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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of the new system (playing on xbox), but am hoping for further refinements and possible changes to what was originally planned in the finished product. Cons: - Can no longer run full speed with effective quick melee attacks with polearm weapons (I'm sure other weapons were also effected by this) - Alt fire channeling is awkward and not fluid or even possible to quickly toggle mid melee combo unless you enable "Melee with Fire Weapon Input" option, and even then it just feels clunky and unrefined and is inadequate for the use of Life Strike (which I use for all builds) - Decisive Judgement's consent decree's finisher is no longer a reliable constant (I'm sure this can be patched and hope that it will be soon) - No melee aimglide (yes, I know you can do so with the primary, but if it has a decent amount of magnification it limits field of view making it more difficult to set up directional ground attacks) - Block is automatic (I really consider this a pro and a con, but more so a con. You have removed control of a previously available feature. While it is convenient to auto deflect incoming fire, there is never going to be any panic set in on not blocking when I should have, nor can I bullet jump and then block glide while facing backwards deflecting shots while making a hasty retreat) - No more feeling like a badass with ideas of calls for "fix bayonets" when drawing out a melee weapon about to unleash hell upon enemies Pros - Melee weapon is now instantaneously ready for combos (Quick melee attacks worked fine and all that I would have personally liked to have seen changed is make it so that the original button to draw out melee did not have to be held for as long) - Directional ground attacks (as mentioned before, this is hindered by not being able to extend air time in glide to properly aim your attack when using certain weapons) I know there is more to come and I hope it gets better, but this really feels like a step backward and taking something that was already fluid, intuitive, efficient, and fun and turning it into something new for the sake of new when more minute changes could have been made to further refine what was already a well tuned system. What further irritates me about this is thinking about the hours worked on this that could have been spent elsewhere such as new mission types, a larger assortment of map areas, new enemy types, etc... Again, I know this is not the finished product and more is to come, but please reconsider the absence of some features that added to capabilities and playstyles such as manually blocking and melee glide. Edit 1: Another idea for a preferred new system is to make it so that you can automatically melee combo while having your firearm as your current equipped weapon but auto switch back to firearm as you would with quick melee, but also retain the option to draw out your melee weapon to keep the ability to manually block and glide in melee so that you still retain both worlds of combat along with a more seamless blend. Edit 2: After playing more, I'm disliking this even more. Running a mission in the Void a Gunner starts firing at me, at first I was a little startled, but I had my melee weapon active so it of course autoblocks the incoming fire and I'm left just thinking "well this is convenient, I remember when I could have done this on my own... but I guess I'm forced to have my hand held now and let an automatic program play out what I originally could have done." This whole system is reminding me of "Dogfight Mode" from Ace Combat Assault Horizon (if you don't know what it is, it was a feature that allowed your jet to auto-follow with minimal input enemy jets and took away a fair amount of control from the player) and that is not good. I want to be the one in control and who ultimately succeeds or fails, allow for human error and not be saved by an automatic block feature.
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