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  1. So I think it is fair by this point to say that DE decided to take a Christmass/New Years holiday. That is fine, everyone needs some time off. Releasing Emperium right before that break, a new game mode so large and complicated that three rounds of bug fixes only scratches the surface... that is a problem. Look, we understand that certain people (content creators) blow through content and want more. But let's be honest: they treat gaming as a full time job because to them it is. The rest of us are not content creators and would greatly prefer that the game's grind and such was not balanced with content creators in mind. And releasing a half finished product before going off on what appears to be a two week vacation??? That can only result in negativity both from content creators and regular players alike. Seriously, if you had just said "we have it ready but we are waiting to release till after we take our holiday vacation and will be working on checking for bugs and balancing other things (like liches) in the meantime" than everyone would have been happy. At the very least they would be a LOT happier than they are now. As for the content creators... the more you try to give in to their idea of infinate content in an essentially linear game the worse it will be for everyone. The non content-creators won't be able to keep up and won't feel like they are moving forward. The content creators will have unrealistic expectations of what they can get out of this game and will try so hard to focus on the progression aspect of content that they will let other forms (like weapon demonstrations and mechanics discussions) fall to the way side. Of course this is me giving DE the benefit of the doubt, assuming that they were feeling pressured by content creators to put out a rushed product rather than assuming that they simply didn't realize the unfinished state that the content was in. If I'm wrong in making this charitable assumption, than I'm wrong, but I would much rather assume the best rather than a level of incompetence. As for content creators... there really is no good solution other than to force them to slow down. But if you do that than you need to remember that the mechanics that are used to prevent their runaway progress need to be removed once other players start trying to catch up. I have friends who played 3 and 4 times a week for hours at a time and at least a month who never maxed out their standing on the open worlds because they capped their standing when they tried to focus on it and eventually just gave up trying to catch up at such a slow pace. The mechanic that worked well to prevent runaway growth at the beginning now works to prevent legitimate catching up by newer players. The same has happened in Emperium. I've had friends for whom waiting on their ship took so long now that it is out and exciting that they kinda gave up (especially with the "weekend gamer" groups). Perhaps the grind to get the best parts is legitimate now that this is the new thing, but I can already tell you that none of my core group of RL friends who play will grind the multiple dozens of hours it can take to catch up. They just won't. Furthermore it isn't reasonable to expect that from them, especially when talking about older content (like Cetus). They SHOULD be playing for the fun of it with "catching up" being a byproduct, but when that becomes the goal than issues arise. Or, in more complicated terms: keeping people around longer by utilizing long periods of grind is abusing the "Sunk Cost Fallacy" which is not a good way to keep western players interested because expected returns are low due to the fact that comparative advantage is being handed over to other alternatives (with "other alternatives" being synonymous with "other games") for the goal of "fun". For those needing longer play-times for game-external reasons (like content creators) their situation is so divorced from normal play and the experiences of normal players that special note must be given to ensuring that neither focus is lost, that of normal players on "fun" and that focus geared toward those with other important factors that other types of people may have. Back to the common speak, I understand why content creators are important for a game company. They are advertisement that gets the player base excited about what is going on and keeps a lot of behind the scenes things going... all without having to be directly paid for it. But in the end people play because the game is fun and rewarding in some way that they don't get in real life. Real life people don't get to be space ninjas, and Warframe provides that. Real life people don't get to be Space-Pirates, and Emperium should be perfect to provide for that. But real life people don't want to waste dozens of hours doing exactly the same thing over and over and over on the off chance that they will get that one thing that they need or because you have to do so to reach an arbitrary number that impedes progress, and turning the game into that will only hurt people's level of "fun" they get from it.
  2. Just putting this here where it is far enough down that only people who are already looking at this can see it. Apparently if you leave mission you keep the rewards that you have gotten up to that point in the mission. So if you hop onto someone else's ship, head to the back to clear their payload, and then immediately leave... And yes, it has happened to me in game... though it is less common now that going to the Dojo automatically clears everything.
