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  1. Hello! Thanks for the updates and streams as always. Would you consider maybe statuses having reduced/altered effects on certain boss-type enemies (akin to radiation being different in crucible) instead of simply making them immune to statuses? I feel like it could lead to some more strategy diversity for dealing with these fights. Thanks!!
  2. Currently many more challenging bosses (Profit-taker, eidolons, etc) are immune status effects, which makes sense as many of them could trivialize the fights (Cut profit-taker's health in half? Make her flail on fire unable to attack?). However, that seems to unpleasantly restrict build types to, as you've said, make it all about damage. I accept that this is often a consequence of a boss fight in any game, but I was wondering if you'd consider instead having some status effects work differently on boss units, like how radiation has a different effect in conclave (maybe viral reduces by some smaller %, etc). Could help create more diversity in build and strategy around future fights, and maybe open up more tools for y'all in terms of interacting fight mechanics. Thanks regardless!
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