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  1. Will Vauban get custom models (Mainly for those rollers he's gonna have) themed for his Standard/Prime/Deluxe variants? It would work nicely seeing how all other primes have different models/effects for their abilities, Atlas Prime's rumblers being a notable example.
  2. The Jotunheim stuff is great that it got in, I wish the weapon skin that went along with it got in too. Stuff is pretty meh, I guess I'll wait to see what it looks like in-game, when we finally get it in-game 2 months from now.
  3. The metal bits (Tertiary and Accents) of the Cycuta Prime Syandana still look a bit dull. I hope it gets fixed soon, because when I try to use it on my Warframe but the dull gold paired next to the "newer" gold on the frame looks strange and out of place. I'm using Nyx Prime by the way, if you need a visual example. Column 5, Row 12 of Classic is the gold I use. Start both numbers at the top. (The darkest red)
  4. I like the new unvault, it's nice to finally see some new accessories become available again. I have just one thing to say though. Why does the Cycuta Prime Syandana not have PBR? It's been in the game for a while and the gold parts of it look like plastic, while the same gold on the frame i have it on looks much better. It should have PBR by now, considering how long it has been in the game. Soma Prime has a similar problem, the gold around the barrel is most noticable, but the dullness of the gold on Soma Prime isn't near to the extent as to how dull the Cycuta Prime Syandana looks. EDIT: I also realize it could be something with the recent update. With how wonky the lighting has been recently, it's hard to tell if it's the lighting or PBR. Either way, it should be fixed.
  5. Please tell me this includes their respective accessories.
  6. Yo, is there any possible chance we could get the Corpus flamethrower that the Gas City Machinists have? It looks like an interesting weapon. Getting it as a weapon we can use wouldn't be out of the ordinary, it's happened before. Ferrox and Ohma were introduced when The Index was first released, initally as enemy weapons and then we got to use them ourselves. Dual Kreska when
  7. Remember the long-ago mentioned Sentient Carrier enemy? Was mentioned in Devstream 87 I think. Is it gonna become a new enemy with The New War? Considering one was seen in a deactivated state during the Fortuna trailer, I hope so.
  8. Zhuge Prime's explosive arrows not only do self damage, but the arrows fired from Wukong's Celestial Twin can also damage you. DE, prepare yourselves. When more people get Zhuge Prime, it's gonna be an unholy firestorm when people find out.
  9. Anything on Soma Prime getting a PBR treatment? The gold on it looks dull, and having it linked to the secondary color channel is kind of annoying sometimes. EDIT: Talking about color channels reminded me of Spira Prime. The 'primary' and 'accents' color channels should REALLY by swapped on it.
  10. Nice. Now I don't need to wait for the stuff to go on sale if I want it.
  11. Tekelu skins still have glitched textures, at least the Vectis and Imperator ones I 100% know for sure.
  12. Tekelu Skins are broken right now, the texture has this staticy effect all over it. Not sure if it's broken on ALL the weapons with the Tekelu skin, but I can confirm it's broken on both Vectis and Imperator.
  13. Can't use Ruinous Extension on Ocucor. Any reason for this?
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