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  1. and kuva tonkor too they are both now slash weapons lol
  2. Yea well lets hope they won't forget about Vauban or Ember so quickly like they did about Baruuk .. he is way overdue for some tweaks and fixes.
  3. You don't have to level it up to 40 unless you really have a cluttered build or really want those Mastery points.
  4. Yea no clip size mods or reload speed mods are available for exilus slots. This is bogus.
  5. Idk maybe i'll try that but for me the hybrid one i'm using recently feels extremely strong.
  6. Have i missed something? I'm still adapting to the melee changes. Why not use Primed Pressure Point along Condition Overload and Blood Rush? Most melees just need a Berserk anyways as far as speed mods go with few exceptions and it can fit in the hybrid builds and they are still incredibly strong and do include PPP. Especially on some melees like Nikanas being able to flatline lvl 150 corrupted heavies / bombards etc faster than you can blink. (without pausing AI , Rivens or Stealth bonuses i like to add)
  7. Also DE could you at least consider fixing this already (yea its still broken the textures look like crap regardless of texture settings and were detailed and crips before the fateful update) :
  8. Those few first lines of your post made start to worry about future. I sure hope you are not planning to drop Warframe's supporting running on older Windows versions than 10. (like 7 , 8 ) or if you do i hope its a far far away future. Hope i'm just being paranoid and nothing else.
  9. Lol my friend has dreads and he is male. In fact i've seen males having dreads more often than females. Also i had long curly hair when i was in my teens and i'm also male. Idk what kind of backwards logic you follow but you need to get real. Especially since there are quite few games with character creators that include long / short hair and dreads / afros for both genders.
  10. Yes this is annoying. Or people extracting while you fight your lich thats also BS. Solo is only way to do these runs because of this.
  11. That is assuming it works properly. I cleared a mission node that had my Lich influence's on it before proceeding to do Kuva Flood on that node. Guess what ... i got my relic stolen despite the node being clean!! (My Lich was R5 btw)
  12. EDIT: Sorry done more testing it was issue on my end not a actual bug.
  13. I noticed they do sometimes die from other abilities/weapons not just Ember's fire but it still gave me the murmur every time they got axed. Another thing i noticed is that Operator can insta kill them without you having to go through that animation. (you get murmur as normal)
  14. Can confirm also had a Kuva Flood and no relic.
  15. Not fixed as always .. top notch DE quality.
  16. Of course these are still not fixed - - ' : Its as if DE forgot that Wukong exists Like they did with Baruuk
  17. How about you finally fix the Wukong Deluxe skin you horribly downgraded with your mainline huh? Or how about you fix the bugged Celestial Twin with Celestial stomp that you never adressed :/ ...
  18. Still not fixed. Of course... :/ R.I.P those who bought the pack for the beautiful skin and got ripped off cause DE downgraded the visuals of this skin.
  19. This bug still happens! I had it few times today while doing random missions. As long as i am not the host Celestial Stomp doesn't work properly most of the time or all the time depending on my luck. Furthermore Celestial Twin itself glitches out occassionally and doesn't shoot or swap weapons after using Celestial Stomp or refuses to do the stomp at all regardless how many times i press and hold the button - This is also client side bug when i'm hosting it works fine.
  20. Please fix this its been broken since Saints of Altra mainline: Why even bother to buy deluxe skins if you gonna graphically downgrade them few patches later!
  21. Can we expect a friggin fix for this. In this year? Or should we wait till year 2020 ... or 2030 knowing that there are some bugs that havent been fixed for several years. And yeah i checked it still looks like trash. Way worse than before Saint of Altra mainline which broke it.
  22. So when we are getting a next hotfix? Preferably one that INCLUDES Wukong Deluxe skin fix that has been broken since Saint of Altra mainline and not fixed so far!
  23. Thank you i was about to post that. Yea like WTH DE when do you intend to fix this? The textures look like garbage on it since Saints of Altra and still not fix for it.
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