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  1. So many cosmetics broken because of this update. Even the prisma landing craft skins are bugged.
  2. Yes and same thing happens with Prisma Landing craft skins , Pakal Armor set and probably few other things that i missed that got bugged because of the emissive color thing.
  3. Ohh i guess i have that enabled already since it wanted me to post a code when i logged on my other PC while back. (tho i dont remember ever enabling it) That doesnt sound bad for sec i was afraid they went same route as steam EDIT: Actually nevermind i didn't have it enabled lol i wonder why i wanted a code from email back then when i logged on different PC if the 2FA was disabled.
  4. I admit i misunderstood this and was really afraid that it will be like steam's authenticator bs where i have to confirm every single trade and its required to use mobile phone for it to work... Please tell me its not going to be like that?
  5. I'm not complaining about the weapon i'm complaining about my bad luck with RNG. Doesn't matter anymore tho i got the motor from random Fissure run (he spawned while i was doing endless and dropped the motor lmao)
  6. Won't be possible i'm afraid. Farmed my butt off this weekend not a single motor and event is almost over and i cannot farm whole monday. I might aswell just buy the motor for plat instead since i won't get it via farming.
  7. You'd be surprised how bad my luck can be.. Took me years to get last Scimitar part and several months to farm full Khora set. Auron and Hesperon are basically non existant whenever i need them and now i can't drop the darn Motor and its the last part i need. :3
  8. "Forever" .. thats how long it would probably take me to farm that Wolf hammer with my crappy RNG luck.
  9. Before even testing this new "feature" i suspected this would be the major problem :< These tokens need to be set to opt to pickup (like you do with datamass , ayatan stars , power cells etc) instead being forced to pick them up whenever you pass by. Or just ditch this dumb "feature" this supposed to be hard endgame mission after all not a regular mission for all the newbies to play. Permadeath should be permadeath not "kinda permadeath"
  10. Excalibur's / Umbral Excalibur's Exalted blade only uses secondary energy color instead primary or both.. Its driving me crazy!
  11. They are not invisible they are working fine go to your Landing Craft > Interior settings and pick a theme both the Festive and Spring ones are available to me despite not even owning any before this update
  12. So make it awkward to fire cause some people are lacking trigger discipline? "Trigger discipline" comes a long way one can as easily avoid blowing him/herself up regardless of firing mode. and incidents will still happen regardless of firing mode you can as easily become a victim to a teammate going in your way at last milisecond you fired your charged rocket. Or my favorite when you get hooked and dragged while having your Ogris charged it releases the rocket even if you are still holding the mouse button it will fire it off and depending on what was in front of you or where you were aiming at the time that can usually end badly. Wasn't the case with semi auto Ogris and firing 5 rockets in very fast succession mmmm i'm going to miss that and having a free mod slot where i usually put a firerate mod to compensate for the charge rate. but meh that's like your opinion and your own personal preference buddy, you like the charge fine.. Also majority seems to liked the semi auto as i look at the Hotfix thread being filled with comments being displeased about DE reverting this. So meh.. maybe DE will consider this or not. Important thing that we agreed on is that Ogris doesn't need a damage buff and let's just leave it at not really in a mood for a "who's opinion is more valid" bickering. Good day.
  13. It didn't feel right cause you got used to the charge. With semi it was a lot faster the charge on current Ogris is pointless it doesn't contribute anything aside from making it awkwardly slow to fire. I was so happy that i could drop the firerate mod out of Ogris but NOPE back to awkward firing mechanics. (The damage nerf tho yea it was stupid)
  14. Ogris doesn't need damage buff its damage is fine.. its the enemy armor scaling that is whacked. Its why slow firing status rocket launcher will be never as good as the ones that can be built for crit-status like Secura Penta (status procs on top of crits on top of slash procs from Hunter Muntions, aye) What it needs is more usability the semi auto was first good step that DE reverted. As a Ogris fan it pains me to see that people think all it needs is MOAR DAMAGE!! to make it shine.. It either needs to be turned into a Crit - Status hybrid or get a semi auto, faster reload treatment. Slow status weapons are bad especially self damage ones unless they have a reliable gimmick.
  15. Same here and Inventory is bugged for sellable items I hope they aren't planning to wait to fix this till monday cause this is pretty seriously game breaking.
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