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  1. Could disallow some of the abilities being frozen but not all of them, such as the abilities that act like buffs such as Roar, Warcry, Eclipse. We are simply spending the energy to recast Vast Untime in place of these buffs or other abilities that will not be made overpowered by Xaku's duration freezing.
  2. Read the notes after I tested a subsumed ability and I really do not agree this should be a thing. Deters people from using the helminth system on Xaku and possibly deters people from using him at all because of this. Could be a pretty good frame if this was not a thing. Silence, Lull, Rest and Rage, Thermal sunder, Pillage, Ensnare, Terrify, Mind control, Banish. Abilties such as these should be in the category that should not be frozen. Elemental Ward, Blood altar, Decoy, Eclipse, Fire Walker, Smite (augmented), Roar, Warcry. Abilities like these should have a freezable duration d
  3. I more than agree with this comment, The Vast Untime ability should freeze the duration of subsume and helminth abilities. It has seriously discouraged me from using the helminth system again, being second to the cost of the helminth system.
  4. So I have figured this out, Medjay and Crescent spawn while roaming during Vome, Pharaoh and Panzer spawn while roaming during Fass. But hunting follows the same algorithm, so to find the crescent and pharaoh, its better to roam during the different times. As a result, I have wasted so much time doing the hunting activities... fantastic.
  5. Used 17 predasite pheromones and 14 vulpaphyla pheromones over Vome and Fass and all I got was Medjay and Panzer so its deffo the same tier system. Regarding those pharaoh tags, did you hunt them or find them roaming? I found a couple pharaoh roaming on my first day but didnt know about the revivication system. and never again found a pharaoh, only vizier.
  6. It is incorrect that pharaoh is the "Rare" spawn during Fass and Medjay during Vome. It follows the same hierarchy as the Plains and Orb Vallis, Medjay is the rare spawn, pharaoh is the uncommon spawn and the vizier is the common spawn. Panzer is the rare spawn, crescent is the uncommon spawn and sly is the common spawn. Also, using pheromones almost guarantees a rare spawn and not using almost guarantees a common spawn. As a result, the pharaoh and crescent variants are simply the hardest to get.
  7. I have this item in my mission log every time I start a mission and it ranks up from 0, it has been there in mission ever since I built a necramech.
  8. You lose your exp when your mech dies and you lose your exp if you respawn your mech. I'm not actually sure if this is meant to be intentional but it makes levelling the mech really difficult.
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