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  1. A journey through chaos, hope, and despair. Inspired by Max's VO for Ballas, Baruuk's SFX/VFX, and atmospheric/darksynth music. Best of luck to everyone, and enjoy!
  2. Just chiming in that I had a similar issue. Was doing an Arbitration mission and completed the elite weekly (5000 points). When checking my points for Nightwave it said I was at 10650/10000, I didn't think much of it at the time, assuming it didn't put me in to a new tier since I was still in mission. Died at a later time and left the mission. After completing a normal weekly (3000 points) when I checked my points I was still in the same tier but with 8650 points. So somewhere between those I lost the 5k Elite weekly points. Possible triggers: Multiple Host migrations (I was the last player standing in the mission), "failed" mission (died instead of extract. I did keep my Vitus Essence though), having points over the 10k threshold. The challenge does show as completed though, so hopefully the missing points will be able to be detected.
  3. I'm enjoying Nightwave quite a bit! I've already been able to pick up a helmet I was missing, the rewards look like a lot of fun but not end of the world if missed* (I'll talk about that more later though), and the fact that dailies stack up to 3 days makes it much more relaxed in case I don't have time to play that day. I like the idea of the episodic updates, it adds some extra life and context to the game world and I imagine it's much easier to do than something like a full on quest. It's also nice that it brings you back to content you might not have played in a while, like the Clem weekly or Derelict vaults. As for feedback: Voice Lines I'm loving Nora as a character, and can't wait to see more of her and how we interact with her in future. However I would suggest ordering the magnitude of her dialogue, it's a tad silly when I open a few lockers and she's praising to the solar system of how much of a badass I am. It would also help reduce fatigue of hearing those repeatedly and keep them for special challenges. For dailies and even most weeklies, having simple lines like 'Good on you, Tenno. Job well done' , 'That about wraps it up. Nice one, Dreamer'. Or what have you. Endurance Challenges I was surprised to see these to be honest given how much has been said against "Diaper Endless missions" and structuring content so people don't feel they have to play for 2 hours straight just to get any decent rewards (while still offering endless modes for those who want that). I'm all for adding challenge, however super long missions like that end up being dull for the first 40-50 minutes, then the final 10 minutes can get interesting when enemies actually pose more of a threat. I think it ends up highlighting more issues than it should: enemy scaling, how powerful players are, host and connection instability, and lots and lots of standing around. Every other mission type has you moving forward, even if some of the tileset repeats you still know you're moved further into the mission. And in the end, I personally didn't feel like it was an "elite challenge" that I overcame, was just like a regular mission but way longer than I'd like. What was challenging however was doing the Clem mission survival which was more like 10 min, but the Wolf showed up and put up a real fight! I frantically had to break off from the fight to get life support and balance fighting him and staying alive. My suggestion would be to convert endless mission challenges to cumulative instead of being a single sitting. That way people could do 1+ hours in one sitting, or several chunks over the week. Eventually, maybe for the next Nightwave story and beyond, having a good look at how these types of missions operate would go a long way to providing greater challenge without having to resort to endurance runs. They need a wrench thrown in the works, and the perfect candidate for that (at least for this season) is the Wolf and the convicts. Having the mission be more like 30 min instead of 60, but with the Wolf stomping around possibly destroying life support towers (like Kuva Survival, it could still give some air but less than the normal 30%). Some kind of intermediate threat that warrants your attention beyond just shoot guy, get life support. It's an entire discussion in of itself but in general I believe a lot of players like to vary up their gameplay and having potentially the only time you have that day go to one mission isn't going to feel great. Especially when it awards the same amount of points as other challenges that can be done in multiple stages. You could increase the amount of points it gives, but again, I'd rather do more challenges than a single one worth more. Returning Content and Reward Tracks I know there are players who cling dearly to any form of exclusivity, but from my experience in other games, I wouldn't want to ever fully bar new players from accessing the same things I have. I just happen to be able to play while this season is out, nothing special. Anyone new will still have to earn their reward, but at least they have the ability to do so. I hope these Nightwave missions are a kind of timed exclusivity, in that you have to be a part of it while it happens at first but down the road there will be some way to access it again. I'd use Guild Wars 2 as an example. At launch they put out update after update for their living world. However if you missed it, it was gone forever. It was not until season 2 they made the right choice of having them be permanent missions in the game and could be replayed at any time. While they didn't bring back the events themselves, through new events players were able to earn many of the old items from those early days. GW2 also has an interesting system of reward tracks for their PVP modes, allowing those players to earn the same rewards if they're not interested in PVE content. In future, Nightwave could offer a similar reward track allowing players to pick from various seasons and have their progress count towards that. Especially since there is the prestige mechanic, players could complete their current season then choose to make some progress on a previous season they didn't get to complete. I can't really comment on new player experience but hopefully that's where the 60% completed comes in to play and that they'll have enough daily and weekly missions to still get them to the end. I think this is an exciting step forward and offers lots of potential for interesting new mechanics, revitalised old content, and world building!
