done it puts the equipped weapon back in your hands, many quick melee loops are better than the stances; staves and pole-arms are effectively worthless now since there is no stance that maintains forward momentum. I do not like auto block/parry, if I want to block I will block, if I want to parry I will block in the direction of enemy fire. There are too many builds and abilities that rely on taking damage for this change to be a good idea. I do not like alt-fire to channel, if channeling is going to be changed in the future than change the keybind then, not when it's function is still the same. I was used to click to channel and since channeling has not changed there is no warrant for moving the keybind, the game does not support multi keybinds so if I want channel on click it removes firing primary/secondary from click. There are some sidegrades, unintended function fixes, and subjective changes to melee, but the only real upgrade is the ground slam. Everything else (auto-equip, autoblock/parry, altfire channel) should be an optional toggles. The changes reflect a gameplay system of extended combat with individual enemies, but this isn't Dark Souls we don't spend time on single enemies. The combos reduce or eliminate forward movement as if we are supposed to be challenged by individual enemies, maybe that's the direction DE wants to go but until then we oneshot most enemies with a sneeze and the flow of combat should maintain that speed. Quick melee maintained the speed, auto-equip destroys it, I don't even equip a melee weapon anymore because of how annoying auto-equip is and how stances break movement flow.
  3. Unintended functions of ingame mechanics is the definition of exploit in gaming, it is a part of the game, using it is not hacking or cheating. It's wrong to punish someone for making use of the game's mechanics, if a function is unintended than it is the responsibility of the developers to fix or remove in an update. "Abusing" an exploit is just a form of min/max gameplay, something common in every mmo and looter. It is immoral and irresponsible of DE to take punitive action against a customer for using the product as it is.
  4. Melee block glide had more functions than aim glide. Using the sprint key while melee gliding would initiate a crouched glide no longer available, melee glide could animation cancel while aim glide is just aim glide. The loss of melee functionality effectively halves the possible distance you could travel. Most of this functionality was probably overlooked because it was unintentional but even so you can't expect the removal to sit right for players who have been using these functions for over 5 years.
  5. Fully agree, hate everything except the new ground slam. Auto equip is the worst thing to ever happen to the game. Quick Melee was better in every way possible.
  6. Remove the new nullifiers ffs, we've been over this for years. Nullies need a drone to pop and should not be rechargable whether popped by sponging or by killing the drone. And they shouldn't be able to keep the bubble while teleport/charge jumping through you.
  7. Not a fan of the archwing changes at all. Removing rotation (pitch/yaw?) specifically. Was the only good thing about archwing since the perfect original movement was messed of with the "6 degrees of freedom" update that wasn't true 6 degrees and was so bad it got reverted but for some reason the horrid inertia stayed. Original movement with the rotation would be perfect.
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