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  1. Did I ever say that riven mods should not be powerful? No. I argued that they should always be relevant and at the absolute very least useful and desirable over a rare mod. As it stands, there are riven mods with stats so low that they are pointless to utilize in a build. That should not be the case. How does that even infer that I would want the weaker weapons to suffer? I merely want a mod that is extremely limited in use and rare to come by that is sorted by DE themselves to be more rare than prime mods to actually be useful, even if it is at the lowest disposition, which is not the c
  2. Riven mods should never be nerfed or have stats so low that they are not worth using at all. If you are going to set them up so that they are sorted and considered more rare than prime mods then they should be powerful, useful, desired for your build. They should never be nerfed into obsolescence. Even at the lowest disposition rating it should be valued above any other mod and have a significant reason to be used in a build, not nerfed or introduced as a complete and total garbage mod that would never even be considered for use. The fact that this practice has carried on this long is just
  3. Holster settings for nikana zaws is still broken. Why do you even have holster styles showing for sale in holster style selection when they don't function properly with all of the different weapons? Edit: The same goes for rapier zaws holster style, also broken.
  4. Honestly this quote sums up how I feel about not only the lich and railjack content, but also the open worlds. In general, I would like to see more diverse and unique missions that have a progression to them in obtaining a goal or fighting a boss/miniboss instead of a handful of tasks grouped together like a list of chores. Lich railjack missions. In atmosphere railjack missions. Something, anything more than the utter simplicity that the majority of missions in this game provide.
  5. That is fine, I still enjoy the modding portion of the game and don't think it should be dramatically changed. I do wish there were improvements, but I'm thinking much simpler things such as simply more primed or umbra mods with direct ways of obtaining them either through a game challenge or particular enemy/boss farm. From the sounds of some of the others it is my impression that they want modding removed or dramatically changed, which is not something I agree with and would much more prefer the more simpler fine tuning changes that I think would help out. That said, things like "preparat
  6. I personally like the mod system, however the amount of "mandatory mods" and current limit to number of mods applied as well as capacity does hinder my freedom to mod the frames and weapons in more unique ways. When it comes to frames I think an added slot specifically for augmentation mods would greatly help out, or just a another open slot, either way would work with a little boost to capacity. As for weapons if again they just added another slot specifically for your damage mod it would at least free up one more spot for creativity instead of the usual. This could exclude melee weapons t
  7. I think that continually making the different damage types unique, but not useful is crippling. I'd rather them have some crossover in function and be useful rather than unique and inferior to a clear cut meta. I really like the ideas mentioned by NovusKnight, especially for magnetic. I would change up Impact to function more like corrosive damage as well as stun enemies. On top of that it could eventually place enemies in a state open for finishers as well. As for puncture I would make it so that a percentage of the damage could bypass armor. Blast would be a combination of slash and st
  8. Glad these changes will be coming, but it still looks like I wasted resources on something supposed to be for veteran players that required a mountain of resources to obtain and in the end just does not justify the work in obtaining it and placing it on a warframe. The initial nerf destroyed this ability and I can't even reason out why when you have other abilities on warframes that can kill as quickly and more efficiently. The required line of sight alone is enough to keep this from being overpowered in most maps I've used it in. Capping the damage to the enemy's health is what is keeping
  9. Glad these changes will be made, but am still irritated by the fact that it feels like no play testing was done. Many of the issues could have been spotted quickly and changed before launching the content. The persistent nerf mentality is still horrible and after the last devstream I watched it feels like the community is completely disregarded and that listening to your playerbase is more a thing of the past. Someone either needs to play this game and be listened to within the studio or run more play tests because this stream of ill thought out and poorly executed content has become common
  10. Same issue, however it also applies to other zaw weapons with skins applied such as the Plague Kripath built as a rapier with the Ferita skin. Have also had issues with holster animations regarding the Dokrahm built as a heavy blade using the Mizar skin. Zaws with skins in general tend to be bugged when trying to change holster style and placement.
  11. The tokens are not really the issue and are a good idea, however they are implemented in such a poor way for certain aspects that it has me raging inside. Being able to farm bounties when you have time and then cash in the standing is great and a step forward. Why they didn't keep it as simple as that in regards to fishing and conservation is beyond reason. Had they kept things simple where you catch a fish you get a token, you catch a rare fish you get more tokens, and have it work likewise for conservation it would have kept what Fortuna delivered and made it just as user friendly as boun
  12. This is not a case of a single thing outshining everything else such as the catchmoon, this is a case of having a handful of useful abilities, which I would compare to your variety of prime pistols such as the akbolto, akstiletto, and aksomati to a bunch of horrible abilities that I would liken to the stug. No amount of nerfing the useful abilities will ever get myself or others to take a second look at decoy, icewave, mind control, or the handful of others, you are just degrading the one thing that I have seen so far that adds any intrinsic fun to the game as a whole. Given how the progress
  13. Just my initial impressions thus far, but its more disappointment and irritating than fun. I feel like any intrinsic fun to be had has been removed and replaced with checklist gaming which we already have in the Nightwave. Want to gain a coin from "son" it is not enough to simply just hunt and grind out hunting a single creature, no, now I have to hunt every single thing just to acquire some of the coin packs. And it is required progression, not just something I would choose to do when I get tired of bounties, but it is now part of the checklist procedure for progress. The use interfaces a
  14. The bramma stood apart from every primary. How does the individual weapon nerf based on usage match up to the nerf of several desirable abilities based on hype alone? Even if they decided to change things up after a month or more of release it still would have been an ill thought out conclusion because there are several abilities that are just absolute bottom of the barrel picks that they are pointless. It takes less work to address these few abilities that are actually desirable than it is to address the other abilities that honestly need to either be buffed or reworked to be desirable, th
  15. There are more than just a few abilities that could have been buffed to have been somewhat useful and could have waited at least a month minimum to see if things really were overpowered instead of making an asinine reaction to hype over a handful of abilities. This "nerf" mentality is getting extremely old and demoralizing and to do so before content even releases is about as ill thought out as can be, assuming any thought went into making that decision at all. This is absolutely ridiculous, thanks DE for helping set the tone of disappointment for the upcoming content.
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