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  1. Hobestly it makes sence that some of the abilities will be nerfed, power creep but mostly because those are not the warframe's original abilities(the one transferred to it). also the "nerfed" abilities will still be hella useful and strong regardless because it changes a useless/unwanted ability. im abit disappointed that the system's MR required got reduced, but happy it is locked behind the Entraty family reputation.
  2. guys guys, i never STATED that i want it to be an ability you can transfer to the other warframes, i just noted the update cz i hoped THEY WILL ADD THIS TWEAK IN THE UPDATE, i never said that it will be 100% the ability heck i did not even mentioned it to be transferred. chill, i just wanted some feedback on the change ive offered to his ability, regardless of the future system.
  3. skip to 3:57 . here is your proof. i do hope tho that it wont be a thing, but here is the proof that it was shown
  4. well, what if ill tell you that on the tennocon reveal THERE IS a celestial twin ability shown on the list of abilities you can select from the hellmith crysallis DURING the stream? i referred to the new system because it was confirmed that some abilities will function differently or even better than they originally are on the original warframe, also was referring to it cz its a good enough reason for tweaking existing abilities on their owner warframes.
  5. i dont think that having to press 1 again to make him switch to the weapon u want and also seeing an icon of melee/gun (as the skill cycling of other frames) is too much tbh
  6. Funny how the first Demo showcaset Railjack in a CORPUS tileset, yet it was released with grineer planets only
  7. With the Helmith Crysallis system coming at the end of the month i thought of a really good tweak that i really hope will be added for Wukong's Celestial Twin ability so it will not force the clone to use melee when i use a gun and a gun when i use melee ( i know that if you go without a melee both the player and the clone can use primary): the tweak goes like this : tap the ability to summon the clone, when the clone is summoned cycle between melee and gun(primary/secondary) by tapping 1 again (like the skill cycle of wisp/ivara/vauban) when not aiming on a target, when aiming at a
  8. Happens to me and my friend, we live in different cities but same country, when he or i host it happens to either one of us or both. started to happen yesterday.
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