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  1. I figured this would be the result but I don't mind. I was ready to start over from 0 either way. Will the ability to level up only once a day remain or can we get an option to disable it for a few weeks? (or has that been removed? I'm not sure)
  2. Ah that's good news then. I can't wait to get my hands on this with the switch.
  3. 11 more days left until the switch version! Are we going to be able to preload the game? Is it confirmed to be the same version as the ps4/xbone?
  4. I still can't believe Warframe is coming to a nintendo console. I have 0 hope in Sony allowing us to transfer our progress over so I'm ready to start playing with all of the Nintenno as some of us start anew.
  5. Looks like I might have 2 different accounts on here then 🤣
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