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  1. Fascinating. -1 viable companion. You also copied the "status pulse" from Mecha set into Helminth because it was bugged and didn't just copy status effects but continously re-applied them. Did you fix that too? Will it be one of those "stealth fix you didn't ask but we did it" kind of deals? At this point I'm just wondering how much of my arsenal will become, as a certain character says IRRELEVANT once I login in after a few months of not playing the game. You do realize that by nerfing Blood Rush AND Deconstructor, you just made even MORE of non-meta melee less viable. What do you want? More riven mod usage? You're not balancing a damn competitive shooter. Your game is not that complex. Stop removing player attempts to diversify gameplay JUST to slightly reduce strength of the 1% of players that are already on the top. This is all a joke at this point.
  2. Good for you. I'm one of the people that disliked the glass bits.
  3. I think devs addressed that and now she won't EVER lose them, or something like that.
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