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  1. The problem was that, for just the capura scene before the change where you could get extra pearls for kills, you could expect to spend about 2 hours grinding. No seriously: before this change if each round takes about five and a half minutes (including Kella talking and loading, I'm probably rounding down here), and just getting the captura scene is 1000 pearls, so with an income of 50 pearls per run the total time equals about 110 minutes, or almost two hours of solid grinding (110minutes=5.5minutesX(1000for-the-scene/50per-run)). To get all of the unique stuff, not including the floofs or the mods that you can get elsewhere, about doubles that making it a little under 4 hours of flat nothing-but-grinding, (one of the cheepest floofs makes it almost exactly 4 hours). A full set of the floofs costs about as much as everything else (not mods) combined, putting the total time at around 7.5 hours of flat grind. This is assuming a flat grind of doing nothing but this and immediately jumping into a new group as soon as you are finished, with no stops: which is completely unrealistic. This change is good, for most people it increases there potential income by about 50% (ie: they get 25 kills, which is close to the average as I have seen it (modal average, some individuals would skew the results otherwise)). So then instead of grinding for 7.5 hours they would only be going for 5 hours straight! That is... better...? But if you think that 5 flat hours grinding during a limited time event is fine than I somewhat envy the spare time you have. Also, remember, this is assuming an unrealistic level of focus. While the change is good, it really isn't enough. Let me explain by giving an example of my story. After the first few hours (not all play, since I was setting up characters, figuring out the rules, helping others to go through the missions, etc.) I was enjoying it, even if some of my friends were finding it getting old pretty fast. By the time the next hour of play passed (casual play; because I played like a normal person and not a crazed lunitic), even I was pretty well done... and I didn't even have all the warframe cosmetic rewards. Remember, for just those three things that is 850 pearls, which equils 17 runs (what would now be about 12 runs); and that doesn't include much of what I wanted to get or take into account that playing with my friends required doing the low value missions again. So the choice now was/is between what is left of a total of 5 hours straight of focused gameplay without stop or pause or relaxation, or if I approach it more relaxed I would expect to spend two or three times that amount of time. Or... I could just cheese the thing and keep up with my reading (some of it work related) at the same time and, even though I would only be going through it at the slower pace (what is left of 7.5 hours total time instead of 5, or more likely the reminents of 15 hours if I was relaxed about it), I wouldn't burn myself out on the game at the same time. At that point I was faced with the choice between "cheese it" and two forms of burnout. The good news? I'm still planning on playing the game (though not this game mode) in the near future. The bad news: I sincerely wonder if whomever came up with the prices for this event actually did the math to figure out how long people would have to be doing it (assuming normal, not-obsessive gameplay). Maybe they were balancing for the crazy people? What about everyone else, though? My final advice: Let the crazy people trade some of the stuff that they get. This will make both them and the whales happy (and give those people a reason to do their thing), and let the rewards then be balanced around more normal people.
  2. I see you didn't read what I said. So let me repeat it for you. Not affecting companions/pets is a pain, but not affecting allies means that she can never be used for high level content. Most people get to the point where they can heal themselves if they really need to enough. There are 2 arcanes, a sword mod, certain weapons, health restores, etc. What they can't do is protect objectives, especially mobile "ally" type objectives. Without that her abilities just won't fit into a carefully designed 4 man group, and likely never will. That said, I'm not sure if this is something I should be putting up here or in the bugs forum.
  3. Wisp is a great warframe, lots of fun and has some nice abilities. There is one problem though, something that will very likely eventually lead to it not doing so well in higher level content. Wisp's Reservoirs do not affect allies, only warframes, despite the description saying that they do affect allies. This may seem like a small thing till you think about her Vitality Mote specifically. This means that your warframe may be doing fine but your companion dies over and over. It means that it does nothing to help make Moas and Dogs/Cats survivable in places where they would die over and over. It means that Wisp can't be used on Sortie Defense, Eidelon Hunts, or a lot of other important high level content. And while pets and companions are useful, that last thing (the fact that she can't be used as an actual support in high level content) is what will almost certainly consign her to the pile of mostly unused warframes. This is a real shame, since I really do like using her; but if I have to choose between bringing a useful frame to high level content and bringing a fun but not useful frame... then I'm not going to force my team to have to carry me just so I can do my own thing. And this means I can't use Wisp like I otherwise would love to be able to.
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