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  1. Codename Havok: This putrescent Warframe absorbs ailing conditions to become a living bomb. Once a healer in the Old War, its abilities have warped over time into a cruel imitation. The idea of this Warframe is to put a spin on support and tank abilities, inspired by frames like Harrow and Garuda in making sacrifices. Instead of having an ability that makes you invulnerable, Havok summons a spawning pod for a duration and can continually spawn from there on death. You'll need to be strategic where you place the pod however as your life-force is tied to it. If it's destroyed you are permanently killed and will need to use a revive. While the pod is not active you will go to the usual downed state and your allies can get you back up. Havok's other abilities tie into encouraging an aggressive and reckless playstyle. 'Putrid Feast' doubles the status effects on you and absorbs them from surrounding allies, making you a host for all these conditions. From there you'd be able to use 'Return to Sender', processing these effects into a projectile and clearing yourself of them (inspired by Grendel and tar mutalist moas). Or to use 'Witness Me' triggering a self detonation based on the damage you've taken, combining the idea of the infested volatile runner and Harrow's Covenant.
  2. Jaws of Oblivion [Verse 1] We ride upon the solar rails, to war we go, in to the breach. We ride with our spirits high, the Shawzin's call dost fortify. Quellor stowed, and Pennant sheathed, at battle stations, patiently await the time when we arrive. Begin the fight for all our lives. [Chorus] Ready crew, we heed the call to bravely go ev' if we fall to the jaws of oblivion, where our spirit shall live on. Through unity, our forces strong tenacity will take us far to the jaws of oblivion, where our spirit shall live on. [Verse 2] From the void the heralds came, on horizon brewed a vengeful storm. Clanging of the watcher's bell sent out the call, to us to tell our brothers and our sisters to take up arms, to form the crew. Engines fire in cacophony. What dread awaits for us to see. [Repeat Chorus] [Refrain][Note: Sung roughly half the speed.] Forge's fires rage constantly, to build the arms in dire need Booming of the battered hull Shields depleted, protection null. Looming over, last we see, twisted maw of Sentient breed. Though we perish, not all is lost. For our spirits, shall live on! [Repeat Chorus][Note: Final chorus starts by overlapping with "on!"] Where our spirits shall live on. Extra notes in spoiler!
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