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  1. You sure? Well guess it was just my luck then as it kept cycling the Kuva weapons arsenal without any duplicates appearing back to back when i was farming for larvaings with Bramma and Nukor.
  2. Did you miss the part that some people don't want to repeat/restart same mission 1000 times and keep getting kuva larvaings with same weapons that i already have? You unbaked potato. Do you even know how RNG works? That "back to back protection" made it fast and easy to get specific kuva weapons i wanted and i'm glad i did it before they removed it. Tho with more kuva weapons on the way.. Back to being at RNGesus mercy. Silver lining is that its easier to get duplicates now if you want to boost your existing Kuva weapons.
  3. So back to RNG on top of RNG again.. Welp was good while it lasted ;/
  4. Kuva Bramma will be faster nerfed than Nukor tbh. Which is a shame this bow is really fun aswell , but there is no way DE will leave it as it is and not nerf it. :< Its like if oldschool pre-nerf Tonkor and Zarr had a baby.
  5. Rather than tweaking Serene Storm (and other Baruuk's abilities and their scaling/synergies) You decided to release basically a Bandaid augument ? xD Okay ... Guess that's better than nothing :< Inb4: Baruuk mains don't act like hes perfect he needs some tweaks maybe a little "rework" to make his abilities scale and synergize a bit better.
  6. Somehow you broke Railjack even more with this. Infinite loading screens when punching in and out RJ missions happen now 50% of the time. Oh on top of that secondary weapon breaks and i am not able to equipp it after using Omnitool teleport to Railjack option.
  7. Railjack's exterior Energy color cannot be changed. While Interior one works fine.
  8. Lights and energy effect on Railjack stays default blue regardless of what colors i set. Railjack's Interior however works fine i can set the energy color on everything to what i want (Even turrets projectiles inherent Interior's energy color)
  9. Happened few times in a row when joining random Railjack missions. After the mission is failed you cannot exit back to your orbiter you are stuck in a "end results" screen with not option to do anything beside "Alt F4"
  10. and kuva tonkor too they are both now slash weapons lol
  11. Yea well lets hope they won't forget about Vauban or Ember so quickly like they did about Baruuk .. he is way overdue for some tweaks and fixes.
  12. Idk maybe i'll try that but for me the hybrid one i'm using recently feels extremely strong.
  13. Have i missed something? I'm still adapting to the melee changes. Why not use Primed Pressure Point along Condition Overload and Blood Rush? Most melees just need a Berserk anyways as far as speed mods go with few exceptions and it can fit in the hybrid builds and they are still incredibly strong and do include PPP. Especially on some melees like Nikanas being able to flatline lvl 150 corrupted heavies / bombards etc faster than you can blink. (without pausing AI , Rivens or Stealth bonuses i like to add)
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