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  1. huh, the school that was designed to counter the enemies prevents fishing....not sure if that's comical or sad, haha
  2. I just tried now and for some reason now it is running correctly, as for the previous questions, I haven't mined anything, no fishing, gear....(you mean the item wheel or my weapons? I'm afraid I didn't quite get it...), focus tree was Vazarin (what it has to do with it...?) and as for images, my steam overlay stopped working so I wasn't able to take any snapshots, though, I doubt it would have been of any use. Not sure why it happened, but it sure was awfull....
  3. ummm....not wanting to be rude, but I did the missions in the plains many times, I even mentioned up above and in fact, I know that it is supposed to be harder than regular missions, what I found odd was that the previous times the grineer always started out on level 45 even on the plains and now the aren't, what I wanted to know was if the last hotfix messed up something on either the spawnrates or the scalling....
  4. Hi, just recently I was running a few bounties on Cetus, usually those of level 45 - 60, and I couldn't help but notice that right off the bat, grineers of level 60 spawned on the first stage of the bounty and their spawn rates and damage seemed to be awfully high compared to the previous runs that I did solo, could you please take a look when possible? Thank you, if anyone can confirm this problem, I thank you too
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