  3. So I'm not sure what of this has been mentioned, but there are quite a few bugs right now and other things that need to be fixed. Don't take this in the wrong way, I'm happy for the update, but issues need fixed and these are a few of them. If I'm repeating things that others have said, than take that as a mark of how important they are. There are a few things that others likely have not mentioned. Rank 1 Engineering only works on hull fractures and hull ruptures; not on fires, electrical breeches, or ice; those it takes just as long to put out as normal. The various increased output ranks aren't working either, and instead the rank 9 "increased refined" rank (which is way too high up on the tree to be useful) is working at lower levels. I'm not sure what else might not be working right, since some stuff is eisier to test than other things, but it might be a good idea to test everything to make sure. Maybe things got changed around and the upgrade screen just isn't showing the ranks at the right places? If that isn't it than I have no idea what could be going on. So, you have a limit of 30 damaged components AND a limit on the repaired components?!?!?! And nothing to tell you how many complete components you can have or what counts against that limit? No place to see the scrap that is counting against that limit either? No way to check if reparing something removes it from that first limit or if it forever counts against it or when exactly it is removed? No way to increase the number of damaged component slots? And the number of complete component slots (not counting the starter stuff that you can't get rid of) seems to be 8, barely more than what it takes to outfit all your slots with very little room for experimentation or changeovers? And, again, even THAT had to be found out by experimentation? The limit of 30 should be fine, allowing people to buy more if they want to go longer between clearing it out, but at LEAST DOUBLE the number of repaired component slots. Also, put a place on our Equipment->Inventory menu to see both the damaged components and completed components. This is especially important for new players, those who haven't gotten into a clan with a dry-dock and/or who haven't built their ship yet, because without this access they have no way of knowing or dealing with overfilling their damaged component limit. I personally know a couple people who refused to play Empirum for a while till their ship finished because they didn't want to risk overfilling their damaged components limit; that should never happen. Moving on (and speaking of moving on), when the host disconnects it can make the mission unbeatable because the secondary objectives pop back up (like take out the base commander) but the level leaves those things that must be done to complete those objectives as finished... and since you can't do it again you can't clear the objectives to complete the level. Also the end of mission reward screen is REALLY wonky. It can sometimes be a mission behind if multiple missions are done in a row, or just show nothing. Going straight back from a mission to the Dry Dock can sometimes have no rewards from that last mission, but go back to the orbiter and you can see that your Intrinsics are now updated and going from your orbiter to your Dojo and then to your Dry Dock does update. Also, you can't go straight to your Dry Dock from the Emperium mission select screen anymore. Not sure why that disappeared, but I could swear that it worked before. I'm not sure if there are supposed to be house components for the Munitions, but if so they aren't dropping. Gunners everywhere will thank you if you find a way to smooth things out as the pilot jukes around, loosing missile locks and dodging and such. You can time your shots with some weapons (ie: Cryophon) to make this a non-issue, but beam weapons are near unusable if the pilot is active. Giving the gunners some greater level of autonomy, such that their entire game isn't pretty much "mouse only" would probably be good. Like make the gunners into range-from-Railjack-restricted fighters or something. Not sure how difficult that would be to implement, but it would solve a lot of issues with gameplay with one solution. Amesha is the only Archwing that can survive this game mode. Itzal might have a chance if it goes invisible and has access to its teleport back (which would give it a niche as fast and stealthy). As for the rest, they are completely unusable in this game mode. Even the Itzal, now that it has that stupid tether thing that forces you to ram into walls and have to recover or pulls enemies to ram into you and kill you from the ramming damage, is currently unusable (please give it the teleport back). It may even be the worst option for Archwing in Empirium. Eltryon has no way of dealing with the fast moving enemies or to survive their damage and a dead archwing is worthless in a fight. Odonata has that nice shield which SHOULD work great against oncomming fire from the front, but because it doesn't work against area damage (like explosions) it does nothing... and it can't take a hit when an attack does get around... So if you are forced to choose between one archwing that can survive and three that very much can't, is there any real choice? The issue isn't Amesha, the issue is the lack of options that the other Archwings have. Give Odonata and Eltryon a panic button to clear not only homing but also targeted fire, and give back Itzal it's teleport (which would give it a "panic button" against fire as well). Give the Odonata a front facing shield that works against ALL fire. Give Eltryon a homing missile option for its 1 and some sort of crowd clearing or crowd CC option for its 4 (something other than a more powerful version of its 1 that costs four times as much). Finally, ensure that all archwings can take at least 3 seconds of sustained fire from a multiple (at least a couple) enemies so that they can be trusted to take into combat. For Fashion Frame (er, Ship...) there are a couple issues where your Glyph can't be moved and the Wear and Tear slider can sometimes revert to full if it is either the last or the only thing that you change. Weird glitches, but important for end-game. 