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  1. I noticed the energy color (eyes and such) of my kubrow has reverted back to normal. I'm using the Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern (part of Wukong's PA accessories) and I swear I could change the energy color before. This isn't exactly a major bug, just something I noticed.
  2. Any explanation of what the hatch on the ceiling of our orbiter is for? For those who don't know what I'm talking about, stand right outside the door to the Operator room and look at the ceiling. It's right in the middle at the back, directly above a clear plate in the floor with glowy energy and what looks to be some sort of fan behind it.
  3. I like the new look of the Orbiter. Hopefully the whole thing (Liset interior, Operator room, Personal Quarters) can get updated too someday!
  4. Ok... why exactly? Getting the murmurs done is already a pain as is. Giving people an incentive to do thrall hunts with others and then immediately changing it next hotfix? This is still a co-op game, isn't it?
  5. So the prime time is gonna run through and then we get the update? Hell yeah. I'm excited.
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