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  1. Yeah i use synth mods as an addition, although i began to use one set mod instead of the two to give my sentinel other stuff. Thanks tho. Tactical reload is an exilus and it doesnt hurt me to put an extra forma to fit it in thats what are they for, tactical reload would have been great on trumna. Still, wouldn't be nice to have a tactical reload on special weapons? DE wants to buff guns either way..
  2. I just realised that alot of aoe based primary weapons that resembles a rifle/grenade launcher do not have the capability to use tactical reload. Examples are Acceltra, Trumna , Zarr, penta, ogris, chakhurr kuva and more.. This mod could be a life saver on Trumna for isntance to avoid the 5 second reload. I hope DE will make a special weapon variant of the TACTICAL RELOAD mod because it does exist on shotguns and secondaries too.
  3. i am pretty dissapointed , im not sure if crewmate is bugged when you summon him in a normal mission/simulacrum but the accuracy is so bad, i tried rubico , quellor , nukor, kohm etc and even in close range it's aim suddenly yeets away for some reason.
  4. In the web-tease for the sacrifice quest you could see that umbra was nicknamed 8th meaning there are 7 more umbras before him
  5. Would it be possible to order a crewmate that is assign to Gunnary to order him/her to use the forward artillery?
  6. Gosh i never knew it was an option and now they changed it?(im a returning played) dang i hope this will be brought back, just today ive spent hours trying to find 1 player who wont leave my session so i can host with my own ship.
  7. Oh gosh this would be fantastic. I assume they did not include it due to some issues because of ship size diffrence between when you are inside vs when outside or something. I do hope DE will add it.
  8. This idea can benefit those (like me) who want to use their railjack without first looking for a squad. all there is to it is to start a session and let others join you. do not make it so you will automatically join a random session.
  9. The only thing i think that really needs to be changed about Lavos is his transmutation probe. Will be great if the 3rd ability will reduce cooldown per hit and not per enemy hit, that way one enemy can reduce cooldown multipule times making the ability alot more usefull against small groups which are more often fought against. Oh and vial rush stops sprinting, it needs to be toggled.
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