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  1. Not related to land craft appearance. BUT these decoration's new texture is not good, they look like shiny candy wrappers instead
  2. Not just that, even decoration textures. These looks like candy wrappers
  3. Orbiter Doors Bug, and Missing Texture DE. would love to get them checked out. Its becoming a burden telling people how to clip through the doors that won't open, and seeing missing textures around the ship
  4. Orbiter doors won't open for other player whom you have invited to your orbiter. Of course, me and my region buddies have found a way to get in the room. You simply jump slide to clip through or perform a drop kick on the top section of the door. Even tho it won't open for them. Along with the Bugged Door there are missing textures in the Operator room. The Somatic Link Chair texture is also missing from the screens of other players except for the host.
  5. Are you guys Aware of the Orbiter Doors not opening for other players in your ship and somatic link Chari texture missing for other players in your ship also
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