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  1. read the patchnotes of the prior patch. it explains everything.
  2. it was added for one of the warframe partners who cried about the titania vacuum. there is no point in using it except for this person.
  3. I managed to Fix the Problem by going into the nvidia settings and changing the warframe profile to adaptive vsync, now the game runs on 30% CPU and GPU usage at all times (orbiter and missions)
  4. When im in my Orbiter my GPU usage is always above 95% (when im in a mission its between 50%-70% depending on the mission and the amount of particles and enemies etc) why is it doing that? is there a fix for it? I have a Geforce GTX 1060 6gb 2x8gb 3000mHz RAM (running in dual channel) and an i5 6500 also my orbiter is not heavily decorated, ive got some Pedestal primes standing around a few articulas and a couple noggles (maybe 20) edit: forgot to mention, i run the game at max settings and 1920x1080p
  5. But they should be bows. since they look like bows, work like bows, even get the double fire rate like bows, so they should get that mod too.
  6. and melee weapons with more than 30% crit chance shouldnt have blood rush either by that logic?
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