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  1. Im quite sure i saw Javlok and Argonak being used by the Kuva Lichtes on the last deevstream you showed us, had high hopes for them too 😞 really interesting update, as always great work DE and keep it up !
  2. im just waiting to add me glorious Penta more relead speed as well as my exergis haha, maybe some utility set mods to have some interesting stuff to mess around.
  3. tbh i think the exilus will include those utility mods that we just dont use but on some weapons are really needed, i dont think that fire rate will be included but punch will, we will just have to wait and see.
  4. Ever since DE released the warframe figures decoration they are one of my favourites. i got an idea of making a museum of all warframes as figures on shelves across my ship but realized that i can barely put about 8 of them. Here is an example : (most favourite frames) https://ibb.co/yhxrbtF *1000iq, Wukong got 2 figures because he has a twin now. i really hope that if DE see this post they might consider reducing the capacity cost for the warframe figures, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, add melee poses to them as well. what's your opinion about that? hope you all have a nice day Tenno !!
  5. So in last devstream(131 last week) DE showed us the upcoming exilus slot for primary and secondaries and ill be honest im super pumped for that. there are quite some weapons who could use more reload speed/flight speed whatever, heck we might as well have some of the set mods fit in the exilus slot.. im quite borred, what do you guys think about this feature? i really dont mind the additional forma/s.
  6. Need help, been watching different streamers for 3 hours now(from the parnter list) and still havent got the color pattern, im linked to twich and even re-linked it .
  7. doesnt work anymore sadly 😞 i really wanted this glyph i saw it today
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