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  1. Two weeks ago DE commented on this issue in a Reddit AMA thread - hoping more light is shone on this issue in tomorrow's dev-stream.
  2. DE appears to have done something they never did before to such a scale on a Warframe's mesh: removed almost all the geometry on her backside underneath the cloth. This causes multiple issues: Mirage's backside appears fused to the cloth when her legs bend in animations. Take a look at it while she's sprinting. and even worse, during a backwards roll. The mesh just collapses - same issue that Mesa Prime had except far worse. Mirage's cloth physics are heavily constrained, and do not go up further than this. Hoping DE fixes this like they fixe
  3. The new Mirage Oneiro Noble's Idle animation is seemingly misplaced about half a metre backwards. This makes the transition into it jarring, and they can clip into walls if against it backwards.
  4. Posting these two long-standing graphical issues here in the hopes they're finally seen and tossed into the internal bug tracker. TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) has a bug that causes pixels on animated meshes to shift around Missing Transference vertex shader animation / FX on certain Operator cosmetics such as the Commodore Prime Mask and the entire Harrier Suit
  5. The operator's model during Transference back to the Warframe is meant to have their mesh deformed into a thin vortex in the Orbiter, with a more intense effect when in a mission. Certain cosmetics do not have this effect. The Commodore Prime Mask has had this problem since release. Observe that the Operator's body is deformed as usual, while the Commodore Prime only has a texture disintegration effect. f Additionally, the entire Harrier Suit released in Update 29.10 today as part of Zephyr Deluxe has no shader deformation what-so-ever when transferring back to the W
  6. No, I do not mean TAA ghosting artifacts - that is a different, more extreme visual issue caused by Warframe's TAA implementation. There is a problem with TAA in Warframe that causes moving pixels to shift around on animated meshes from what I'm guessing is incorrect motion vectors/some bug in the shader. This can be observed by turning on TAA and watching your frame or in the Focus menu, your Operator's face closely. Unfortunately, this is also present in the new Octavia Prime trailer at the end. Look closely at Octavia and you'll see the pixels on her shift around as she anim
  7. I have accidentally quit Warframe multiple times because of this, and so have you.
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