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  1. --.Sakura.nVbs.--

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Does it have to be one simple scene as shown in the example? Am I allowed to create multiple scenes/cut scenes in multiple parts? If yes does it mean I am allowed to use actual editing software like AAE or Nuke for example? What about music. Can I add music to it? (If yes I assume it has to be copyright-free/own music)
  2. --.Sakura.nVbs.--

    Bugs in the Plains and Hunting Eidolons

    I think we can all agree that Vomvalyst, Lures and Unairu Wisps are the main issues, no need to discuss that again and again. What itches the most is that DE hasn't given us any words about the current eidolon situation (at least I haven't read or heard about anything). I'd like to know if they're working on it or not, can we expect something to change in the foreseeable future or do we have to just swallow the issues and get used to it? Something I want to metion about the changes from last hotfix on 18.10.2018; by all means is this not an improvement, in fact it's quite the reverse. It also says "while fighting", which is not the case. 90% of the time there are no Vomvalysts around WHILE fighting the Eidolon. They only spawn/appear when the fight is (almost) over and actually get stuck underneath the Eidolons hitbox. So theres no way to reach out to those Vomvalysts and fill our Lures to continue the fight as the Eidolon itself is in the way. Personally I just wish to see a response from DE or any kind of positive change to the situation anytime soon.
  3. I feel like a lot of people are not aware of how 'bad' the issues with the Eidolons are. Or they simply don't care and only see other bugs that affect them more. Eidolon Lures have been especially bad in my opinion. They move very slow and often get "stuck" in the ground or fly up in the air after teleporting, which makes it often unable for the player to hold the lure's position. Another thing I noticed is that they try to go back to their original position after they got teleported away. One more thing is that the display plate for the "Hold position" or "hack lure" text is really small, might have something to do with them being so slow. Unairu Wisps are also having some issues. Sometimes they're not spawning at all and IF they spawn, only in a very low amount compared to before. Heard from people that they noticed differences in the Eidolon hitboxes tho. Which is another point that's really bad in my opinion and I really hope that this is going back as it used to be. I hope that these issues mentioned above can get some more attention, as i feel like no one is talking about it. Eidolons are a great activity for me and many others, however in the current situation I just can't get myself to enjoy this part of the game at all anymore.