  4. An emote that matches the classic nartas that players can do with the moa imitating the Tenno spins and poise. At least to the best of ability that a moa can do! Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Congrats to everyone involved! A real honour to be picked among so many great entries!
  6. "We're survivors, you and I. While the masks we wear may be broken, they are no less beautiful, yes? Sho lah!" Swazdo lah, Tenno! This was an incredibly fun project to work on with the opportunity to personally build upon the Ostron's story. The idea behind the mask the beauty of imperfection and how despite all their hardships, Nakak is still able to face the world with optimism and hope. I like to imagine as she goes about her day, she spots forgotten pieces left behind as parts of the Orokin tower are dismantled and carted around. She takes them home, cleans them up, and has a special box for all the shiny trinkets. With a little help from Hok (okay, with a lot of help from Hok) she was able to bind some of these pieces together to form a mask in the likeness of the Unum's tower. Backed with painted driftwood from the shore, and lined with cloth recycled from an old salvage balloon. It was important to make sure the mask feels hand crafted and recycled. Much like a raider in the apocalypse wears tires for pauldrons and a stop sign for a chest plate, the Ostron reuse what they can regardless of its original purpose, creating the unique look of sleek Orokin design adorning more primitive tribal attire. Best of luck to everyone!
  7. Had to keep it simple with limitations of what I could record, but that helped keep it grounded since the idea is that this would be made in to a statue after all. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Titania is my baby and most played frame so I'm glad she's getting looked at at least but I feel there is a little more needed out of these buffs. Spellbind: Great ability for quick CC as well as status clear. QOL: Hold the 1 key to cast on self. It can be pretty awkward having to aim at somewhere on the floor hoping the ability would trigger when you need to clear status, this is especially evident when in Razorwing as you probably have no nearby enemies or surfaces to cast on. QOL: Castable while moving. Several Warframes so far have received the welcome upgrade of being able to cast while moving, and newer frames like Garuda have that by default. Her casting animations usually involve her floating in the air anyway so they would not need to be changed, just unlock movement while doing so. QOL: More of a sidenote addition, this would also work when playing Oberon too, but add some kind of toggle to see what status effects are on our teammates. It would be nice for those who like playing a support role and can keep our squad clear of debuffs. Tribute: Not the best ability in the world, this is just a tribute. This was always a difficult ability to see if it was working or not (in regards to Dust), and having to hunt down specific enemies for certain buffs isn't great. Only needing one soul for the 100% buff helps mitigate that search as well as offset the energy cost but it still needs more. I feel like Tribute could be transformed in to her "core" ability that not only provides several buffs, but could also be used to augment her other abilities. At the moment there are 4 buffs, so there is no point recasting it until one of those needs refreshing. Instead Titania could be collecting souls much like how Nidus collects mutation stacks, encouraging continued use of the ability and spending of this unique resource. She now has the buffs immediately at her disposal, much like Vauban mines or Ivara's quiver. Let's talk about buffs: Dust: Reduces accuracy by 50%. Hard to tell if it's working but fine as is. Thematically works as an agile character, avoiding hits rather than blocking them. Thorns: I rarely see damage reflection being worth it in most games, not just Warframe, as it requires getting hit which is something I'm trying my best to not let happen. In a PVP environment sure, but in PVE we are up against enemies that are much tougher and do more damage than us so it's just not viable. It could find a home with frames like Inaros or Nidus who are constantly taking health damage, but not Titania. Also if I have dust active enemies are going to be hitting me less, and if their CC'd by Spellbind or Lantern then they're not hitting me anyway. Thorns would be replaced with the ability buff/super charge I mentioned earlier should Tribute be changed in that way. If nothing else, at least add some kind of Vampiric/Siphon element to it. Rather than just doing 50% damage back, that damage is siphoned to Titania and her squad back as health. This wouldn't be designed to replace dedicated healing frames but could give you those precious seconds to potentially get out of harms way. Entagle: Again, fine, but it would be nice to have this on demand rather than having to hunt for the right enemy to get it. Full Moon: I'm