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  1. I get one response for my second email to pennyarcade it was 05-05-2019 it was the answer that they did not have t-shirts ;( @Chewarette its not that i do not mind waiting but i did not get any info so its normal for worry about you order if you do not have any contact to sellers, and warframe suport do not answer to you questions. I check my spam folder there is only one info from warframe suport 05 06-2019 and its not the same as you provide only there is delay no info about shiping. But thx for info that they ship the orders.
  2. Hi I want to know if someone get his The Sacrifice Collection? I place my pre-order 12-10-2018, on the warframe store there is info that shipment begin in late march, but we have late June and I still do not get my order or even a info about shipment. After several attempts of contacting penny-arcade.com (the pay pal transaction info) I get info that they still do not know about the shipment day and they can only inform me that the delay is because like me so many ppl order the The Sacrifice Collection with the T-shirt and they have problems with that!!. Really Bethesda have better excuse with there canvas bags . Any info about you The Sacrifice Collection will be fine because right now I don't even have a way to ask about money return nobody is answering on my emails, ticket support or even a tweets .
  3. kz3dart

    Warframe Builder

    Most important Multishot still do not multiply status chances like it do in the game !!! its really annoying when you try to make 100% status weapon with riven roll.
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