😉 Also there is a limit to the name length that is not shown and the name seems to be disappearing as well. Why??? It may not be a priority, but it is something to look into eventually. On the end of mission screen Avionics really really should be listed under the "Mods" section, allowing us to see what is new and what they do. This both would make the whole end of mission screen less cluttered in the first section and more useful overall. If we need to go out and farm asteroids for materials (ie: Titanium) like this is a free-roaming mission on the Plains of Eidelon or something than having to hope that our team (ie: the host) doesn't want to leave immediately after mission completion is a bad way to do it. There are further issues here with how people get rewards when leaving early, both good and bad, but I'm not going to say too much because some of them can be ripe for abuse... Speaking of, the one mod that forces tenno back to the ship with no way to stop it (you know the one) is without redeeming quality as it is currently designed. I have never once seen it used to positive effect. Double the duration before it goes off (once it is activated till it pulls you) and let people opt out through some means that is directly explained when it is used; or just remove it form the game. It can be useful with some tweaks, but the current form is a problem. Mission diversity. Kill 30/60/90 small ships and x number of large ships... every... single... time... Doesn't matter if you have other objectives, those never change. Doesn't matter that you have to do hundreds of missions, you can always expect to spend a large chunk of every mission grinding your ships face into those enemies over and over and over. We have different mission types in regular missions for a reason. Don't get me wrong, I like the Empirium gameplay, but this can border on monotony without something to change it around. At the very least reduce the number of enemies you have to kill when there are secondary missions in play. Finally: IN GAME TUTORIALS (use them)!!!! I can't say this enough. And always make sure there are ways to know what things are and what you are doing. There needs to be somewhere easily accessible in game to look up stuff you need to know about how things work. Such as, how does upgrading your avionics grid work? Components, what and how? How do Battle and Tactical Avionics work? In mission, if you don't recognize the tactical avionics icon and already know what they do, than there is no real way to figure it out short of either distracting the host from playing the game to ask, opening up a wiki page to go look it up on your own rather than helping out the team, or just try it and waste Flux Energy on the experiment. Even if you do know, they might be too low level to do what you want it to do. Put a label under it, please, and let us see and hover over the icons on the Tactical menu so that we can both know what they do and know if it is upgraded enough to matter in the mission. All in all, I like the new game mode; both Railjack and the updates to Archwing as they are now (with the exceptions mentioned above). But, well, it is a work in progress and I don't think anyone was expecting a completely new game mode, almost to the point of being a new game type, to work out perfectly from the start. I look forward to every update as it happens, and thank everyone at DE for the work and effort they have put into this game!
  4. The idea from DE is pretty obviously to turn this into a resource sink, which will result in people refusing to create the things out of those resources if they are needed for progression and defeats the purpose if those resources are not needed for progression. The issue goes farther than most people realize. Immagine starting out with your new ship and having people pop into your game and then immediately abort out because they see you haven't bought the shield upgrade and they know that means that lots of fire-extinguishers will be needed, leading to less rewards. This might not be an issue if the resources are not gating progression and people are running the missions for rewards that aren't being used for buying the consumables, but then that unfairly targets the new players who don't have a stockpile and can't run super high level missions to refill those resources (and again, it defeats the purpose of a resource sink). The reason this doesn't become an issue with restores is that the cost is trivial at high levels of play and the use of them is essentially a luxury rather than a necessity. Not having the ship explode under you from damage taken is not a luxury, it is a necessity. At low levels, when restores are unavalable, it is basically impossible to die on most missions if you are paying attention at all and willing to back off for your shields when you get low. At low levels, depending on your pilot, it is very possible for one person to throw the ship into the middle of a horde and force a mission failure if someone doesn't fix the ship (and in doing so let the bad pilot think that their "Leroy-Jenkins" approach works). In essance this issue of the problems of working with others and getting around the stupid things that they do is why there is so much focus on solo play... especially in mission types like spy where one or two persons can ruin things for everyone. In most of the game that isn't an issue because one powerful and coordinated person can do everything themselves and the extra background support and extra rewards that having more people in party brings makes up for the added difficulty. But when a single player HAS to rely on allies? When they CAN'T do it themselves and will actively loose time or rewards when a bad player gets matched with them? I can easily see this becoming one of the most frustrating and matchmaking RNG dependent things in the game.
  5. Also, apparently the title line turns "%" into "/". So there is that as well...
  6. So I was trying to figure out the bonus damage percentages on my weapon and discovered that the figures given on the weapon upgrade and the primary loadout screen are wrong, according to the weapon switch screen (and vice-versa). Sadly this makes figuring out the exact % of bonus damage on the weapon tricky. Having the % listed out somewhere would be nice, but having identical numbers in the various places where it is listed is more important so that figuring it out manually would be possible. All all of the base numbers in the weapon upgrade and primary loadout screen are reduced from the weapon switch screen's numbers by about 5% across the board, but not for mele weapons. Any bonus damage values or values based off of the base damage (such as non-base damage with secondary firing modes, like with the Kuva Ayanga's blast damage) seem to be unaffected. Looking through with a different weapons it seems that the base numbers listed on the weapon switch screen are correct, as that makes more sense with my attempts at converting the bonus damage numbers to a percentage, but that is yet another thing to look at with this issue. This issue seems to be true of all the Kuva weapons I have checked so far (barring the one mele weapon, the Kuva Shildeg), but does not seem to be affecting any non-kuva weapons.
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