glad that this has been extended to Razorflies as companions/sentinels are currently hidden when going into Razorwing. Something that I'm enjoying with recent frames is how abilities feed in to each other, it's much more active and satisfying when you can make the best of those synergies. I think Tribute would be a great candidate for this kind of design, I mean she's already collecting the souls of her enemies! There is potential there for something really cool and I love the idea of you getting an ever increasing pool from fallen foes. Much like how it's satisfying to build Nidus' mutation stacks, or build Gara's Splinter Storm to ludicrous damage. Lantern: Great on paper, bad in practice. My first experience with Titania I remember being very confused as to where my Lantern target went despite the ability still being active. That sinking feeling when one day I looked up and saw the target at the top of the skybox I said "oh.... so that's where it went". I've lost track of how many teammates who don't know what the ability is just empty entire magazines into it forcing it to float away. For 75(!) energy having the enemy ping off immediately at the slightest breeze rightfully has lead a lot of people writing this ability off. Not to mention that even if it does happen to stay in place, the charm effect can be pretty wonky. I've been killed by enemies who are clearly glowing and walking towards the lantern who then snap around to shoot me, then go back to walking towards the lantern. It doesn't matter how many enemies we can Lantern at once if they all float away and better tethered targets means nothing when there is no tethering to begin with. As suggested several times before, the Quanta alt fire cubes have a rapid fall off in movement until they stop completely and could be used as the basis for how the Lantern target is affected. Better yet, get rid of the physics all together! Spellbind is the chaotic CC whereas Lantern is about strategic area lock down. Now that Garuda has been released, it would be better to have Lantern work more like Blood Altar where they are locked in to place when the ability is cast on them. They visually float up off the ground a few metres or so but have no other movement than that. Razorwing: Incredibly powerful and fun to use. However with the lower energy pool it's often a choice between casting abilities or staying in Razorwing, usually people pick the latter (especially when Tribute and Lantern aren't worth casting given the cost). A boost to energy might help encourage using her entire kit more regularly. The vacuum is a welcome addition to help with health and energy pick ups. QOL: Razorflies need to replenish over time, either on a timer or synergy with Tribute in that a soul converts to a Razorfly. Holding the 4 key replenishes them all at once at the cost of (base) 25 energy. At the moment it's really clunky to have to drop out of Razorwing then reenter it to get them back so a replenishing mechanic would help keep the flow of combat. I'm on the fence about pets being active or not. At least they're made invulnerable in its current state because there is the risk that if they were able to roam around freely that would just increase their chance of getting killed. I feel like if pet AI was improved to not sit around in pools of damage then I'd have more confidence in the system but until then I'd prefer them to still be alive when I drop out of Razorwing. I appreciate that Titania's getting looked at regardless, these are some nice additions to be fair but hopefully these suggestions spark a discussion for developing them further!
  9. Loving the Fortuna update so far! My question is: will the base capture mechanic be expanded on further once we progress the Solaris United story? If anyone remembers the game called Freedom Fighters, it had a great level mechanic where you got to choose which type of base you wanted to take over which affected the other levels. Let's say the choice was barracks, helipad, and armory. If you took over the helipad first, air support would be reduced but the barracks would field more soldiers and the armory would give them better equipment. Players could strategise which threat they were more confident dealing with in order to weaken another. Orb Vallis is set out perfectly for this with transport hubs, farms, research stations, etc. It would add to that sense of permanence as your actions are having a direct impact on the map, and make it really feel like an uprising! Either way, looking forward to what's next!
  10. I'm proud to present my (theoretical) feature film: The Blighted Grove. Set during the Old War, the film explores an Orokin colony in its desperate attempt to survive the nightmare unleashed upon it, the horror now known as the Infested.
  11. A few new pieces to add for consideration! Have an earlier post in the thread too with some older pieces. Operator and Umbra (Calvin and Hobbes): Fresh Grineer clone: Human Khora:
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