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  1. I don't think it is useful to talk about the possibilities at hand that you think of as impossible in the fictional universe, Lets put the "detail" conversation farther for a little while, I can assure you there's workarounds at least in my head, And I am not one that thinks balance is of utter uselessness, Say even if Eidolons are very easy to do as of current, I think balance should be here in this context for at least future content that could make use of Void damage. Lets instead bring ourselves faster into a ground where we could actually discuss the details with usefulness in mind
  2. I don't think it's relevant to bring what other things he has said if even that is what he said, I talked around his axiom and about your repetition of it, And it's conclusion, Rather than try to bring his opinion down with a "Sure" comment, I think you should actually reply to what I mostly mentioned, Say... for example... does it make at least some level of sense?, The conclusion of the prior axiom. I told you earlier about what you quoted to some accuracy, That is: "Once lore gets in the way of making something much more interesting(We could argue about that if you want, It would be
  3. Hmm, Did you really read what I said?, At no point do I say the Operator does not hold "the true void power", Neither did the prior person reject that, In fact we both rely on that lore bit to some extent, To tell you that relying on operator's just as Amps do, a tool such as a Warframe same as an Amp could be used as well to concentrate the void energy of the Operator(s), You continuously seem to make that mistake, The one phrasing I quoted was the one you said in your prior posts, Which was the only relevant one to the points being made, Let me make this clearer. The "Prior person" re
  4. Hi. Warframes are tools no?, So are Amps, Why do you give in to the capacity of Amps to concentrate void energy but not Warframes?, There's really no reason lore wise a specific frame can not have the capacity to concentrate the void energy of what it's actually very connected to, It's Operator. There's about one abstract statement that tells: "The Eidolon is no common beast of the Plains, And cannot be laid low with the tools of an everyday hunter, These 'amps' focus the user's will into a killing beam", As mentioned, There's really no particular exclusion here of other "tools", Just that Amp
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