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  1. I've had the drone get stuck multiple times in the exact same spot when it starts down a ridge slightly northwest of the boil (assuming you read the map as you would a typical map once press and hold the button to bring up the map). It does not matter if you are close by the drone or not, it gets stuck in the same place every time. Also had issues where infested will spawn at a ridiculously slow rate where no more infested spawn pods will appear if you kill the hemocyte too quickly.
  2. While I do not have all stance mods, curse you Cyclone Kraken, I do have quite a few that I decided to try out and these are my initial thoughts. Things I really want changed and have an idea as to what I would like: Shimmering Blight's Howling Gale combo does not need a required directional input on top of block input. The forward directional input has removed my ability to use that combo to dance around attacking a single enemy. The block with attack is sufficient to differentiate it from the base combo, the added forward directional input just ruins it and prevents the ability I had prior to the xbox update today to utilize the combo in a more versatile manner than just a gap closer. The same goes for Bleeding Willow's Drifting Steel combo, remove the required forward directional input and just leave it at block plus attack to allow users the mobility to move about as they wish while utilizing combos. Both combos only have two essential attacks, so they could really use the added versatility of a more mobile and fluid combo to attack enemies that is actually interesting and not just the old quick attack spam. Or another option would be to make it so that any directional input works for the combo input so that you can still maintain mobility and directional function aside from just forward movement. Stances I feel are just awful and don't have any ideas as to how to fix: - Wise Razor: feels extremely slow and clunky - Iron Phoenix: feels overly simplified to the point that its separate combos are pointless and incomplete - Burning Wasp:Similar to Iron Phoenix, just overly simplified to where its largely pointless and incomplete feeling - Flailing Branch:Overly simplified, incomplete and pointless When I'm calling something overly simplified I mean the combos are too short with too few varied attacks. Its uninteresting, horribly repetitive, and completely lacking in usefulness and versatility. Stances I love the changes to: All of the dual sword stances feel good in my opinion. As does Slicing Feathers and Atlantis Vulcan. Edit: Been playing a bit more, here is some follow up feedback and ideas. Combos that are limited to two move sets need to be expanded upon if they are the standard attacks. I would prefer combos that require forward movement input to be any directional input. Some good changes went in with the tonfa and claw stance mods, really enjoying those. Thank you so much for bring back stand alone melee with manual blocking! Flailing branch is better than I initially thought, but not by much, especially compared to Clashing Forest. I also had some thoughts on the Wise Razor stance mod and changes I would really like to see made to it in the future. -Wise Razor: I still think its clunky and overall horrible when prior to the update it was one of my favorites. Combo Threshing Grain: I would remove the three overhead swings and just keep the end spin attack and place that at the end of the combo you have when running without a stance mod. I realize this would essentially be Cut Thrice with a little extra spin attack, but the overhead swings are repetitive, slow, and not very effective. That or remove the third overhead swing to get to the spin attack faster. I'm finding myself either being interrupted by knockdown or needing to move before that part of the combo is reached the majority of the time I use it. Combo Cut Thrice: The forced break in forward movement kills this combo Combo Calling Thunder: To little to the combo, not enough forward movement in the lunge to be effective as a gap closer and ends awkwardly.
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