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  1. Yeah for the lowest branch I'll admit, havent been below MR20 in years and have no clue what they need or want. The spirit of the game mode was based around exclusives with a drive for "daily maintenance." Run daily get a boost of creds and endo for mod leveling and a chance at an upgrade to gear, while not diluting drops with items that are obtained from other parts of the game. So basic mods, relics, and resources would only be gained during the individual missions and not as a drop from completion. Could also be a way to push for arbitrations as well though, good idea.
  2. Tribulation: a state of great trouble or suffering. A solo sortie raid esque collection of missions, divided into four separate missions, each mission type has a different faction. Tribulations scale with a player's mastery rank, 30 Tribulations in all, each with their own branches and untradeable rewards. Enemies increase in increments of 5 levels, capping at level 155 at MR30. Credit Calculation:* 2750+2000×(MR)^1.8265 Endo Calculation:* 250+100(MR)^1.25 *Credits and Endo are guaranteed, and are NOT in a drop table. Multiple Tribulations can be run a day, but only the first completion of the day grants the credits endo, and rewards. Rewards drop table: MR 1-10 1 Forma Aura Forma 1000 Kuva Assortment of new untradeable mods, preferably five, unique to this mastery. Ephemera that changes based on MR 1-10 MR 11-20 2 Forma blueprints Aura Forma 2500 Kuva Assortment of new untradeable mods, preferably five, unique to this mastery. Ephemera that changes based on MR 11-20 MR 21+ 2 Forma Umbra Forma 5000 Kuva Assortment of new untradeable mods, preferably five, unique to this mastery. Ephemera that changes based on MR 21-30 Reward Rarity:* When selecting a Tribulation, a screen similar to the relic's content rarity is displayed, showing all rewards and the chance of each. In each branch of mastery(1-10, 11-20, 21+) the higher you move up in a given branch increases the odds of a rare drop. The rarity is as follows from least to most; Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod Forma Kuva Special Forma Ephemera *Once all of the drops from a branch below your own are earned, no more specialty rewards from the completed can be earned through Tribulations. However, your own Mastery specific Tribulation within a branch can still be farmed daily.
  3. Settings can be fixed.. But all my favorited colors are gone too. And with DE pushing fashion more than actual content you'd think they'd be more careful.
  4. Hotfixes update the game's code to provide fixes and changes..
  5. For mainlines, yeah doesn't apply, but all the hotfixes we have to wait on is a different story.
  6. https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/05/15/same-day-patch-certification/ You'd think we'd get updates a bit faster..
  7. Oh no, scary progression! A reason to commit and enjoy everything the game has to offer, so terrible! 😞 DE, make it so as soon as an account is created all content, weapons, and trophies are available immediately or else your siding with the elitists! That's all I'm getting from your post...
  8. Can we please get the Augur Set bonus changes with this, and give brief respite the same treatment?
  9. Yep, think it's the new infested they were showing off a month ago. Im guessing the sihloutte is either a place holder or an oopsie.
  10. Was going to summon zealots in simulacrum and forgot DE removed the ability to spawn them, but i noticed that "zeal" popped up two unknown infested enemies. So I investigated zeala, zealb, zeal,..,..,.zealo, zealoa, zealob..... Finally I figured out both new enemies' names. Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion. Names in simulacrum.
  11. Can we get the 2018 tennocon chestplate fixed on volt deluxe?
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