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  1. It was optional but they forced this in current update.
  2. My hard drive says "please ..end my suffering!" Whenever i am forced to run Cache optimization for this game.
  3. Indeed most of these should be universal for rifles , pistols , staves , throwing knives etc
  4. Great... It started automatically optimizing the download cache. Can you STOP forcing on us this crappy system? I don't want to wait 6 hours to play Warframe , not everyone has or can afford super ultra fast SSDs.
  5. Iso Vault objectives still buggy. -Infested door refuses to open occasionally with objective being stuck at ("throw the bait with <keybind>") despite the fact that we already throw the bait at it.
  6. Iso vaults are so bugged at the moment they are not even worth doing. List of common bugs i encountered: -Vaults stay open / bug out preventing from ever going to t2 or t3 -Loot vault objective bugs out and points to a different vault very far away and the transportations to surface don't work -Infested door doesn't respond to the bait thrown at it at all and objective still says "Throw bait" which forces us to abandon the bounty.
  7. Seeing that they never fixed the butchered rock texture quality on Wukong Deluxe skin. (Trust me it used to look much more detailed and not so low res like from a 2000's video game) You gonna have to get used to mismatched tendrills color i'm afraid :< Fixing small cosmetic issues like these seem to be very low priority with a chance of never being fixed or fixed years later.
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