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  1. *Riven trading, can it have a 10k kuva requirement & a separate trading channel? In PS4 Rivens heavily affect market. Since PS4 has no platinum coupons 500-2100p is alot to drop on a mod & With how our trading community is going its hard to earn even half of that to ease the cost. The 10k kuva would be like how old Prime mod selling was without index. *Garuda, can her 4th be tweaked to sync with her 1st for a damage buff and can she become a high health frame with an adjustment to her passive? Currently the 100% buff Isn't high enough to add suitable damage and her 300 shield can't block enough versus heavy hitting enemies (when swarmed) to utilize the buff so possibly a damage buff towards bleeding enemies with her 4 if not high health? *Also after speaking with groups of people who used to or are currently playing warframe, can there be a revamp of the R2 tutorials(in ps4 r2 brings up a mini tutorial for the foundry, mods etc)? I've seen over the course of a year many people get overwhelmed by the game causing them to misjudge it, i think tutorials for trading, modding a weapon & where to start would be helpful to new players. Especially stuff like recommended sites to check for prices, builds, or other info.
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