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  1. Why is there missing in Veil - Fighter enemies such as Axio Engineer, Vorac Engineer, Orm Engineer, Gyre Roller Sentry and whole normal fighter Orm is still missing. still dont get it.
  2. You’re right, they don’t spawn as well, I’m disappointing as well.
  3. Does anyone know where I can able to find Vapos Tech Ranger Eximus. I got 2/5 but forgot where able to find?
  4. Confirmed, Vapos Prod Crewmen Eximus spawn in interception round 1. Repeat run. I got them.
  5. No bug, I did on Jupiter, capture many run and see them by my Helios with mod on it.
  6. I got the scan for tusk bombard eximus 1/3 but didn’t know they were spawn in POE. I keep trying to find them but I couldn’t.
  7. Hello Tenno! During the mission, i know Veil Proxima is highest lvl. but there is (elite) enemies with orm exo (normal). Codex Factions i checked on codex faction below missing - Orm Basilisk - Orm Harpi - Orm Weaver Also when i get inside volatile mission when taro engineer come to hack console. Missing (I check every volatile mission) spawn taro engineer every planet - Axio Engineer - Orm Engineer - Vorac Engineer Pretty sure i found a comment from warframe wiki - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Engineer Cheers - Robisgreat10 (MRL1)
  8. Thank DE but Veil Proxima need to be fix, because i don't see low lvl for normal orm small ship isnt spawning, only elite spawn, also Axio, Orm, Vorac Engineer isnt spawning as well but Taro engineer spawning in every planet node. Deimos Leaper, Swarm Mutalist Moa & eximus never seen in cambion dirft. Cheers
  9. (Ship) Orm low lvl enemies and Engineer is missing only they spawn taro engineer… please do something DE. Also manic bombard Eximus not spawning after enemies doesn’t trigger the alarm…
  10. Use Ballistica Prime. Shoot them then scan. It count for me.
  11. I suggest to use ballistica prime, when you shoot them then use codex scan to scan them & it counted on my codex factions.
  12. Can be found in ice corpus ship.
  13. Engineer spawn in volatile mission when you destroy pipe thing. Surely they will spawn.
  14. Hello, am trying to find scan to completed. These enemies I couldn’t find it in node. I checked on google for wiki and nothing. why is there in simulacrum? I don’t understand. Any clue please comment. Thanks I think DE should bring back all the enemies. But I don’t know it their opinion. Corpus Juno Disc Moa Eximus Juno Geminex Moa Eximus Juno Glaxion Moa Eximus Juno Nul Comba Juno Sap Comba Juno Shield Osprey Eximus Juno Slo Comba Juno Sniper Crewman Eximus Deimos Deimos Swarm Mutalist Moa Deimos Swarm Mutalist Moa Eximus Deimos Jugulus Eximus & Rex Deimos Leaper
  15. During Ghoul Event, I just found out that you can grind Neo R1 in ghoul event bounties, when player got the Neo R1 then next bounties they leave the area and mission failed, repeat again 2 time and getting other Neo R1. I think Neo R1 should remove from ghoul event and put in fissures run. cheers
  16. You have to play in Void Storm mission. Not normal mission.
  17. Use your fishing spear while holding & fish will spawn. Then start throw bait.
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