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  1. Vauban rework sounds nice, but I never played him, so I can not really judge it. I am happy to hear Ember gets a rework, but I'm a bit biased about it. new passive sounds really nice and contrary to the old one useable ^^ no change for Fireball is okay, but the charge still clashes with her Augment and is way too long not sure why Accelerant is gone and I am not sold on Immolation, sounds more like a passive then an active Ability the explosion needs to be really big, if it costs all our Energy the visual is improvable change for Fireblast is nice, but please stay with the old animaton (or use the old one for her Inferno) Inferno sounds good, but the animation is ridicules and the ignition effect could be better Hope we also get a better deluxe skin for her.
  2. Where is the update for Deathcube, especially Vaporize ?
  3. Really great ideas here. I like this more, as it is closer to her current one. just awesome ^^ I think to changed to much in the stats, duration and range should not be lower then currently. I also woundn't make the Auras stackable, as it will cripple you while playing solo. Change for Entangle and Thorns is nice, Full Moon is to good out of razorwing, you would regen 105 Energy with it, that is way to good. Full Moon can stay as it is, as it effects the Razorflies and would therefor benefit her first Ability. I like the additional effect depending on range
  4. But even then the cat does not really fit the theme...
  5. This has been mentioned a lot, and we are indeed going to change this (finally!). All of her abilities will get a trim in animation time, and her 1, 2, and 3rd ability will be upper body only animations. (more coming as well such as higher Razorfly capacity if Tributes are active, Thorns getting a buff to include Damage Reduction not just Reflection, stay tuned)! posted in another Titania thread, I am very excitied, that they haven't forgotten her ^^
  6. New QoL for Titania was added in the mainline update. Her buffs now all have a radius of 35m and last 120s.
  7. Your ideas for Nekros sounds nice. I like the Soul Familiar, feels a lot better than Soul Punch. And can someone enlighten me why Nekros is the best looting frame ? He has only a 54% chance to drop additional loot, while Hydroid (100%) and Khora (65%) have a higher chance.
  8. While it does sound nice, wouldn't this clash with her ability to charge her fireball via holding the key ?
  9. i guess this should be a Dax, and to to me does not look like oberon at all
  10. I guess we either get all Vanilla Frames (their Primes are a bit lame optically) or just the starter frames as Umbra. If it is not tied to this I am hoping for a Nyx Umbra.
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