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  1. Zhuge Prime's explosive arrows not only do self damage, but the arrows fired from Wukong's Celestial Twin can also damage you. DE, prepare yourselves. When more people get Zhuge Prime, it's gonna be an unholy firestorm when people find out.
  2. Anything on Soma Prime getting a PBR treatment? The gold on it looks dull, and having it linked to the secondary color channel is kind of annoying sometimes. EDIT: Talking about color channels reminded me of Spira Prime. The 'primary' and 'accents' color channels should REALLY by swapped on it.
  3. Nice. Now I don't need to wait for the stuff to go on sale if I want it.
  4. Tekelu skins still have glitched textures, at least the Vectis and Imperator ones I 100% know for sure.
  5. Tekelu Skins are broken right now, the texture has this staticy effect all over it. Not sure if it's broken on ALL the weapons with the Tekelu skin, but I can confirm it's broken on both Vectis and Imperator.
  6. Can't use Ruinous Extension on Ocucor. Any reason for this?
  7. Prime glyphs should REALLY by added to the accessories pack.
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