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  1. "everyone melee" um...what? You could've just been polite about this whole thing uwu but maybe I pulled a nerve of some sort? Sorry. I'm honestly just toying with you. I'm still new to this whole forum posting thing, so you've got me there. I honestly don't know how to post on 'Feedback' anyway. As in, I doubt my ramblings like this are gonna qualify for feedback if my topics just upset people. If I do post on there, I want my threads to be constructive, with images, links, etc. You know, presentable. Worth talking about. The reason I even started posting on here is simply, if I'm clueless about what's happening with the development of the game, even if everyone else, including you, must know about, I want to be in the know, you know? Even if the answers are dead in the face, and I happen to miss it somehow. Ironically, I was hoping I'd get feedback for topics at some point. I guess I just took your "crap" as a threat. Again, I'm sorry for sounding like some guy who can't handle a disagreement. I hope I can create more appealing topics soon.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! This gives me a basic rundown on what I hope to expect in...well maybe once they announce some of this stuff at tennocon. Hopefully.
  3. Who ever said it had to be the strongest lol I just said it needed a buff to hold out in endgame along with some of the recent weapons added to the game. No need to be upset, or make up words to invalidate what 'argument' you thought you had, kid.
  4. I'd add Kuva Scaling. Nuff said. Jk. I'd make the kuva fortress drop kuva in EVERY node. Either the enemies drop a small amount, or the missions themselves, so players aren't forced to go to survival to gain a hardly large enough amount of the space boba. Get started on a massive warframe update oriented around nearly every warframe getting a lookover, determining their place in the game, if they're actually viable warframes that feel fun and aren't pushed down to a low tier because of their previous inability to accomplish the tasks of better suited frames, based on their abilities. Update warframes that clearly need a buff or rework in some way. Something like "The Resurgence" update or something.
  5. Where's your argument, hmm? Reasoning? Are you just having a bad day?
  6. So we aren't at melee 3.0 yet, huh? So was I right to think that every melee in the game would have their stats changed in some way? Because as I see it, all they added were more vfx, directional slam, and a hidden channeling function that still is kinda garbo. They even showed a berserk kinda ability you're supposed to do with your warframe. Is 3.0 just being DElayed again?
  7. This is more of a question than a discussion. Are prime exalted weapons like Mesa prime's pewpews or Excalibur prime's swoosh shwoom better versions of their tenno counterpart versions? I'd hope so, but I'm not on to check. Not that I have excalibur prime, btw. I'm just talking in general, considering how Wukong prime was leaked already. I'm hoping his monkey sized 'pole' has some stat variety. If the answer is no to this, should there be stat changes to prime exalted weapons? Make them really 'prime'?
  8. I mean...why? I think they should just add better stances, or improve the combos. The scythes in the game are the problem. Their damage falloff once maxed to the limit.
  9. That's why I made this topic in the first place. I want it to be great. I want DE to recognize it's potential. They could be so creative, adding some kind of perk to it that makes people want to use it for fun. What most prime weapons should be, I think. Weapons of Orokin design. Perfect in their opinion. Essential. Inevitable.
  10. Stalking fan. All you do is either move forward, spinaroo, hope it does what it looks like it's doing, aka shred the enemy to pieces, fail, or hold back, leap towards an enemy, fight with melee lock-on to target your enemy, and just do the move I mentioned before. Or...could just spam quick melee. I guess.
  11. Never heard this before. Geez, how do I move this discussion to where potentially a DE employee can present this, or just any topic I come up with in general? Or are my topics just not noteworthy enough to be viewed there?
  12. I probably should've mentioned the stats. I ended up making a synopsis of how I felt about it. But yes, everything you said is how feel. It needs a drastic lookover. That's what melee 3.0 is supposed to be, right? I thought every single melee in the game would have their stats changed in some way. Every one. Yet, I think we're still at 2.99. Maybe. Idk.
  13. Like laughing or actually? Sorry I suck at wrapping up my long paragraphs.
  14. No one talks about this weapon. I've despised it ever since riven mods came out in this game, since, believe it or not, this was one of the first riven mods I've ever obtained in this game, if not the first. I didn't like it. 5 forma. Full potential. Without and with a riven slapped onto it. Sure, aesthetic purposes, it achieves the 'reaper' feel nicely. Even more so with the nekros deluxe reaper skin. But I deleted that riven, sold it, got rid of it a long time ago. Now, with the BS that is rng and arbitration reward costs, I got another useless Phaedra riven, which I don't like using at all since I was hoping for literally any other archgun. Point is, I transfused it with 3 other rivens I had, and wadaya know? Reaper prime riven...again...this time, I'm prepared. I'm MR 22 now. I have hope that someone out there can finally buff this weapon, to a point where it gets the love it deserves. It's the first primed melee weapon in the game. The FIRST. How popular is this weapon? I rarely see anyone use it. It has a unique (or insignificant trait) of unbreakable momentum, apparently. Meaning that you get uninterruptible combos. Aka no knockdowns, bumps, trips, or Sonicor Mirages are gonna stop you from finishing/executing your melee animation. Now, I hardly find this appealing at all. The first prime melee introduced in the game was considered great back when it was introduced. Everyone used it. People heard of it. Enemies got sliced by it...But obviously warframe has changed and grown up since then. Now it's literally rusting in my inventory. The stats are ehh. Sure, you can kill things with it. Lancers 30-50 are goners. Past that, it lacks the reaping potential I think DE shouldn't just forget about. There's no special prime perk about it, to take fundamental note of. Not that there even has to be one. I just think that the first should inevitably be the og. original. The authentic prime melee. A sacred orokin weapon that bring out the 'shimmering goriness' out of those that fall beneath its blade. tl;dr- Reaper prime should get a well deserved buff, since it's the first prime melee weapon, it should hold up in the game until the end.
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