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  1. I already have the archwing, but I think I'll replay some quest as said by the other dude. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Thanks everyone for the answers! I was thinking about restarting but idk, is it worth it? I wasn't too far in the game; i have Frost, Nekros Prime (for that thing where you have to follow the official warframe stream), some other minor things, and I did that mission where you unlock the back room in the orbiter and you "get a human" lol (I think that was "The second Dream"?). Anyway, I don't have much, but it feels good to have such an old account. Only thing is the old username, and I can always create a new account to see the new intro. Oh, also, it seems like some things are missing, l
  3. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. That's useful! I'll contact you if I need anything, thanks!
  4. Thanks, I'm still trying to get used to Warframe again.
  5. Hi there! After 4 years, I decided to come back (maybe); I download the game and started playing a bit. I was confused, because the game changed a lot; also, after 3,5 years, I still haven't recieved my free Frost Prime from the Twitch Prime loot (from july 2017, and the warframe support didn't help unfortunately). Anyway, can someone help me to understand everything that changed? Like a video or a quick guide message, something idk. Also, since I didn't receive Frost Prime (and I really want it, it's my favourite), can someone tell me if I can exchange warframes? Not the projects or
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