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  1. Well i hope for starters that we get Umbras for the starting trio, might work as a new game plus of sorts, Umbra Excal, Volt and Mag, maybe Loki Umbra as well for a full squad.
  2. this is all good, but when are you guys gonna fix Chroma Prime's crooked crotch syandana?
  3. I’d gib you energy, but you took away Umbras void orb passive so i can’t generate the necessary energy 😛 please give Umbra back the Void orb passive 🙂
  4. Waiting on that Void Orb passive for Umbra still.
  5. Please bring back the void orb passive for Umbra, it was an unnessesary change
  6. Fellow founder here. Completely agree. Give it the death orb passive back DE, please.
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